Topic: Bullskit Comedy IndieGoGo Campaign for New Theatre

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As most of you probably know I do a lot of work with a local improv and sketch comedy group here in Red Deer called Bullskit Comedy; short films, motion graphics, videography, things of that ilk. Well, coming this next season they are moving into their own space, and have launched an indiegogo campaign to help cover some of the costs of renovating the space. (*wait for the collective groan of people who hate crowd funding to pass*)... right, so I made the campaign video for them (Written on friday, shot on tuesday, edited thursday night if you're curious), so if for nothing else you should check it out for that.

Obviously this is a very local thing, and I don't expect a whole lot of you would be interested in helping out, but if you have a couple bucks to spare, I'm sure they'd appreciate it. So on with the link: … ome#/story

And cause I can't pass up the opportunity this is the video I made with them for last years annual fundraiser, that I'm particularly proud of (Not written by me):

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