Topic: Rubbish Santa's

Ok so as a kid did you ever go to visit Santa only to have it turn out to be a bit rubbish?

For example:

December 1991 - Dorking, Surrey. England

Young Faldor aged 6 is waiting outside "Santa's Grotto" which even to young eyes looks convincingly like a shed from a garden centre. The She... Grotto door opens and a man dressed as Father Christmas but with a false beard half on half dangling around his neck sticks his head out and asks if the 10 or so people gathered are all there to see Santa.

December 1993

I was at a cheap department store in Devon where an awkward Father Christmas asks what I wanted for Christmas and then unsure of what to asks next simply asks if I've been to the shop before...

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Re: Rubbish Santa's

My worst Christmas is the year we saw National Treasure 2. Nowhere near as good as the first!


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Re: Rubbish Santa's

My parents let me believe in Santa til I was about 3, So I can't even remember those Christmases, but I've been told they were perfectly pleasant.


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