Topic: Mickey Mouse Shorts

Listening to the commentary for The Iron Giant again reminded me that, in the chat, I brought up the fact that Disney has been producing new Mickey Mouse short animated films and posting them to YouTube. This was in response to Trey saying that kids no longer knew Mickey Mouse from his short films. While I concede the point that a generation certainly does not know, it looks like kids growing up today won't have to worry about that. … hErx3D7qt8

I highly recommend starting at the beginning, and enjoying the heck out of the new shorts. It's a slightly new style, and it's nice to see that Disney isn't treating it's icon like a porcelain doll; there are times Mickey gets well and truly beat and bent out of shape in these shorts! It's also really nice that when doing a short in/for another country (France, Japan, et cetera) the entire short is recorded natively in that language. However, you don't even need to understand the words to understand the short. It transcends language barriers.