My condolences.  Cancer is always a tough one.  Our family has you in our thoughts as well.

I watched "They Came Together" last night.  Nothing special but it had it's moments.  It is notable because it actually is a true parody unlike the "Epic Movie" and "Date Movie" crap.  It's written by the guys from Stella so use that as a reference point for the type of humor.


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I still had the original DIF file saved. Any plans on giving us the unreleased Chamber of Secrets, or any of the other ones like Green Mile?


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I hoped to rewatch this one to refresh my memory a bit, but when I went to play my copy, I realized that this and it's 2 sequels went to my wife's teenage niece's house, as part of their request for older movies they should watch.  They live several hours from us so when I get my copy back I may have thoughts to add here but that will have to wait.  So instead of discussing this in the specific, I think generalities will suffice.

I was born in 1980 and didn't grow up watching them, but a few of my friends did, so I was introduced to them at the age of 19 or 20.  Somewhere along the way, I already was already aware of Bruce Campbell and really enjoy almost everything he does.  Thinking about it closer, it was probably Brisco County Jr. that was my introduction to Bruce.  Clearly, we wouldn't have Bruce Campbell without these films. He has been consistently funny since his introduction here, both on screen, in public appearances and in his books.  He even managed to make Burn Notice watchable and that's saying something.

Sam Raimi is the more interesting emergence from this series.  Clearly he does horror well on the cheap and his addition to the Grindhouse franchise would have been amazing if Tarantino hadn't killed that idea out of the gate.  I thought Drag Me to Hell was hilarious and A Simple Plan really felt like a lost Coen Brothers movie.   As discussed previously on the commentaries, I don't know what series of events leads to him getting the Spider-man franchise but to me the 1st was Ok, the 2nd was really good and the 3rd was terrible, but now I have no desire to watch any of them again. 

Evil Dead II is the prime example of "Just do the 1st one again" but somehow isn't bad for doing that and Army of Darkness is quite the departure from the previous ones, while still fitting entirely in tone.  And I can't say that Cabin in the Woods wouldn't have been made without Evil Dead, but it would have been a different film. 

That's my basics. Hopefully I can be more specific in the future.

Ok, I miss understood how we were doing this too.  Glad my movie was chosen for week 2.  I'll be posting my thoughts on Evil Dead in that thread shortly.

I can throw Evil Dead in to refresh my memory, although there was a time that I likely wouldn't have had too.

Week 2:: 8 :: Raven :: Mr. Brooks

Teague Edit:

# winner #


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That's awesome Trey. That backs up every story that anyone has told about Phil. Very cool. Thanks.


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Ok, nothing at all to do with the movie but I just watched the SNL 40th anniversary special and was listening to this commentary again the next day.  Trey mentioned in passing that he knew Phil Hartman.  I was curious if Trey had any Phil Hartman stories or at least the story of how he knew him.  He was always one of my favorite cast members when I was younger so I was just curious.


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Thanks Teague.  That's awesome.


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So looking back after the Goodnight, Goodnight announcement, was this the straw that broke the camel's back?  When Teague made them commentate on an episode nobody wanted to do.


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Is there a version with the whole commentary on it or is the end just gone?


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New documentalities would be awesome Eddie. I've watched almost all of the docs you've focused on and for the most part they've been interesting if not enjoyable. Side note- Overnight and Dear Zachary make for a very interesting "ways to hate humanity" double feature.


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I certainly don't have anything profound to add, but I would like to say thanks for the hours of entertainment.  I found you guys entirely on accident (that's for Trey) when someone emailed me a copy of the Phantom Menace commentary instead of a Riff Raff Theater file I asked for that I'd worked on with Chris Hanel.  Seriously... best mistake ever.  After giving that track a listen, I wanted to see if you'd done anything else and when I searched I hit the exact time period that you were transitioning from DIF to WAYDM and I've been hooked ever since. 

