Oh my god I saw this on Facebook and then was like OH MY GOD YES! And then I was like, do I remember my login? But I did, so I did then I'm like I have missed this SO MUCH. Every so often I download an old episode so I can hear the friends in my head. Love to all of you.


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So far Chad I'm really enjoying this show. I listened to the first one that downloaded to my phone and you weren't on it. So I went BACK to ep 1 and am starting from there. You should drink more.


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I saw that. I actually am looking forward to seeing it.


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Noooooooooooo. You won't be in my head anymore? At least we can all just say hi here.


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This is just awful news. Thoughts and to love all of you. This is just horrible and I really hope he can pull through. Thanks Teague for the update and info as to what is going on.


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Loved the episode. Great job guys.


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I just thought the honest trailer was funny. Mostly because I had re-listened to the transformers 2 episode of Friends in your head.thats why I posted it.  To this day I still laugh out loud when the phrase 'Oh my god I forgot about robot heaven' is said. The honest trailer brought up similar points that the boys did.


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Nostalgia (noun): a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time

Or...see quote above.

Fair enough. I will stay this way with my blinders on, my blinders of YOUTH!


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Zarban wrote:

On the other hand, I would be happy to explain the numerous and cavernous failings of The Monster Squad on request.

Hit me with it! I do enjoy the Monster Squad, but for some reason some of the kids don't stick with me "Mummy came in my house" err. I would love to see it rebooted.


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I re-watched The goonies because someone my age said that it doesn't hold up. I found this to be saddening since I love the Goonies. I took to my trusty PS3 and hit play and immediately knew that it was pointless. I knew the movie too much and it was watching it with all the love and smiles that I had when I was a younger.

That being said I wasn't MAD about this, because I love the movie. When I started talking about it to my buddy who said it doesn't hold up he claimed it was dated. I said and, he said that's what took him out of it. At which point I just sort of through his ramblings away. Mostly because it is dated, it was made in the 80s, but it doesn't give a date in which it takes place it just is.

Or am I missing something? I still really love that movie even when they added the extra couple of scenes they cut out from before, although the octopus does look ridiculous so I understand the cut. Are there just movies that always get a pass for you?


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This is awesome. Really should look into Lightwave or Maya. It all seems REALLY over whelming.


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Oh my god that's much better.


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I know that this has been beaten to the death it so VERY much deserves. But I couldn't help but want to post this here. The folks over at screen junkies do that great Honest Trailers video. This week they did Transformers 2.

I did just re-listen to this episode and not only did the Boyz hit the nail on the head it's just funny to see that they're not the only ones seeing the same problems. Anywho, I know I don't say much around here but I just wanted to share. Enjoy. I know I did.

Who doesn't like things. What I would like is this album. PLEASE! Chad always steals my thunder.


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Last one I saw was just the other day. this flick on Netflix called The Reef. I had NO idea what the hell it was about except people+water and then sharks. It turns out there was only one shark but I have to say I really enjoyed it. I'm a horror fan and there was a point where I jumped. Good ol' fashion "You're in a shitty situation deal with it." I do recommend it. I believe it was an Australian movie.


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I love all of this. Took me out of my bad day and gave me a reason to smile.  big_smile


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Loved the call back to Trey's supervillian team and now with the addition of Golden Cronenberg I can't wait to see this flick. Lol


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So Teague does this also mean you have to add a new intro to all previous episodes?


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What about Film Friends in your Head.


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I really enjoy this short film as I have said on twitter many times. For a fun note to anyone with a gaming console if you have the YouTube app and a nice NIG screen TV the short sounds amazing and really looks great. Plus it's nice to sit on the couch and watch people work. Great job.


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Merry Christmas from up here in the Canada.


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Jimmy B wrote:

I haven't listened to the DiF comm, but Jamie Gertz had no reason being in the film. She wasn't a horrible person that made you want Bill Paxton to dump her and go back to Helen Hunt. I actually felt sorry for her a wee bit at the end.

I completely agree with you on that. It's kind of sad how she shows up loves her man, does nothing wrong and then has he heart a little broken.


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I am 24 minutes into the POD. Really enjoying the show. It was overcast earlier but now it's kind of sunny. Rabbit is goooood Rabbit is wise.


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Sorry I haven't posted much. I don't mean to neglect this place. But Teague told to share stories and this one just popped into my head.

This short was entered into the Edmonton International Film Festival 24/One Challenge I think i want to say back in 06. I know it was an even year. Anyway...

I though I had lost this but I found it on an old DVD that I had on a shelf. So i blew the dust off of it and decided to rip it & put it up. It's one of my favorite shot shots that we have made. Plus it was fun to do a shoot out in an underground garage.

It's a simple story about a man who just wants to play a game and get through his boring life. However when he takes a job that someone passes off to him, he has anything but a regular day.

The process of creating a black and white HARSH look was difficult. I don't think i got exactly what i was going for. Some faces didn't take well to the effect and because of focus the detail gets lost in the background. What i wanted was a graphic novel look which I think I achieved in some shots, however not consistent enough.

It's really fun to go back and watch old work. Especially this one. I don't know why but our of all the shorts the documentary and news clips and packs that i have edited over the years this one always sticks with me.

Fun fact: We had to re-shoot over half of the film because of a hard drive error while shooting. The camera was jacked into a hard drive to get this 'save on time capturing' well that blew up in my face when i found out that the clips weren't capturing properly because the XL1-S' firewire port was pretty much a 'Don't friggin touch me while I'm working.'

So I didn't get to really work that much on story or dialogue due to the fact that we only had 24 hours and i just blew a few. This is one I would really love to re-visit some day.

Fun fact: This was also the short that I realized don't let your actors drink. They tend to wander.



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vidina wrote:

Nathan: You're kinda late, mate.

Hahah, i just noticed that. I completely spaced out. For some reason i didn't pay attention to the dates. lol, WOW! Can't wait to see what it will look like though. I pay more attention in the future i swear. I'm really laughing about it right now. Uuuugh long week. Sorry guys i get the next one.