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I'll be honest and say that I haven't even thought much about this until today. I dunno why, but I only got out to the theater four times in 2016: Deadpool, Triple 9, Criminal and Green Room. That's it. And half of them were crap.

So I resolved to go to see more movies this year, and as a result I'm going to actually make a calendar and plan things out from the beginning. I want to see at least a couple of movies each month, and ideally at least one film a week.

So I started going through movies that are going to be coming out in 2017 and came up with a list of some of them that look the most interesting to me. I'll be seeing a lot more than this, but these are things that I am at least mildly excited about:

John Wick 2 - The first one was decent enough to make me interested in a sequel. I like it when Keanu Reeves shoots people, so more movies where he's shooting people is a good thing.

Mother - Darren Aronofsky's next flick. Doesn't have a release date yet, as far as I know, but it's supposed to be out this year. One of the few remaining directors whose flicks I will see without even seeing the trailer.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - One of the few 'fanboy' flicks I'm interested in this year. I couldn't give a rat's ass about Justice League, Spider Man or whatever half-dozen Avengers / X-Men / DC movies get released. This one interests me, mainly because the first one was super-fun and not trying to do anything more than just be a fun adventure film with interesting and likable characters that all had their own weird-o quirks and shit. The trailers look good so far.

Free Fire - A24 release. Ensemble cast in a period action/comedy about a gun deal in a warehouse that goes south and everyone just starts killing each other. Looks like it'll be fun. I don't think it has a release date, either. Some time in 2017.

Dunkirk - New Chris Nolan flick. No need to say any more than that. Guy's flicks are always very watchable, even if they're not without their various flaws.

War for the Planet of the Apes - The first two were both surprisingly good. Better than I expected either of them to be, honestly. So I have high hopes for this one as well. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Logan Lucky - Soderbergh's new flick. I have no idea what it's even about, but the cast looks great, and It's a Steven Soderbergh flick. A comedy, apparently. He's one of those directors whose stuff I will always check out. He's less consistent than the other directors on my little list of 'must-see' directors, but he's a power-hitter. When he manages to get a solid hit, the ball goes out of the park.

Star Wars 8 - There are like 5 different reasons I'm excited about this movie, and the fact that it's Star Wars is probably the least important of them. I've got two theories about this movie, and I'm interested in seeing if they pan out or not. I'm also interested to see what Rian Johnson's take on a SW flick will look like.

And, yeah. There are some others that look mildly interesting or have interesting casts, but those are the ones that I will most definitely see as soon as possible.

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Re: Films you're looking forward to in 2017

Paul Thomas Anderson's as-of-yet untitled movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis is the highest on my radar right now. Also hoping Weightless will be a return to greatness for Malick after he embarrassed his fans with To the Wonder and Knight of Cups; Rooney Mara's presence can't hurt, unless she ends up on the cutting room floor as is his wont.

Re: Films you're looking forward to in 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie and Blade Runner 2049 sound interesting.

I'm worried about Alien: Covenant. If The Martian is any indication, Ridley should be capable of salvaging the Alien franchise and I'm willing to forgive John Logan his bad Star Trek movie.

The DC universe movies (Wonder Woman and Justice League) are another cause for concern after this year's two stinkers. Oh well... We'll just have to wait and see.

I'll watch Transformers: The Last Knight on home video just for the VFX porn  tongue

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Re: Films you're looking forward to in 2017

Guardians and Star Wars VIII are the only two that are absolutely must-sees for me (the latter now for the same reason that The Dark Knight got a boost, unfortunately). Might catch Power Rangers, probably not though. Spider-Man Homecoming is the first MCU film I'm not in *any* way interested in, will probably catch Thor Ragnarok though. And I'll likely catch Transformers and PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Yes, my movie tastes are generally action trash, fight me.

Aside from that, Beauty and the Beast intrigues me but while Jungle Book this past year did a good job of realism in live-action, I feel like B&B is going for over the top fantasy... which I thought I was interested in, but then saw a trailer while watching the animated movie on TV over Christmas and wondered what it'll add that makes it worthwhile.

Ghost in the Shell keeps slipping from my radar and I need to watch some of the source material before going into it, should give me something to work towards.

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Re: Films you're looking forward to in 2017

Judging by the last few years, the big tentpoles we were all looking forward to with all the a-list (supposed) talent largely turn out to be disappointing and forgettable stinkers, and the gems are the sleeper hits that come in off-season, either before or after summer.

Chances are we haven't even heard of what will be the best movies of 2017.

Another question: any predictions listing actors / musicians who might just survive 2017?

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Re: Films you're looking forward to in 2017

Ghost in the Shell could be an amazing film if they do it right. I can't say the casting is all fantastic, in my opinion, but they've got one cast member that has grabbed me by the balls and will absolutely make me go see the movie: Takeshi Kitano as Chief Aramaki. I'd like to imagine that the only reason he's in there is because the director needed him to be in it, just to get to work with him. He's probably not the best choice to play that character. It'll be interesting.

That said, it kinda feels like a studio-lead fan-boy adaptation of a movie that they hired a bunch of light-weight up-and-comers to work up a general-audiences PG-13 sci-fi/action flick that would be easy to market and cheap to produce. The creative people behind it are so untested and new to the business that they can probably dictate how the film should be made, easily get their notes worked into the movie, etc. I'm hopeful about it, tho. The trailer had some interesting visuals going on.

The film is, I think, going to be a pretty much straight up adaptation of the original anime film, not the later stuff and not the books. The books are easily the best way to get that story. It's a shame, really, since the anime is a very poor adaptation of one of the early arcs in the books, leaving out a FUCKLOAD of stuff and dropping some fucking fantastic characters, like the Fuchikoma. The Fuchis are so fucking adorably bad-ass.

I really hope and wish that the film does some more of the book stuff, but I fear that it will instead be an americanized version of the anime that loses even more stuff than the original anime lost, and then changes things to the point where it becomes an adaptation by just having characters with names and a few key events in the film.

As context: I loved the anime version when I saw it in the mid-to-late 90s, and got the books as a result. After reading the books, my opinion of the film plummeted. It's such an abridged version of just one arc of the books that it's really just disappointing to watch it after reading the books. They should have made a series out of the books instead of a movie, but the later series have almost nothing to do with the books, either.

If you've never read them, read the books. They are simply amazing.

I like big action movies, but I rarely allow myself to get excited about them, and generally assume that they're all going to be shit by default. Just as a way to prevent myself from being disappointed when they're terrible tongue


Bladerunner 2049: I was 100% against it, but the trailer moment where Deckard and Fassbender square off gives me some hope that maybe - just maybe - Deckard is a replicant. If he's not a replicant, then fuck that movie hard in the face. Deckard being human is the Bladerunner equivalent of midichlorians. He's a replicant and somehow figured out how to increase his lifespan, or the limited lifespan was not part of his design, as neither he nor Rachael were meant to know they were replicants and as such were designed as experiments to create longer-lived replicants that would be more docile and easier to control. I will not accept a human Deckard. It breaks the original film for me.

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Re: Films you're looking forward to in 2017

Just found out that Joseph Kosinski and Claudio Miranda (Tron Legacy & Oblivion) are pairing for Granite Mountain, due this September, a true story about wildfire fighters. Whatever the story, it should look stunning.

And just like that...

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