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Since we all huggin, and speaking of of Black Dynomite, Jersey City Frankie sez: First Lady, i'm sorry i pimp slapped you into that china cabinet. I used excessive force. Often times i cross the line. But i try to do so in the name of what's right. Most of the time the ends justifies the means, but in this case i feel like i betrayed my own code of ethics. And for that sugar i apologize.
Whenever there's injustice and wrongs to be righted, innocents to be defended, Black Dynomite will be there delivering ASS WOOPINS! and i will not hesitate to lay the hand me down on any clown that comes around, because if they wanna fight they best come see me, Black Dynomite. さよなら。

Eddie: Does the editing in JFK (1991) make you go wow or is it too flashy and distracting?

Trey: What director's body of work (other than James Cameron's) do you admire the most.

Brian: What are some of your favorite SF books, if any.

Matt: Your favorite movies? (can't remember if you ever mentioned that)


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Shackman wrote:

I'm not sure if i remember seeing that in any other movie.

The thermians didn't have subtitles in Galaxy Quest.


What product would you pick to sponsor DIF?


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Holy shit that was great. Too bad he wasn't wearing skates, it would've been perfect.


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The "wake" for the guy who thinks he's dying is kinda boring too, but the first half of the movie is great. All of those actors were so talented.

TrowaGP02a wrote:

If you could punch one forum member in the face, who would it be.

Duck n weave people, duck n weave!

What TV do you use?

Name some guest panelists (famous or not) you'd like to have on, and the movies you'd watch.

What are each DIFer's favourite dvd commentaries?


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Squiggly_P wrote:

They cut out a longer scene there and instead of having the conversation they just skipped right to the point of the scene, which was that the snake guy tells him who he sold the snake to. The Final Cut has the restored scene intact without the mismatched overdub if I recall correctly.

I always assumed it was done that way on purpose but after seeing the weird 'US broadcast version' i'm willing to admit anything's possible.

Squiggly_P wrote:

... things that the studio screwed up when they were putting together the "director's cut" (a term which is 90% of the time a blatant lie)

But it sounds so much better than "marketing executroid's cut."


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Year of the Dragon.
Other than the somewhat obnoxious lead actress i love this movie. Mickey Rourke and John Lone are great.

Which do you prefer DIFing, good movies or bad ones?


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Damn that was fun to listen to. One of the best DIFs.

Connery as Gandalf? I can't picture anyone but McKellen saying 'you shall not pass!' but The Matrix is interesting. It would've had a totally different, campier vibe. He was too old to do his own fights, though.

Nice to hear Trey state the obvious about riding the sub. I've read many times 'it makes no sense cuz he'd drown!' Subs travel faster on the surface, they only dive if there's a reason to. These are the same people who say Decker's lips not matching the dialogue in the snake salesman scene in Blade Runner is a blooper - where really it's a quick way of showing that it was a longer conversation.

Congratulations on 100 guys, gonna be a great year. (for us!) smile


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You can trust me not to drink your beer while you're in the men's room.


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Krull: I can see why people love it. The cheese is strong with this one, but it also has really great visuals. Lots of matte paintings, morphs not only 5yrs before Willow but better, huge elaborate sets, a well done cyclops dude, great music (a clone of ST: TWoK)... It could've been one of the best movies of that era with a some tweaks.


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I loved it (and the marvel comic) back in the day. I watched the long version recently and it was a little slooow. Stick to the theatrical version.

/big bootay!


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I like how the characters look like the actors, i recognized 5 or 6 of them. Is that the way of the future in games? And movies like Beowulf? Some older actors might love that.

The game looks a little boring just based of this trailer though.


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Scanners doesn't get a lot of love here but it's more than just a splodin head. Patrick McGoohan's awesome, Michael Ironside's great too but most of his dialogue was dubbed which is a little distracting. Lousy sound in this movie. But a great concept which they pissed away with 4 crappy sequels.

I like that they don't hide it's a Canadian movie, that takes place in north america. You'd have to be Canadian to give a shit, but it's common to stick a US flag in front of a building and call it New York - especially back then during tax break mania.

redxavier wrote:

I really like Dune, it's hard not to be taken in by its scope and story - and that fantastic cast!

And the fact that they pose like statues during the end credits. It's weird but in the context of this crazy movie, it's awesome.

Astroninja Studios wrote:

I love Krull with a passion.

Damn, gotta watch that thing one of these days. edit: Directed by the guy who did Bullitt, The Friends of Eddie Coyle and Breaking Away? Yeah, i think i'm watching it tonight. I'd like to see Eyewitness too, look at that cast.


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johnpavlich wrote:

Drink a lot of diseased moose piss, do you?

Only on special occasions.


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I'd like to nominate 11 Harrowhouse. Remember Charles Grodin from Midnight Run? Here he's teamed up with a gorgeous Candice Bergen (it was 37yrs ago) in a good-natured heist movie. It's kind of an acquired taste, but DIF might like it.


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It was fun to listen to the "how movies grow on you" part. That happens but i usually decide real quick what kind of movie i'm watching (my art or not art thing), separate from the story. Like when Kevin Costner drinks his own piss in Waterworld, in such an obvious 'look what i'm doing' way. It was going to be hard for the movie to win me back after that.

As i understand it the whole movie is her lying in bed worrying, because she's got nothing better to do cause she can't find work. The movie is her daydreams, until the end. She's more than just depressed she's got a mental illness thing happening. She came from a small town unprepared and the big city chewed her up.

Her daydreams start out super happy then get dark, because when you're really unhappy your mind just goes there. Reminds me of Al Williamson's beautiful and sad Out of Phase

Speaking of spitting out beer: Guinness tastes like diseased moose piss. Yuck! Sorry in advance for any offence. smile


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Wow Jedi's getting the Criterion treatment!




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Sure it does, they come in all flavours. This one's silly, TMP is super serious and 2009 is an action movie. They couldn't all be WoK clones. Well, a couple of WoK clones would've been nice.


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The itunes feed is busted. Twilight too.


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I love the "I eschew you!" line in that song. It's so stupid and funny.


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Zarban wrote:

Oh god, that movie is so dumb. I do not understand why people like it. The only thing good in it is Kirk saying "I'm from Iowa. I just work in outer space."


Come on, who doesn't like Kirk and Spock knocking out the punk on the bus. If you want to talk bad that's #5 and Nemesis. But 4's pretty good.