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Cloe Z's hot!

*did i say that out loud?*


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Mr. Pointy wrote:

I should add that people have also said that the diamonds in Reservoir Dogs are in the briefcase.

I do not believe this btw. smile

I always thought it was just cash. You could probably fit $600,000 into it. Or full of 'Choco from the Hartz Mountains of Germany'. It's like the guys said, it doesn't really matter. It's whatever was important to those characters.


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I like "That's the door. There it is." For some reason i've used that many times for other things.

The guys don't mention it but the wad of cash Travolta pulls out impressed me at the time. He's so nonchalant about it...

About the dotted lines: It's like it, it's fine but... it's a rectangle. She was obviously saying 'don't be square', but the graphic is a rectangle. wtf Quentin?

The chat sounded like a riot on this one.


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I'm only 4min into the commentary but... PF's great because it was actually as cool and hip (yes i'm old) as it set out to be. How many movies manage to pull that off?

Shh, back to the show.


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Zarban wrote:

Best Actress......... Marissa Tomei

It's about time they acknowledged how great she looked in The Wrestler.

Zarban wrote:

Best Director........ Martin Scorsese

Now if they'll just give him the 4 others he's owed, we'll be all set.


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Hmm, never seen UHF. Can't wait to check it out.


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Some old adventure games, like Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers where pretty good at that.


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Heh. I can just picture a classroom of 16 year olds watching the opening scene with the secretary and going "what the hell is this?"


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Micky Rourk (Sin City)

I have no idea how the spell his name.


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sonny landham (predator)


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Or colour the spoiler text in black.


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Tom Arnold.

Maybe we could make it a little harder (but not too hard) by adding another question. Like the next one was in a movie in the last 5 years.


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Marion Cotillard


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That scene with the motorcycles always seemed out of place to me, like it came from a bad '80s Arnold movie (I think Trey mentioned Running Man). A thoughtful, beautifully made movie but with big story problems as the guys mentioned. I wonder, if it wasn't for Spielberg's wish to "pay tribute" to Kubrick by finishing a project he started, if Spielberg would even have made the movie in the first place. I remember reading about the movie before it came out and that's the vibe i got.

I've never done it and i don't want to sound like a know it all but flying a chopper sounds like juggling 3 balls, just practice and... you're doing it. Watch a few Magnum PI episodes and you've got the basic theory.


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Shifty Bench wrote:

I've posted on forums for years and I still find it difficult to fully 'get' what people mean.

You and me both.


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Shifty Bench wrote:

I am? How kind big_smile

Yes, you. smile


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My God.


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Gone With The Wind.


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Empire Strikes Back.


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Astroninja Studios wrote:

Oh that's easy.


"Stay here with me, Dune."


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GAH is when Pieter dies in Dune.