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Just checkin' to see if anyone else here uses Letterboxd. For those not in the know, it's essentially Goodreads for movies—allows you to rate, review, and log what you've seen, read and comment on other people's reviews, make custom lists, etc. The list feature functions a lot like Regan's IMDB 250 checklist—you can automatically see what percentage of any given list you've watched.

I don't tend to write substantial reviews on there (any that are longer than a few paragraphs are generally also posted on my blog/on here), but it's a very nifty website/mobile app for cataloging your viewing habits and seeing other people's opinions (which run the gamut from silly joke reviews to genuinely excellent criticism).

Anyway, if you're on there lemme know so I can follow you! My own profile, such as it is, is here. DocSub is on there too, right here.

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I love Letterboxd, I have followed you. smile

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Done the same back! big_smile

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I've not used it for a few years but you've had me dig it out and follow you. Congratulations!

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Why would anyone want to follow you, Martin?

*sees that he follows Martin*


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