Topic: Pitch: Final Destination 6: Final Exam

I've only seen one Final Destination movie, so pardon my ignorance. What little I do know is that a kid has a vision that lets him/her and friends escape death, then Death comes knocking. Tony Todd is around being weird, at least sometimes.

In this reboot, a college student ditches a psych experiment after the ethical questions trigger a vision. A Gypsy TA (or whatever; maybe some strange artifact in the prof's office) curses him to face moral dilemmas over who lives and who dies. Instead of him and his friends getting splattered sequentially, the main character has to actively decide between horrible alternatives for other people, including the friends he saw in his premonition and, eventually, himself.

I'm thinking of stuff like the famous thought experiment about what if you were in charge of a railyard switch, and a runaway car was coming, and you had the choice of throwing the switch and killing one person on a siding or doing nothing and killing five people stuck on the main track. The follow up (because most people say throw the switch) is what if instead of a switch there was a fat guy you could push in the way to stop the car? One life for five again, but active this time.

I think that sort of thing is more interesting than people just getting hit by falling equipment or stumbling into saw blades. There are plenty of books and Web lists to draw inspiration from. Here are some:

Warning: I'm probably rewriting this post as you read it.

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