Re: Dubious musical taste.

The only thing better than tongue-in-cheek 80s lesbian honky-tonk

is the same band doing an utterly ethereal cover of "Sweet Jane."

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Re: Dubious musical taste.

Been getting into some funk-inspired jazz lately—the Hammond organ/electric guitar combo is just ear candy.

Re: Dubious musical taste.

*clicks play on first video*

*waits nine seconds*

*is fully into it*

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Re: Dubious musical taste.

These are all wonderful and have a delicious groove. I dig it.

If it's not about musicals, I probably don't know what I'm talking about.


Re: Dubious musical taste.

Oof. Themz some bloody snazzy tracks.


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Re: Dubious musical taste.

I don't often listen to music. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I...don't like it. It just doesn't often occur to me to put something on, and it's usually an orchestral soundtrack when I do happen to get the urge.

So my musical taste is perhaps the most dubious of all tongue

Anywho, here's a band I was exposed to quite on accident this past weekend (short story, not short enough). They sound really good live.


This EP is fun as hell, particularly The Last Thing.

Witness me!

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Re: Dubious musical taste.

It can take a little while getting used to that guy's voice, though he's softened it a bit over the years. He's been compared a lot to Bob Dylan (though Dylan was never Swedish, as far as I know!).

Love Is All is his one song I always come back to. It's sad and very powerful.

(it's also a great guitar exercise tongue )

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Re: Dubious musical taste.

With the Oscar nominees announced today, thought I'd take the opportunity to share bits of my favorite movie scores from the last year.

Jonny Greenwood, Phantom Thread

Nicholas Britell, If Beale Street Could Talk

Carter Burwell, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow, Annihilation

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Re: Dubious musical taste.

Phantom Thread is awesome. I had the pleasure of seeing it played live to picture -- while sitting about 3 feet away from Greenwood and PTA. They smelled good.

Fantastic score, fantastic movie, and both don't get enough credit. I feel like they flew under the radar too much, so thanks for posting it.


Re: Dubious musical taste.

I am SO FUCKING JEALOUS right now, that's amazing. Still bummed the Minneapolis area didn't get either that option or one of the 70mm prints.

We did get Ready Player One on 70mm, because the universe is mocking me.

Still can't believe the score lost the Oscar to Desplat for Shape of Water. Don't get me wrong, Desplat is great and his wasn't a bad score by any stretch of the imagination, but Greenwood wrote my favorite movie music of at least the last decade.

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Re: Dubious musical taste.

BDA putting the Dubious in 'Dubious musical taste'...

(language warning nsfw)

Someone sent me this guy a few days ago, and his entire album is equally delightful.

https://open.spotify.com/album/0sPURcvc … Z-NRmnS_Og



Re: Dubious musical taste.

@BDA, if you dig that you might like this track by Emilie Autumn; not necessarily a fan of hers in general but this particular song is black-comic period perfection.

In other news, god this recording is gorgeous.

Re: Dubious musical taste.

Abbie wrote:

@BDA, if you dig that you might like this track by Emilie Autumn; not necessarily a fan of hers in general but this particular song is black-comic period perfection.

It's funny, I got SUPER into Emilie Autumn for like a week after the first time I watched Devil's Carnival (So, like, 2013 maybe?), and then just stopped, it had ran it's course and I don't think I've actually listened to any of her stuff since.

But indeed, this one is pretty fantastic.



Re: Dubious musical taste.

Yeah, she and Amanda Palmer share the same "manageable in small doses but really obnoxious if you listen to them for too long" vibe for me, but both have highlights that I'll revisit periodically.


Re: Dubious musical taste.

Watched Scorsese's The Age of Innocence for the first time last night; Elmer Bernstein's score is so pretty.