Topic: We're doing LCC 8!

Hey folks. We're really excited to announce that we'll be reviewing and judging entries for the eighth annual Lightsaber Choreography Competition.

Your first question is "what?," possibly followed by a deep depression in learning that there's such a thing as a lightsaber choreography competition.

Shut up, we're cool.

For years now, over at's Fanfilm board, people have entered short fight scenes they've shot with their friends, usually utilizing lightsabers or lightsaber surrogates, into a recurring competition called the "Lightsaber Choreography Competition," or "LCC." This friendly little event has happened seven times so far, and while you might only just be learning about it, you've almost certainly seen Ryan vs. Dorkman and RvD 2. (And Ryan vs. Brandon.) (And Ryan vs. Brandon 2.) (I prefer the "2's.") Those projects come from this competition.

They're doing another one, and as longstanding members of that board, the lot of us, we're excited just 'cuz. We were even more excited when someone in the LCC 8 thread "say, we should see if we can get the Down in Front guys to review the entries," and that started off a whole thing. And all that excitement lead to this announcement: not only are we reviewing them, we're judging them.

The details of the contest have not been made official, but roughly, you'll get the "get started" signal sometime in June, and the deadline for submissions will be sometime in September. And while a lot of folks on TFN will be entering, I'd love to see some DIF forumers get involved, too.

There'll be more news later, but for now, here's a link to the discussion on TFN, and this thread here will be just for LCC8 talk as well.


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