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So fifteen years ago I caught a sitcom by chance and it kind of changed my life. It was of course SPACED a show with a main character who would fit in perfectly on these forums and was presented as a normal person rather than a Rick Moranis type nerd.

Then in 2003 I was able to contribute to a film the same crew were making called 'Shaun of the Dead' apart from 28 Days Later there hadn't been a big British genre film in years and no one expected this to be any more popular than say Dog Soldiers which had some out a year or so before.

Shaun of course did very well. One of the few British films to make a blip on the other side of the pond (you've actually heard of it!) and perfectly mixed the grounded characters of SPACED with genre films.

Then came Hot Fuzz which dropped all that for a broader style. I didn't know what to make of Hot Fuzz when I saw it at the Vue in Exeter in 2007. It lacked the groundedness I loved about Shaun and SPACED and felt a bit all over the place. I don't know what happened but after rewatching it a couple of times I completely changed my mind and now hold it up as a favourite.

So The World's End. I kind of panicked when the trailer left me cold but then trailers are a dying art.

Yeah I liked it.

Ok ok I should probably give you a bit more.

I liked it. It's good.

It's not quite on par with the others. It's closer to 'Paul' and will make great fodder for a certain podcast. It's very funny but things feel like they come out no where. Shaun did a brilliant job of playing on audience expectations and built site gags the characters were unaware of the rising tentions.

Pegg and Frost have swapped their usual sensible one / looser one roles which keeps things fresh.

It's not on par with the other films but it certainly isn't 'The bad one' The cornetto Trilogy has it's Return Of The Jedi.

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