I'm going to see Deadpool this eve, so I'll be a little late (10:30-11ish). We can just say Dave was at work!


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I finally got around to Mirror's Edge. Pleasantly surprised. Took some getting used to the flow of it, but once I did, it got so fucking satisfying! Totally recommend it (also, super-cheap on Steam right now).

Also have gone back to the original Tomb Raider games. Almost at the end of TR3 and it's not as irritating (pull a switch that does something in some room you have no fucking idea where it is) as I remembered. Fun!

I forgot about this (sorry) until about 10 minutes ago then realized even though we're geeks that at least one of us would be at a Superb Owl party anyway.

No problem, we'll take a break this week!

Hey I might not be joining y'all tomorrow. I've had a cold/flu all week, and it's pretty tricky for me to talk without coughing a ridiculous amount. We'll see if tomorrow is any better, but don't count on it.


Sounds good to me. I'm getting older, I kinda can't handle late Sunday nights any more.

edit: this was originally in reply to Boter, but I didn't realize there was a new page of posts. i can go either way. if we're up for a short session where we find out what new info there is and we make plans for next week, i can do that. if not, i'll happily get an extra few hours sleep.

Are we available for tonight?

Oh my god that sounds fucking amazing.


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Squiggly_P wrote:

I was right there with him, giggling gleefully as he kicked me out of the film and made me aware of my role as an audience to his silly story about people in a blizzard in the old west.

Yes! He made that clear-as-hell in Inglourious Basterds, but for some reason we still aren't treating these most recent 3 movies as anything other than surface (which is bullshit, 'cause they're very smart films). All this talk of "[such-and-such] is played for laughs and it's disgusting" is just malarkey and says more about the audience than the film.
I think The Hateful Eight is an excellent film, but I also have a feeling that I know there's certain people I'll enjoy talking about it with, and certain people I'd hate trying to talk to about it!

Yep, I wrote it down, got it right here!


A plot hole to me is something inconsistent, not necessarily missing information. Simpler example: the whole "how did Poe get off Jakku?" thing. We can assume he found a way, that's fine. There's certainly nothing in the movie that contradicts that, or gives us a reason to think it would be impossible.

Or maybe it's just that loyalty is relative? When there's no risk to her, she's loyal. When there is... fuck it.


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I only saw 7 movies at the cinema this year. (Though there's another half-dozen I still want to see, eventually).

But, two of those I saw twice. Fury Road (obviously), and The Hateful Eight. So my vote is for those two.

I feel sadly confident saying that how you feel about The Hateful Eight will be greatly impacted by the audience you see it with. It's kind of a crapshoot. But it's a very intelligent/deliberate film (but not heavy-handed, 'cause fuck me that first audience missed the point). Maybe in a few years we'll look back and recognize that Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight were a turning point for QT and we'll take those seriously and not just on the surface. Probably not though.

Oh, and honourable mention to a German film called Victoria. Don't watch a trailer, don't look up info on it, but go find a copy and watch it. A pleasant treat. Whether you like it or not, it's certainly a unique experience.


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Tomahawk wrote:

Herc, you asshole. You don't open a post with "LAST WEEK, steam had a sale". You advertise the sale that's going on now, fool!

Steam's having a winter sale until the 4th of January. Plenty of cheap stuff right now! Notabley Alien: Isolation for 13 bucks (CAN), and all the Assassin's Creed games pre- Black Flag for 10 bucks (CAN) each!

If you've never played them, maybe skip the first (or just play the story missions) because it's fucking repetitive. But the Ezio trilogy (AC II, Brotherhood, Revelations) is a huge improvement, fun, and a good story (also love the way they weave in real historical figures).

Currently playing AC III and hugely enjoying it (aside from a couple of glitches and some unclear directions).

Me too, I'll be here.


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Someone's living the dream:

Sounds fair. Midnight'll be a hard-out for me, too. I've got a shit-ton to do this week before the semester finishes, and I don't wanna be worrying about that stuff over the Christmas break.

What time are we starting?

Are we playing tomorrow, or is it a thanksgiving weekend break?


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redxavier wrote:

Recommend me a bad movie guys, I need to recalibrate my sensors.

Sounds like you need a dose of Belushi.
Try K-911.



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That seems like a modest proposal.

Hey y 'all, my internet hasn't kept a stable connection for longer than about 12 minutes today (blame Canada... I'm actually copy/pasting this 'cause it cut out before my first attempt to post), so just go on without me. Next week I'll just skype from the office instead. Sorry!

I've got the missed connections ad though:

Missed connection: we met between [name of two stations I've forgotton; also the date]. I wasn't looking for you, but there you were, larger than life, like someone from a different era. Your personality overwhelmed me and I didn't know how to react. I think I scared you away, and I'm sorry. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I don't know what we could be to each other, but I want us to find out together.