Topic: The Rules We Would Have If We Had Rules

This board is for creative storytelling.

On these here podcasts, we love to look at a movie (or other creative project) and figure out if something isn't working. Sometimes it's obvious, and the problem with Sucker Punch is... Zack Snyder writing Sucker Punch. Sometimes it's less obvious, and it's "okay, Sucker Punch had a semi-interesting idea that they completely failed to express coherently, but here's the better version of what I think they were going for."

Whatever the problem is, whether it's something everyone agrees with or it's just your problem, isolating it is tricky. Solving it is trickier. And we love tricky shit.

So we aim to get in the habit of creative problem solving, and break the habit of just shitting on something and moving on. In the real world, you don't have to be a chef to know when a steak is crappy. But on this board, we challenge you to make a better steak. Because it's fun.

Sample post format for new threads:

Topic Title:

"[username's] [Fix, or Rewrite] For [Project]"

Post body:


[Isolated Problems with Project]

[Proposed Solutions for Problems]

[Script Treatment of New Interpretation]

This isn't a rule, but a guideline. Do whatever you want.

As for "pitches," it's just what it sounds like. Maybe you're not Monday Morning Quarterbacking an existing film or franchise, maybe you have an idea for a way to handle a reboot, or an entirely new story. We are in. Post it. Start the conversation.

The only thing we want to discourage is two-sentence topic posts, like "Liar Liar, with Bryan Cranston playing every role." Come on. Exercise some brain muscles. New movies, old movies, any movie you've ever had a problem with - figure out your problem, and figure out a solution.

And show your work.

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