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Hey folks, Teague here. Sorry for the delayed release of this and of Nightmare (and for the lack of PAL versions for both!), this past two weeks has been absolutely non-stop for me, and attempts to get things done on time have been thwarted.

There will be PAL versions for both as soon as this weekend, perhaps sooner if anybody wants to volunteer. It's a simple process, all you need is Audacity and the NTSC versions.

Anyway. Gremlins. I was unfamiliar with this one, and so I'm unfit to tell you about it. What do you want to talk about?

Gas prices, huh? Yeah.

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Re: Gremlins

Terrific commentary! Great comparisons to other movies, and I loved the discussion of breakfast cooker inventions and the town square set.

I don’t think the mogwai are supposed to be entirely natural. I think they’re supposed to be partly magical. They're biology just doesn't make any sense. I agree that they should have done more sabotaging and less attacking; it would have been sort of a reverse Home Alone then.

Warning: I'm probably rewriting this post as you read it.

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