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1. I'm certainly not opposed to randomly popping up on a movie podcast.

2. That photo of you and Mark is fucking fantastic.

3. I had no idea Jake had a podcast network thing goin.'

Chad Peter wrote:


Not really; just that it all sounds great and I'm happy for you. (I mean, the one thought I still can't stop having is "isn't the idiom actually 'to hell with this'?," but I figure that's probably water under the bridge at this point. lol)

Teague Chrystie

I have a tendency to fix your typos.

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Re: "The Hell With This" podcast...

Ep. 66 - "American Movie" (1999)

This week's movie is a legitimate classic - a 1999 documentary entitled "American Movie".  We're digging it up because maybe the world's forgotten it, or maybe you're just one of those folks who missed it at the time.  In any case, it's a goddamned treasure - and you should see it.

Performers of note: Mark Borchardt, Mike Schank, Chris Smith



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Re: "The Hell With This" podcast...

Ahh just saw a clip of this in my documentary cinema class and was blown away. Immediately sought out the whole film. Glad you’re digging it up—folks who haven’t seen it are in for a treat.

If it's not about musicals, I probably don't know what I'm talking about.


Re: "The Hell With This" podcast...

It's pronounced COH-ven.