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Reminds me of this:

Something a little different, courtesy of tipsy Henry. Participation is Compulsory.


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Our daddy who art in server,
Holden be thy name,
Thy problems come, thy fix be done
To FIYH as it is in DIF

Give us this day our daily server-side issue,
And forgive us our client-side issues,
As we forgive those who forget their password

And lead us not into Discord
But deliver us from GoDaddy

For thine is the admin,
the backend, and the forum
For until the next server outage

Regan wrote:

I think the main problem I have with it is they've named it another Matrix colon 'R' word. I ain't ever gonna remember which one is which.

Re: the title (see what I did there), they changed the format slightly. With the others, the wordplay was invoking both the robot and war parts of the robot war setting; Reloaded referring to either loading software, or a gun; Revolutions being both Revolutions Per Second, as in a mechanical system, or the revolution against the machines that the humans are aiming for.

With Resurrections, the wordplay is referring to the resurrections of Neo and Trinity (and sort-of-not-really Morpheus and Smith) as well as the resurrection of the franchise itself. A shift from in-universe reference to meta reference. On brand with the rest of the movie.

I liked it a whole lot. The movie felt very much informed by The Force Awakens in terms of how to do a sequel after a large gap and repeat some of the iconography from the original, without falling into the same traps as TFA by just retreading the same ground. Every callback in Resurrections felt like it was included to make commentary on it, rather than just to go ‘hey, recognise this?’.

I’ve seen some particularly heated negative opinions of the movie online, and it seems to be that if you went in hoping for an action movie, Resurrections ain’t it, and that negativity unjustly spills over onto other things. This is a movie that’s here to offer some thoughts and opinions on The Matrix as a franchise, a cultural touchpoint, and as a story, as well as to continue that story without backtracking or invalidating things that came before, and it does both of those things well. It also has some action scenes, which are fine but not outstanding, but they don’t feel like the point of the movie.

Also, on Teague’s note, I wrote a script for a stage show parody called The Matrices, which had some fairly decent jokes and observations. I *can* find the document if anyone’s interested.


This is such a delightful confluence of things I’m interested in, both aesthetically and directly.

The crumbling ceiling panels remind me of the musical interlude from Kentucky Route Zero. Was that an intentional inspiration?


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Seems you can't even get through describing your own inner turmoil without other folks jumping in to share theirs. Kids these days with their emotional vulnerability and openness to reflection...

The intent here not being to detract or less your experience, but to show that you're not alone, and that we listen and understand.


I failed initial officer training last year, due to a number of reasons (well sure, it was *last year*, everything then had a number of reasons), but the one with the largest lasting impact on me was that I wasn't sure if it was actually a goal I wanted to achieve.

'Success' would mean commitment to a role that I didn't think I'd excel in, and 'failure' would mean potentially finding somewhere I would fit better. It's hard to be motivated to 'succeed' under that mindset. Sure, I had the qualifications and experience necessary, but my passions lay elsewhere.

I was given a second chance, and passed on the second go around, but the doubts from that first failure still linger. It's probably at least once a month where I think 'Why am I trying so hard to do this if I think I'd be better off elsewhere?'

That being said, it's probably more often that I think either 'it was worth it', or less optimistically 'while not perfect, this is the best achievable outcome'.

To put it into other words, just because there are some days where I have an answer to give to the little voice saying "What am I supposed to be doing?", doesn't mean that it stops asking.


From the description you've given us so far, Teague, it seems like you're looking back on things from a place of acceptance - of looking at the aftermath of the storm rather than holding the hatches shut against it. Though I may just be some kid who liked your podcast a decade ago and should rightly hold no importance to your mental wellbeing, I still want to say that I'm glad you're able to put these feelings into words in a way that's causing good and not harm.

Take your time, write what you need to, write what helps you. If you get a few posts in and decide that it's better for this experience not to be recorded, well, you can always delete the thread

Kia kaha


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Here's the splash image/title card for a TTRPG I run. The 'alien' text might seem familiar to some:


I'll probably do another revision with a higher detail car, and maybe a tad less bloom


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Look, a thing I made:

Edit: My embedding method didn't work, wait out.

What About Second Edit?: Ok, should work now


Hey hey, it's been a little while since I last made a K thread video, so here's two:

So you know that last 4 seconds of Teague’s video that’s reflective and melancholy? Turns out post-Halloween drunk Henry Lives in that mood permanently, and forgets to upload his recording of said mood for like two days. But here it is anyway:


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This is mostly an inside joke, but I had fun making this salty emblem and wanna share it with the world:


The Power of Love, Ave Maria, and Tubthumping


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Is it just a coincidence that the url nearly spells Teague?


