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Re: The Wrath of Khan

Brian wrote:

For 1966, it's not bad. The problem is it doesn't get any better for the next 40 years.

The fight between Kirk and a genetic superman was the height of choreography, it is sad but true. Maybe they kept looking at that footage as reference and said, "This is a good fight. Do that again."  hmm

I just finished this commentary all the way through, and found it very enjoyable. Of the movies, Khan is not my favorite, probably because of the childhood creepy feeling of the eels in the ears (can't stand earwigs to this day because of it) and being scared of Khan's man boobs.

The more interesting part of this commentary is Trey's remark that Meyer was the Abrams of this era. Here was a director who had never had dealt with Star Trek before and was only marginally familiar with the original series. Yet, he managed to save the franchise and let it continue on. Honestly, I think whenever Meyer stepped in and directed Trek, it worked very well.

Its rather amazing to me the amount of changes Meyer brought to Star Trek, pushing it closer to the submarine style warfare and naval tradition, which I think was one of the reasons that Roddenberry did not like it.

The final battle between Reliant and Enterprise is very similar to the space battle in "Balance of Terror" in the more submarine aspects of it. I mean, as the panel pointed out, a torpedo's near miss with a wake is classic nautical warfare trope.

Also, I would like to see Eddie and Brian choreograph a better Star Trek style fight smile


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Re: The Wrath of Khan

The Director's Cut of Khan (the version for which this commentary was recorded) is coming out on Blu-ray for the first time.

Two reviews: … ut-bluray/ … ors-cut-bd

Apparently they corrected the colors YET AGAIN. The tinting in previous releases was very noticeable (the first DVD looked pink, the DC DVD was brown and the 2009 DVD/BD gravitated towards blue).

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