Re: The Hyacinth Disaster

Writhyn wrote:

1) If I take random person photo and morph them with another random person photo, creating a third person who doesn't exist, is that "transformative art" enough that I could use it? (obviously, you're not lawyers, but you might have some experience?)

Strictly speaking, it would be an infringement of copyright unless you had permission to modify the images. But probably no one would ever notice.

If you want to stay safe then look up stock photo sites.

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Re: The Hyacinth Disaster

Yeah, make sure it's a photo you have the rights to modify.

I don't mind if you do. If you do blend-y things it might be fun to try to incorporate *something* from each actor into the portrait, but that's honestly just vanity speaking.

I do think that in this day and age, race bending to make the cast seem more diverse than it is is slightly questionable; I don't mind it in most productions, though I'm a white dude so that opinion's barely worth the metaphorical ink on the page; but I also think with a project of this scale, nobody will give a shit.

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