Topic: "What if Star Wars Episode II Were Good?"

Last year this guy did a video pitching his alternate take on Episode I. It hewed a bit too close to the existing Episode I for my taste, but it was an interesting thought experiment.

He just posted his Episode II, however, and I have to say, this movie sounds great. It manages to get things to be more the tone and feel of the OT while hanging on to many concepts from the prequels, making better sense of them. And it addresses a failing of the prequels that my own alternatives failed to completely address -- the lack of a Han Solo character. Of course it should be Owen Lars. Of course it should.

In all honesty, I think I like this better than mine. I'll be looking forward to his take on ROTS.

I also give him points for using the proper grammatical construction of "were" instead of "was," which of course a bunch of commenters on the page have taken it upon themselves to "correct."

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Re: "What if Star Wars Episode II Were Good?"

We talked about this in the Random Movie Talk thread. I said there's way too much non-adventure. It's all talk.

Action beats:

  • Unimportant space battle

  • Darth Maul fights Anakin, then Obi Wan

  • Clones attack Dooku's base while heroes casually fly away

That's it.

All told, if you could fix Jar-Jar and Anakin in the first movie, the awful romance and corny droid humor in the second, and the clunky last act of the third, they'd be pretty good movies.

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Re: "What if Star Wars Episode II Were Good?"

I like the fact that Owen is a swashbuckler type who assists in the clone wars and who actually fought with Anakin and Obi-Wan.  It more properly aligns with the way that Owen and Beru react when Luke asks them about Obi-Wan.   

The obvious problem with any Star Wars prequel, though, is that prequels are fundamentally limited by what comes after.  What really should have happened is that the story should have been fleshed out better from beginning to end. That way there would be a structural and tonal harmony between all the movies.  Future franchise screenwriters take note.  lol.

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