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Training's pretty sweet actually, the officer's course isnt all that boot-camp-y, mostly academic and leadership development, reminds me of uni more than anything else. The more military aspects, drill and compliments and all that, are pretty unintrusive. Having good fitness before coming in makes a big difference, even in training for what's essentially a desk job


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I also recently rediscovered the forum after a long absence since 2015, then joined the Air Force so haven't been online for a month. Looks like the 'no access to the outside world' section of training is easing up, so I should be able to hop onto the forum more regularly again

Kicking the K thread off for a whole new decade of average-at-best musical performances:

I enjoyed the movie a whole bunch. It’s a big ol’ space adventure that strings together a bunch of set pieces with some character drama in between, and to me, that’s how you do a Star Wars. I feel like people who didn’t enjoy it don’t have their expectations properly calibrated for the fantasy romp whose target demographic includes under 10 year olds.

I felt like it tied in to The Last Jedi in enough ways that the whole trilogy does feel like a single story, albeit one with a few rough gear shifts. Really, that’s an issue that should’ve been fixed in 2012 by making a more solid outline for the trilogy, and not the fault of any individual film or director.

Favourite throwaway moment was the muppet-looking hand puppet that was Lando’s driver, shouting ‘okay!’ with all the exuberance of a golden retriever puppy chasing a ball.

Watching on a small screen, that guitar seemed entirely legit until the music started. Also, I don’t think that Piano Man even uses a guitar in the instrumentation.

As explained in the video, Ian Hubert's America the Beautiful is mysteriously absent from his youtube page, so here's a small attempt to rectify that:

If it was the copyright mafia that took down his original video, hopefully my singing is bad enough that I can escape their wrath


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Probably make better progress with the bow if you stopped hitting it against a wall, that can't be good for it


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Just watched the whole trilogy over the past week, and though I'm pretty intimately familiar with the first movie, it's been well over a decade since I'd seen the sequels, so I'd thoroughly forgotten everything apart from the general pop-culture awareness things. My general takeaway is that the sequels weren't as bad as people made them out to be, but they definitely don't follow on in the same direction that seems to be set up at the end of the first movie, and they seem to be actively trying to prevent you from understanding the cool ideas within them.

The primary example for this is the scene with the Architect, in which Neo learns that the prophecy of The One was made up by the machines as a way to corral the freed humans and make them easier to control. This is a really interesting concept, and could totally be explored in greater depth, but the actual on-screen explanation of this is a dude in a chair speaking in deliberately difficult to understand phrasing (concordantly, vis-a-vis, ergo), and no follow up. Compare this to the scene in The Matrix where Morpheus takes Neo through his 3D slideshow presentation of what the matrix is, the history of the machines, how the world got how it is, and it's clear that there's a real lack of 'show, don't tell' in the sequels. There's no visual interest to aid the exposition, and there's no time dedicated to exploring the concepts presented. It's as if the movie doesn't want you to know that it has cool ideas.

To make matters worse, what Reloaded does decide to spend time on is an extensive and unnecessary rave in a cave scene, an extensive and unnecessary orgasm-inducing cake, and several extensive and unnecessary fight scenes in which one or more those involved is trying to just leave, and could do so at any moment, but instead decides to hang about so the scene can be more spectacular. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for action spectacle, but without justified motivation, the action scenes feel overly indulgent.

You may have noticed that this criticism has so far been centered on Reloaded and not Revolutions, and that's because I think that any of the problems that Revolutions has are all inherited from Reloaded, and the new content it introduces is all executed about as well as could be hoped for. All the effects of the Zion battle sequence hold up surprisingly well despite the age of the film, and after the first act (up until Neo gets back into the real world, all of which feels like story beats that really should have been part of Reloaded but were moved over into Revolutions so as to make the movies more sensible lengths), all the plot beats are well paced and keep escalating towards the conclusion.

In summary: The Matrix sequels have a lot more going for them than people give them credit for, the reason behind the negative reception isn't due to the movies not having an interesting story to tell, but due to them hiding this interesting story behind layers of unnecessary self-indulgent scenes and a lack of effort to communicate or explore the cool ideas when presented.

Then again, maybe I'm just bringing too much of my own concrete

A couple of tasty Hamilton flavoured tidbits featuring a variety of different hats:


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In recognition of Ian’s recent Lazy Blender Tutorial series getting a lot of traction (Do the kids still call it ‘going viral’?) and the possibility that there might be some folks on the forum who haven’t come across it through other means, a little under a year ago there was a new Dynamo episode:

Supposedly the gap between episodes was going to be shorter than previously, but that’s a tale as old as time. Maybe a bump in this thread will be the sacred ritual required to finalise episode 7.

Boter, broter, you gotta get in on that Hamilton action. I don't have the authority to enforce this in any way, but it's your homework to listen to at least three songs, or you'll be held back after class