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Hi all,

I have this tendency to create characters or story ideas that I have no intention of doing anything with, but like to work on them just for fun.

I really like Pepperjack cheese. It's my favorite of all the cheeses in all the land. So in my head I created this character named Pepperjack.

Her name is Jacklyn Peppermire. She's a professional assassin known as Pepperjack. That would also be the name of the movie/graphic novel if one ever existed. If it were a movie it would have punk rock undertones, probably be hard R rating, and would be an action comedy.

"So wait... just Deadpool with a girl?"

A little bit. But not that off the wall. I think she'd have a similar "devil may care" attitude, but her personality would be more reigned in. She's a pro, she's not on a revenge kick, so she's more selective about who she kills and why she kills them.

Thing is, I also like collaborating. Again, not making a movie. This is just for fun. It likely won't ever leave this forum.

But if you want to pitch in and come up with cool movie synopses, that's what this thread is meant for.

Action/Comedy - Pepperjack is sent to a small town just north of the Mexican border. When she finds out her target is actually an entire family, her employer sends another guy to sort the issue out. The man tries to kill the family (including the kids) himself, she kills the guy and ends up  bringing the whole crime organization down on that town. At first she decides to put the town in her rearview mirror, but changes her mind and chooses to stay and fight.

That's just spitballing. Come up with your own synopsis for Pepperjack. Doesn't have to be comedy if you think something else would be better. Her backstory can be whatever. She doesn't have to be anything like Deadpool. She could be warm and happy and sincere. She could be on a revenge kick too if you wanted. Up to you. Whatever you want.

aaaaaaand go. If you want. Or whatever.

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Jacklyn Peppermire receives an anonymous payment with instructions to kill the infamous "Baron," a corporate banker and mayor of a town in Switzerland, who has a habit of making his political enemies disappear.
Baron is a retired master assassin himself, so Pepperjack has to approach the whole situation with extreme caution, as many others have tried to kill this guy, with no success. He's just too good.
After scoping out the town, Pepperjack makes her first attempt...which goes wrong when Baron reveals he'd known about her being hired to kill him.
Barely escaping with her life, Pepperjack has to call it quits to save herself, but when all her special and secret accounts are drained of funds, she knows the banker Baron is behind it, and goes back to kill him to get her money.
After pulling off a particularly unorthodox plan, she finds herself face-to-face with Baron. An epic fight ensues, but the older assassin's age has finally caught up to him, and Pepperjack beats him. When she demands to know how to retrieve her money, Baron reveals that he was the one who hired her! He'd been hating himself for his past crimes for years, but couldn't stand to kill himself. So he'd been hiring other great assassins to kill him, but all had failed until Pepperjack.
He congratulates her, smiling mysteriously and saying, "I knew you'd be the one to succeed," and dies. She's frustrated when the Swiss army arrives and forces her to escape before recovering her money.
Later, Jacklyn Peppermire receives a letter saying that Georg von Krenn, mayor of a town in Switzerland, had been murdered, but his will had stipulated all his assets should go to her.

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I like it but that's a long way to go for a cheese preference pun.

Kibo, yay open source character kinda idea! I'll have to think for a while and see if I can come up with something to contribute.

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Okay, here's a thought. Big businessman, call him Skinner. Totally on the up-and-up, you see (his shadier dealings going through intermediaries so it can't be traced back). Big and successful but when he tries to push into a market, someone pushes back, and no matter how he goes, this other keeps matching and pushing back, like a shadow where your hand meets a wall.

So Skinner hires Pepperjack to not just assassinate, but investigate who this Shadow is.

Cue seedier underworld mob connections, interrogations, an epiphany from a single expense report. Pepperjack even gets so close as to get someone working for Shadow on her trail, and trying to contact her.

Finally, Pepperjack meets with Skinner to disclose her findings. It turns out that the man behind Shadow... is Skinner himself, unwittingly, and with no direct malice down the line - just people removed from him and doing what they were told. By any means necessary.

So she pulls out her gun, and shoots him. As he requested. The look of shock still frozen on his face. And as she leaves, she places a call. "The Shadow's competition will no longer be a concern. You know where to put the money? Wonderful."

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(By the way, it strikes me that this topic would make more sense in the "Pitches" subforum, as it's pitching ideas around a theme rather than a concrete thing that has been created or is being created. Teague, is moving the thread something that can be done, or in your opinion something that even makes sense?)

Boter, formerly of TF.N as Boter and DarthArjuna. I like making movies and playing games, in one order or another.

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