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So, a friend of mine who owns a barber shop wanted to make a little video for his Facebook page of him and one of the other barbers having a lightsaber fight. It escalated a little bit and now it has gotten a load of views and coverage in the local newspaper.

Here's a link, don't seem to be able to embed Facebook videos.

It was a very rushed shoot that was mostly made up as we went along and an even further rushed post-production schedule (most of which was done the night before release - so excuse the roughness). I don't expect many of you to even be able to understand what is being said by us silly scousers, but I thought I'd share anyway. At the end of the day, it's not really meant for a wide audience - more for their customers who'd get a laugh out of seeing their barbers bash some sabers together.

Also, our very own Writhyn voiced Darth Vader in the thing.

Article from local paper

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Re: Sweeps Wars

Yes!! I'm famous! wink

Also, really nice job on the effects, especially considering the time crunch.

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Re: Sweeps Wars

I'm impressed by the performances, actually. Everyone is hilarious.

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