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Character names are hard, guys! I'll be keeping track of names here. Deprecated names of people you don't interact with anymore will be moved to the bottom; this will be kept current as of the most current session.

Bridge Crew of the Event Horizon:
Navigation: Hawkins Kelmehkeer [BDA]
Weapons: Arcturus Reed [Alex]
Sensors: Portk-Yongen
Engineering / Acting Captain: Noah Owens [Shadow]
Communications: Natasha Selminov
Fighter Briefing Officer / Fighter Coordination: Koll-Cadaav [Vapes]

Other Crew of the Event Horizon:
Former Captain: Erren-Laiyerr [Relieved of Duty]
Fighter Hangar Technician / Acting Doctor: Michael Betrüger [Toby]
Vertigo Squadron Leader: Derek Garcias
Rope Squadron Leader: Uttni-Felleng
Lead Engine Room Engineer: Richard "Rich" Stephens
Head of Security: Colonel Thomas Jeremiah
Kenneth Bonifas
Hans Grubelct
Onohara Hana
Keller-Shedeer (former fighter coordinator) [Relieved of Duty]

Other members of Event Horizon's fleet:
Darius, captain of pirate yacht Temporary Eternity.

Other Galactic Government Officers:
Admiral Boris Lashnikov, flag officer aboard battleship GGV Typhoon

Mort Thurgood: Government customs official in orbit around Hinranyagarbha.
Buddy: Hiranyagarbha local drunkard turned crew member.
Edgar Pelkonen: Information broker on Deep Space Drydock 79.
Jeff: ??
Vulfilas: Ex-stationmaster, friend of the fleet. Any additional occupations unknown. (Note to DM: "Southern Gentleman" accent.)

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Locations (that aren't in the book)

Hiranyagarbha (Indian, Coalition sympathies)
Highchapel (lightly colonized world in Epislon Eridani)
Lille Globus (Danish settlement, permanent frontier)

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Name: Noah Owens
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Age: 64


Born Noah Ornelas to Amalia Ornelas, a poor single mother, in Rio de Jeneiro, Owens' father was out of the picture from the beginning. With the help of the community they were able to get by until their favela was ravaged by gang warfare. The community in tatters with many dead, including Amalia, Noah was suddenly on his own at the tender age of 11. A hothead even at that age, one of Owens' first actions was to join a rival gang to exact revenge.
Owens ran with the Estrelas Escuras for 4 years, both as a fighter and a mechanic, before the gang fell apart due to attrition and pressure from larger gangs. When the gang split Owens followed a man he looked up to, Miguel Alves, who decided to join the navy rather than another gang. Noah lied about both his age and his last name, hoping the name Owens would help him by making him seem more white and distance him from his past. Miguel joined the marines and while Owens intended to do the same, however while the recruiter was willing to accept his lie about his age he wasn't willing to put someone so young into the marines and directed him to tech school instead.

In the service Owens' smarts and skills served him well, but his hotheadedness did not, and he had a penchant for talking back to his superiors at inappropriate times. He bounced up and down the enlisted ranks but managed to never do anything serious enough to be discharged. However, as he entered his 30s his age seemed to have mellowed him out enough that he managed to rise to the rank of Master Chief. At the age of 38 he was assigned to the frigate Vertigo under Captain Lucas Holly where he gained the notice of the captain and received a recommendation into the Apollo initiative, giving him a free ride through officer school.
He graduated from the Terra Martial Academy with distinction, though the ascension to an officers rank also saw a return of some of his brashness. Despite this he managed to steadily rise through the ranks. Most recently he earned his promotion to Lieutenant Commander by showing distinction in the incident at New New Delhi, taking command of the frigate Intercessor after the captain was incapacitated and the XO proved himself unfit for command.

Skilled and valuable, but also dangerous. Too willing to question superiors and toe the line. Strongly suspected to have sympathies with undesirable elements. Recommend pressuring him to retire and put him somewhere where we can keep a close eye on him until he does. Put him under a captain we can trust, like Erren-Laiyer.

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