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I recently watched Austin Powers 1 & 2 back-to-back and revised my assessment of the second one. I really loved the first one (altho not enough to quote it like a frat boy) but the second one left me cold originally.

The second one has some great stuff in it, but it throws away Vanessa as well as most of Austin's emotional development (and dental work) in the name of reviving the attitude he renounced in the first film--despite the fact that the film mostly throws that attitude away by robbing Austin of his mojo.

Assuming that Liz Hurley didn't WANT to reprise the role, okay, they have to get rid of Vanessa, altho we've got maybe a day of shooting with her.

IMO, Vanessa should have been replaced by a second-generation fembot shortly after the wedding by Frau Farbissina as an act of revenge.  There needs to be that distance so that the end of the first film (and our emotional satisfaction with it) isn't invalidated. Austin is heartbroken, not thrilled, but primed for vengeance.

The film proceeds pretty much as written until he meets Felicity. Austin is tempted by her but ultimately rejects her because he "may never love again" (after all, he's lost his mojo). The somewhat over-complicated ending gets shortened a bit and Felicity discovers that Dr Evil and Frau Farbissina didn't kill Vanessa in 1999 but rather took her captive.

Austin and Felicity jump to 1999 and rescue Vanessa and proceed to have a much groovier three-way than the ending as filmed.

Or whatever, Felicity meets a handsome football player (cameo) or something.

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