Topic: Author of the "leaked" Batman vs. Superman script shares some thoughts

I'm sure most of you are also tired of the endless endeavour to turn every meaningless detail (real or fake) into news, the incessantly cheap hit-whoring, and the petulant bullshit that is internet "discussion". So I thought this might put a smile on some faces: Leaker of BvS script is pretty great.

This quote in particular really pleased me (and makes me wanna see them write a real script with Shane Black some day):

To the fans I’d like to show them that the majority of what they are arguing about online isn’t real. So when they call each other ‘fags’ or ‘bitches’ they should realize that they are championing nothing but attractive lies and judging things without any real evidence.
To the bloggers I say this: don’t exploit the ignorance of fanboys for clicks and have flame war baiting headlines that just seem to encourage that behavior. If [you're] in the business of potentially damaging a filmmakers process before they even have the chance to present the finished product realize that there are people who will exploit you for that.

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