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Mr. Nobody (2009):

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This movie.

Wow. Yeah. Um. Where the heck do I even start?

The first half hour or so, I was not prepared. I was so completely not prepared. I have never been so disorientated and yet so fascinated by anything in my entire life. The ability to just seamlessly flip between these realities without it just being full on montage time is impressive to say the least. And obviously that only grows and abounds as the movie goes on.

There were tons of times where I had absolutely ZERO idea what was happening or why it was happening, or how it connected, but then there was always something there to connect it or we'd move onto something else and come back to later and everything in the end was for the most part explained.

This definitely feels like it would be one of those movies that if it had a larger release, would be touted as "so deep and confusing", "it's just a maze of a story man" by a lot of people, but in the end it's actually very (well...mostly) simple concepts just told in a non-traditional way, similar to other movies I could mention *cough*Inception*cough*. By the time you reach the end all of those completely disparate threads are pulled together into a single concept, "All of these lives could have emerged from this single moment" and it's like those eye puzzles where you stare at it, cross your eyes and finally just when you think it isn't going to work, your eyes focus and the 3D image pops out at you; everything just sort of focus's and you can mentally run it backwards in your mind and make sense of it.

I'll probably have to watch it again to pick up a lot of the second level stuff that was going on, I'm still not /exactly/ sure what was going on with the Argyle sweaters and a lot of that universe. And just to see a lot of the things that were laying down that pop up again later.

So yes, I absolutely loved it, and might do another post with some more thoughts once I've had time to actually process it. (I'm writing this about 20 minutes after I finished it).

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There was an idea floating around in cosmology (before Dark Energy was discovered in 1998) that if the universe didn't have enough energy to keep expanding, it would collapse in on itself again in a big crunch and this would somehow reverse the arrow of time. That idea was just speculative and is now obsolete anyway, but obviously the writer took this idea and ran with it.

In addition, there's a bit of Sliding Doors concept as well of alternative realities if a different decision had been made at a crucial moment in one's life.

Like Fight Club, great directorial flourishes. Every technique in the manual is on show. You could use it to illustrate a course on directing. Nice soundtrack too.

The most expensive movie to ever come out of Belgium, and no one's heard of it. Just like Agora, one of the most expensive Spanish movies ever made, and also no one's heard of that either. To help international box office, both are in English, but that didn't help.

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