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Not gonna lie, that got me excited for Disney's streaming service more than anything else when I found out that Diego Luna's reprising his role.

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MartyJ wrote:

Rogue One's Cassian Andor is gonna get his own show.
https://www.starwars.com/news/cassian-a … -announced

...why? He was a non-character, with no discerning qualities, that was for some reason the co-lead.

The fact that Rogue One is getting spin-offs confirms that Star Wars has indeed become a zombie.

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I thought he was a compelling character with an interesting arc and an effectively subtle backstory. So.

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Rogue One is the fandom favorite of the Disney movies because it was "gritty," had a ton of gratuitous fanservice, and showed Vader being a badass (not trying to put words in the mouth of anyone on here who likes it, but those three points seem to be the consensus on fan message boards). In terms of how it grapples with ideas and characters it's basically the anti-TLJ, which seems to be why everyone who has an irrational hatred for that movie treats Rogue One like the second coming.

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Abbie wrote:

In terms of how it grapples with ideas and characters it's basically the anti-TLJ

Interesting, would you mind expounding that? I loved TLJ mainly for the themes explored and the story decisions made, and I wasn't a fan of Rogue One for, err, lots of reasons. But I have friends with flipped opinions and I never really considered that the two films could be antitheses of sorts.

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Well, R1 reveres the Original Trilogy in a really shallow way. It's literally trying to reanimate its corpse in its use of CG Tarkin and Leia, and that same superficial appeal to the "spirit" of the old films is there in everything from the shitty in-jokes like Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan showing up on Jedha to the scene of Darth Vader being badass that was shoehorned into the movie for no reason other than the screams opening night. Hell, the very premise is an attempt to fix a perceived "plot hole" in the OT to make it more impervious to criticism. And I'll be honest, the sugar high worked for a while for me. The more eyerolling fanservice I was never on board with, but the final battle was so cool on a surface level that I let it buoy my opinion of the entire movie for a long time.

TLJ is the inverse of that, which is precisely why it made so many people mad. It loves and respects the OT, but not on the superficial "Wouldn't it be awesome if this character did something awesome they way they used to?" way that R1 does. Luke explicitly lampshades this with disgust: "How did you think this was going to end? I take out my laser sword and fight the entire First Order?" TLJ (and, I maintain, TFA) is about reaching deeper behind the glaze of childhood wonder and trying to develop a mature perspective on the heroes we love, their gigantic flaws and all. TFA balanced that with a lot of gee-whiz excitement, which made it go down easier--TLJ took a more drastic approach, which is why I and a lot of people initially had a mixed reaction. But the more I revisit it the more I love it for that. Meanwhile, a lot of the people who hate it because it doesn't love the OT in the same way they do just stamp their feet and idolize Rogue One because it doesn't require much in the way of examining their hero worship--it's just two hours of awesome things happeing because wouldn't that be cool?

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Great explanation, thanks for that! Although IMO to say R1 is "two hours of awesome things happening" is a massive stretch, even if fan service and OT worship is something you're into wink

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This is fair, it's probably forty minutes at most. tongue

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I loved TLJ for all the things you said, and I love RO because it took the focus off the main characters and put it on the plebeian masses that support them. This is precisely what makes the SW universe so interesting: it's got so much room for random characters to have their own story. People joked about the "Star Wars Story" films becoming "The Guy in Frame for Three Seconds in RToJ: a Star Wars Story".....

.....but see, that's exactly the kind of thing I want to see. Fanservice in RO was a little meh, but the fact that it didn't really give a damn about what the heroes were doing was amazing! Leia was in it, sure, but literally all she did was accept the flash drive that hundreds of people died for. It wasn't about her. She was just a person in the background, much like Cassian Andor or the others would have been to her.
As for Darth Vader, I could say the same thing about how his scene showed *why* the good guys were scared of him, while relegating him to a simple "mythical" yet background status...but really it was just totally awesome to see him in real action and I don't care.

And to get really, really artsy, that Vader Killing scene was a perfect microcosm of the theme and plot for the entire film.

So I loved TLJ because it established that the classic heroes are not perfect and we need to get over the past. I loved RO because it showed that the classic heroes were .00001% of the story, and then it killed every one of the awesome characters. I love it. (here I may be slightly biased because it has similar themes to The Hyacinth Disaster) As for the "gritty" part: yes. it was gritty, as was the original trilogy. The lived-in universe was a great feel when SW '77 first came out, and RO followed suit. And I loved it.

Sorry this was longer than I meant it to be tongue

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JJ and John just posted a wrap photo from IX (spoilered for those who don't want to see anything about the set/location the actors are embracing on).


Oscar tearing up is making me fucking lose it.

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