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Aww, man . . . I did this, didn't I? My constant, awkward lurking on the Live feeds finally creeped you all off. Woe is me . . . what have I done, where will I go?

Seriously, I've also been a silent follower of you guys since TF.N (and NP2k) so I guess I'll just have to hang on to that "for now" part you teased of, hoping you fellows take an "intermission" now and then to do one as an occasional update. In the meantime, I'll just find a dark recess somewhere and stick around here, waiting . . . and watching. If anyone else needs a quiet fixture to "guest" in their background, I've got some time.

Thanks for all the WAYDM fun,

Good luck, Good luck! smile


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Wow, just caught this today . . . . . truly stunning news! yikes

Gentlemen, they can rebuild him. They have the technology. They have the capability to build the world's first bionic compositor. Michael Scott will be that comp. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster . . . able to endure more hours at a cheaper rate.

Really pullin' for the best, get well quick, Mike. A complete recovery, nothing else will do. Help us dole out more 'He-manic' Dorkman ribbing. wink

Much applause to the massive display of FIYH wizardry this weekend with major kudos to the always enthralling cast of awesomeness and special regards to the contributions from the enchanting Spork, the verbose Kyle and, of course, the great Zarban. Fantastic and significant effort, everyone, it was a pleasure to spend the day with you. smile


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The Usual Suspects never implicate Obama.  neutral

Train Spotting had nothing to do with menstruation on public transportation.  yikes

Tip: For those of you still interested in a how-to for killing mockingbirds, in S4E1 of The Andy Griffith Show, Opie shows you how.  wink


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Neither The Man Without a Face nor The Man Who Wasn't There was a Trey Stokes biopic.  hmm

Curiouser and curiouser! But I trust that the only [redacted]ference will be in the name. tongue


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The game is afoot!


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I hope there's a new ceremonial rug reveal. roll


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Down in Flames?  cool


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I just hope it's not "Up in Rear." hmm (Sorry Withkittens)


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What a real bummer, sorry to hear about this DIF-ficulty tongue you're in. You guys had a perfect brand going that I don't envy having to reface. FWIW, I got these:

Sit Yo' Ass Down
Dis' Seat Taken
The Sticky Floor
The Sunday Matinee
The Center Seats
4 Up Front
Flick This
Flick You
Hollyweird Huddle
Projection Erections
Follow Focus
Pull My Focus

Good luck!