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How is it even possible that J.J. didn't have anything to rewrite? Is he gonna piece Snoke back together with technoForcebabble, or had he already planned he wouldn't be here in 9?

"Oh look. Snoke was actually a defective clone from one of Palpatines many and numerous doomsday scenario cloning facilities scattered around the galaxy that activated when Palpy died in Return (Or escaped clone with his own agendaetc etc). Snoke dies and another one activates, but this one is actually Palpy. badda boom badda bing we've got a badass Sith lord in the mix to act as the villain."

That's pretty much the only way I can think to reconcile JJ planning for Snoke to be dead and Palpatine to come back for the 3rd movie. Assuming he's not bullshitting to save face about the clusterfuck behind the scenes, who knows.

I mean it would make a certain amount of sense given the prequels and Palp's penchant for clones, and the entirely  bizarre choice to somehow ramrod Palpatine back into these movies after all this time.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I'm fully prepared for this to be a shitshow of spectacular proportions. I'm not ruling out even the worst fan theory you can think of. Hell I'll be amazed if they don't somehow manage to canonize the Sun Crusher or some equally ridiculous EU thing.

EDIT: EDIT: Actually... doing something like that would actually be interesting. It's probably just gonna be safe and dull and predictable... but if I can't hope for it to be good, I can at least hope for it's fireball to be spectacular. *crosses fingers and makes a wish*

Re: The Future of Star Wars

That's how it's done right. 

But, Oooohwie!   Let's watch JJ put it in the Khan

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