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Holy crap, what an awesome movie. The reviews are 100% correct, I think it was better than both Frozen and Wreck It Ralph. FAR better than Frozen, and just edging out WiR (mostly due to fantastic nostalgia value there). It's a classic hero's journey, and it's not a movie where the hero has to save the whole world. The stakes never feel like they're limited to one kid in one city, but in scope, they are. Great animation, really fantastic running gags, and some throwaway ones that are perfect too.

It's almost as if the directors listen to What Are You Doing, Movie? for hints!

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Thought it was great! Really liked all the characters and the pacing felt just right for the story it was trying to tell.
Also, I thought this movie was gorgeous!

(unrelated: From what I gather, most people here didn't care much for Frozen, but I really enjoyed it:) )

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It was the first movie I took my son to in a theater and what an awesome choice.  It's really something special.  Vastly superior to Frozen with great characters, a story that doesn't pander to kids, and carries an awesome pro-science message.

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X-posted from facebook for the first bit, and the rest for here... not sure why it matters...but it seems like a thing people usually disclaim, so there it is...Also spoilers for the movie below, I'm not sure if this thread was ever declared as a spoiler zone.

"Well Big Hero 6 is indeed really really great. It is every bit as adorable, cute and heart warming as the trailer sells it as, I haven't laughed that much at movie in a looong while. Easily one of the best animated movies of the past couple years. Although I don't think it quite lives up to the "BEST MOVIE EVER" descriptor some people I've seen giving it, it does hit a couple of as you know moments really hard on the head, and it does slip into a couple storytelling cliches at a couple points that kinda bring it down on the whole. Between this and Wreck It Ralph, I'd still have to give it to WIR, but not by much.

It's also another SOLID entry into my "Don't you DARE tell me you can't make X character relatable and lovable, don't you DARE." encyclopedia."

So all in all, yes, I really really enjoyed, but maybe it was just me but there seemed to be a lot of surface level emotional thinking going on, a lot of as you knowing by everyone, and a few really key moments being played out as the straight cliche versions being balanced out by the sheer adorableness and humor of everything else going on. I mean the bad guys reasoning is literally "You killed my daughter, prepare to die." and he has a line that is almost literally that. I have known Inigo Montoya, and you sir, are no Inigo Montoya. I was basically waiting for the brother to die from the instant he appeared on screen... and was /half/ expecting him to turn out to be the bad guy... which actually come to think, could have been really cool if they played it into the whole supervillian thing... set up some sort of mind reactive drug at the student showcase that reacts to the fire...

sorry...what was I talking about?

Oh right... at the end of the day, the universe and humour of this world is so freaking cool and well thought out and interesting and different, that the actual story beats of what happens feel really plain and over used. And I just wish a bit more time had gone into making those rough spots measure up to the rest of the movie. My main point that I never felt that in Wreck It Ralph, ever, every moment, every character beat every emotional beat feels earned and fluid and natural. Whereas BH6 does unfortunately feel a little more rusty at some points.

I haven't seen Frozen, so I can't make that comparison.

Now ALL that said, in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT except the ones I talked about above this movie is firing on EVERY SINGLE GODDAMNED CYLINDER it has. The art design is amazing, as I've mentioned repeatedly, but it cannot be stated enough, the humour is FANTASTIC, Baymax is...and I don't say this lightly...ADORABLE AS  FUCK, the characters when they aren't momentarily turning into stilted as you know machines are natural and relatable but in a slightly stylized way that just meshes together perfectly, I absolutely love the whole Tokyo/San Francisco mash-up with really really advanced technology just at peoples finger tips and the whole way that's presented (especially in the university lab) it just feels really fresh and interesting in a way nothing else has in a long while and the nanobot animation is insanely cool and terrifying. And then like Eddie said, SO AWESOME to see such a pro science message being put out there.

So I will definitely DEFINITELY be adding this to my rotation of go to animated movies when I'm looking for something to watch, it's just kind of a shame it couldn't nail down those last couple things and be perfect.

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Eddie wrote:

and carries an awesome pro-science message.

There was a review I read last week where the opener was something along the lines of,

After my son and I left Big Hero 6, the first words out of his mouth were, "I want to go to college."

Ben kinda shared similar thoughts about this one already, but I really enjoyed this movie! Wreck-It Ralph is still my favorite out of the most recent CG Disney films and on my Top 5 Disney Films Ever, mainly because I relate to Ralph and Vanellope in their quest for acceptance and the twist completely caught me off-guard. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was genuinely shocked at a revelation in a movie, animated or live-action. But BH6 is definitely up there for the most recent films they've put out.

Looking forward to seeing Big Hero 6 again, especially since we lost lines of dialogue due to laughter at many instances. Also can't wait to see Feast again. So happy Disney is still exploring different animation styles, even if they're not always in 2D like they did in the 90s/early 2000s.

Also, give the Art of Big Hero 6 a look if you ever get a chance. Really great stuff in there, including a small chapter on their Hyperion Render.

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If anybody can find a good, clear cut of Baymax's fist-bump noise, I need it.

I need a new text tone to replace the trombones when you lose on The Price Is Right.

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I'll take it too.

To add to Inigo Montoya-ness, "I want my daughter back," which I jokingly said to my wife in the theater a few seconds before it was said. So definitely an intentional homage and I ate it right up. Loved this movie, and to use the catchphrase that won't get as worn out as LEGO Movie's, I am satisfied with my care.

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I managed to get my hands on one :-O

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Well come on, share with the class!

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