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Let's talk about video games.

Video games are so much.
They're art, social media, movies, storytelling, emotions, passion, rage, fun and everything in between and around.

But let's break it down into those exact bullet points.

Video games are art.
This can be seen in a lot of examples. Some video games are just pure beauty, like "The Unfinished Swan", "Journey", "Limbo" and the likes. Games that don't neccesarily have the most striking graphics, but have the most striking art direction. Limbo is a black and white puzzle game. Journey can be finished within hours, but is just a pure.. well, journey.

Social Media.
You may think of Social Media in the form of Facebook, Twitter and so forth, and while you're correct, games like World of Warcraft are basically just that. It's a massive community, 10+ million players all interacting at once, on several servers, communicating to get the most out of the game, and ensure victory. Raids that are done at set hours, where signing up is crucial to your guild's performance and success.

Some games are like movies you can partake in.
Games like Metal Gear Solid, and Heavy Rain are basically interactive movies. Heavy Rain is an awesome experience with a story you can alter at a micro-managing level. Miss a punch? Your character is gonna take that punch, and that injury might even be relevant later on in the game. In Metal Gear Solid 4, the end FMV is a whopping 90 minutes of 90's and 00's action movies homage. I only wish I knew it was that long when I completed the game at 2 AM.

Games like "The Last of Us", "Horizon: Zero Dawn", "Quantum Break", "Final Fantasy" and so forth. Games with thouroughly fleshed out characters and plots, that link you emotionally to the game, where you can partake in the story. "The Last of Us" is a brilliant game, with an excellent story, and really good characters, that I implore everyone to play. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" has a very interesting, and fairly realistic take on the whole "what if AI actually works, and decides that the human race is the problem?" scenario.

I've cried like a bitch whilst playing several games. Final Fantasy comes to mind, but I have to bring up The Last of Us again. Stories that emotionally put you in the action, where you care about what happens next, and are emotionally invested in what's unfolding in front of you.

The Desire to keep playing a game because you care about it. A game that captivates you more than anything else. At this point, I'm probably leaning towards games like the "Diablo" series, and "The Elder Scrolls". Games that have excellent world building, that keeps you coming back in the action, regardless of whether or not you're story-wise done with the games. Where you decide that you want to explore every nook and cranny this game has available, and you won't rest until you have.

When games make you angry. Games like Call of Duty, where you're constantly wrecked by a fucking 12 year old who's obviously pay2win, and spent all his moms cash on getting that extra edge, so he can one-shot you.
Games like Final Fantasy, where that ONE GODDAMN BOSS is so overpowered it keeps killing you over and over, and resetting you to an earlier save point, where you are so damn angry at it, you rage quit for a week, until you get back in there and finally defeat it.

Games like LittleBigPlanet. Like Rayman Legends. Super Mario. LocoRoco. Mario Kart.
Games that are all about fun, whilst challenging you. Games that you WANT to play all the time with or without friends, to have a fun time while you're doing it.
If you can honestly say you've played Mario Kart and not had fun, you're a liar.

Got any games you want to bring up? Let's find uout what games in particular you have fond memories of.

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I recently got into Factorio and it's super addicting. I've had to promise I'll not play it again until after finals this week, as it sucks so much time out of the day. It took me around 72 hours of playing to finally finish my first game. I'm so ready to get back in and try out some of the mods.

It's so addicting, watching all the little materials whirl around on your conveyor belts. It satisfies a sort of idle game itch in that you're incrementally getting closer to a goal, but each goal (research) can drastically affect how you can change your game. ughhhh but first i must get calculus and information systems exams done before i can think more about this ughhhh

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Awww yis Factorio. I have a mega base build I'm holding off on until finals are done. I have more hours into that game than I'd like to admit.

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