You guys have the amazing ability of making me interested in things that never even occured to me to check out.  Brian's love of all things space related leaked into my subconsious enough to get me to watch From the Earth to the Moon, and order an out of print copy of Lost Moon.  The Malariathon got me to read the Harry Potter books, and subsequently the Methods of Rationality (which is amazing).  And I didn't know I could listen to a four hour discussion about film scores, with no musical background and be interested the whole time.   While I don't agree with Eddie on a lot of his film opinions I was listening to him going through the process of being a new dad, while I was doing the same.  I've even grown used to Jake's "name a different actor than the one that's on screen" schtick although I'll admit, I have skipped a few Jake episodes as I've gone back through the catalogue. 

I've enjoyed the variety of content you provide, from the film school breakdown of Mulholland Drive to whatever the hell you wanna call the Wanted episode.  And I could listen to Trey tell stories all day.  I've started tracking down a lot of the films he recommends even in passing. 

I'm not active on the forums, as listening to DIF is a chore time and commuting to work activity, so the end of the podcasts really does feel like a loss to me.  That being said, I'm not nearly as crushed as I was with the initial news of Mike's accident, so at least I can put things into their proper perspective.  That being said, I'll try to read and post more here in the future, and if you do end up releasing new episodes, even better. 

Seriously guys, thank you.


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Teague, I was really surprised when you looked up Saw's composer and didn't recognize his name immediately. Charlie Clouser played with Nine Inch Nails for several years and is responsible for a lot of amazing NIN remixes.


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Lol. He can't speak yet and we're already getting movie related opinions. Best update so far. Long road ahead but definitely pointed in the right direction.


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Very encouraging news indeed. Recognizing his boyfriend is huge. I had a friend who was in a similar situation and his accident literally erased the last 10 years of his memory. He experienced a similar state of waking up too so nothing in the updates sound discouraging.

How are the rest of you guys holding up?


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Is getting Sam Jackson to dress up as Nick Fury out of the question?


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This is absolutely horrible news. Our household is still in the process of paying down a hefty pile of medical bills ourselves so I'm not sure how much we'll be able to help but we'll do what we can. 40k plus is already a staggering amount raised in less than a day. Wonderful job everyone. Even minor head injuries are scary and this certainly doesn't sound minor by any definition. Mike will certainly be in our thoughts and please do keep us updated. I'll be checking in often looking for updates.

Was anyone else injured in the accident?


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Hatari was the only John Wayne movie I'd seen until watching this episode. I saw it at my Aunt and Uncle's house when I was 13 years old and I still remember parts of it to this day, 21 years later.  Definitely need to see more of John Wayne's work. 

After Paper Moon and The Cowboys, I want Trey's list of films he keeps bringing up because those two were both excellent.


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Did Teague ever get around to watching this again? 

I will say that this is a hard movie to watch even if you're just the slightest bit tired.  I did a lot of movie watching late night when I first saw this one and I think it took me 3 times before I got all the way through it.  That's not taking anything away from the movie as I find it really entertaining.  Something about all the character's constantly falling unconscious just made me want to join them.

I just watched Overnight.  Holy hell is Duffy a D-Bag.  I thought the tool from American Movie was bad.


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There needs to be an episode with the Harlem Globe Trotters.  That's all I'm saying.

Awesome work guys.


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Maximum Overdrive

Tremors with Trucks.


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That was a fun day to follow along.  I wasn't glued to the screen as I had to watch at work for a decent chunk of it and my home internet went out for a couple of hours during their scheduled maintenance.  I chipped in the 100 bucks that crossed the $3000.00 mark so I helped out some.  Only thing I didn't like was the lack of Trey and the little amount of time Brian was there.  The rest of you guys were amazing.


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Just watched the first 3 episodes on our "On Demand" and I absolutely love it so far.  The last shot of episode three of the "monster" gave me chills.  Very well told.  Hopefully episode 4 will be up when I get home from work tonight.