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Well, Tim Cook kind of hinted at a new Mac Pro coming 2013... We'll see if that comes true.


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switch wrote:

I believe 1/60th os the 180 shutter for 30p.  For 24p, it would need to be 1/48th.  Which would mean that it would need to be 1/96th.

Right, I wasn't going by the rule, I've just heard that 1/60 is the most natural-looking shutter speed, based on how our eyes see things. But 1/48 isn't far off from that, not too much difference.


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I'm with bullet3, reserving judgment till I see the first Hobbit movie. I hope there's a theater nearby that will actually support the format! But there's also another dimension (literally) to the aesthetic of the Hobbit films. If 24p is better for 2D, maybe 48p is still better for 3D? Never liked 3D personally, but maybe the frame rate will help it out in this case. Can't wait to see for myself.

I'm also wondering if shutter speed isn't the bigger deal here. The 180 degree shutter rule has always been the standard (of course there are artistically justified exceptions, e.g. Saving Private Ryan), but is it right? I mean if 1/60th is the most natural speed at 24p then why wouldn't it be the most natural speed at 48p? Same motion blur, right? Jackson is using the equivalent of 1/64th. And that makes sense to me... So we'll see how it looks. Seems like this will be the best way to show off 48p, and I'm hoping it looks great. Could look like crap though... That'd be a real shame. There will always be the converted 24p version though, so there's that.

A lot of that was very nitpicky. I wasn't at all bothered by most of those things.


Amazing shot. What is PJ wearing???

I actually like FCPX. It serves my purposes well, other than the fact that my graphics card doesn't let me get realtime playback, even when using proxy footage... But my computer is a bit outdated. It's an absolute basic MacBook Pro configuration from 2009. Not really the program's fault.

I don't care about backwards compatibility at all. The program was completely rewritten from the ground up, and there are functions in 7 that just don't match up with X, so it's totally understandable to me. It's something for a 3rd party developer to take a crack at, and they have. Good enough for me.

Premiere is great because it talks nicely with other Adobe apps like AE and Audition. FCPX has taken a step backwards in that regard, but it's taken a huge leap forward in terms of the interface and ease of use IMO. I work quicker in X than I do in 7. Especially with stuff like b-roll, where you can assign key words to ranges of clips and stuff like that. And having thumbnails like that in the browser is really convenient. I'm no longer just clicking on a random file name to see if it's the one I'm looking for, or if there's something I can use. Now it's all there in front of me.

I personally don't need Apple to do much else with it, other than a few bug fixes, and switchable windows would be really nice. Of course professionals have many more needs than I do, but personally, I like it. I just hope 3rd party plugin developers don't abandon it!


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paulou wrote:

I tried pretty hard, but that bourgeois charm was a little too discreet for me.

Haha I know, it's actually intentionally boring in order to show how boring and uninteresting their lives are. I guess it's genius in that way, doesn't mean I have to like it though.


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Zarban wrote:

At least half my collection isn't available for streaming. And you can't stream director's commentaries or other extras—or even subtitles, for the most part.

Yeah that's the only thing, you can rip the movie with commentary or subtitles but you have to rip the movie with the settings baked in, no switching back and forth. I ripped Discreet Charm with the subtitles, because I don't know French (Not that I'll be watching it again anyway haha). But I don't want 2 or 3 copies of the same movies taking up hard drive space.

And yeah I wish iTunes had some sort of setup for special features like deleted scenes and BTS. I guess I could just label them as TV Shows or something... But that might get messy. Oh well.


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Matt Vayda wrote:

Dammit.  Sam beat me to it, but as all my movies are on an external drive at this point, I've been meaning to do an iTunes collage myself.  338 movies and 490 GB as of today.

Haha, good sized collection! Mine has kind of topped off but is still slowly growing. I've got a lot of TV shows too. And everything's on a network hard drive. No need to plug anything into my laptop!


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Hey there, I'm Sam. I wouldn't call myself a film scholar. I'm just a computer science major who really likes movies. I've taken a couple film classes in school just for kicks, and I have a little experience in video work, but not too much. It's a hobby.

Worst injury... well  I've always loved sports, and I've also stayed pretty major-injury-free. I guess my worst injury happened during a pickup football game a few years back. I was running toward the guy with the ball and apparently someone pushed me from behind and we knocked heads. I don't remember it though. I just remember running, then looking up at the people hovering over me. Concussion, 5 stitches. It never really hurt much though. I went straight from shock to pain meds haha.

I'm not a big pizza guy, but I prefer meat lovers.

And sorry, I don't have a sister  wink

TheOneRing.net posted something about the LotR commentaries a few months ago, and that's how I found DIF.


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Okay, here's my entire current iTunes movie library. I use my Apple TV to watch them. SO much more convenient than DVDs. Some of these are digital copies, but most of them are ripped DVDs from my collection or a friend's collection. The movies with a blue dot by the title are the ones I haven't seen, at least all the way through, or maybe I saw too long ago to remember.

And disregard the baby movies (e.g. Barbie, Elmo, etc.)! My friend has little kids. But I'll own up to the older cartoons like 'The Secret of NIMH' and 'Balto'. Those are mine, and classics!