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Have never seen Threads, and continue to have mixed feelings about whether I want to.   Possibly because I have seen Testament, a feature that came out the year before Threads and covers pretty much the same ground.  Testament seems mostly forgotten now, though Jane Alexander was nominated for an Oscar for it. 

It's not as sensational as I gather Threads is - it's a very small movie about a small town outside San Francisco after a nuclear war. Nothing spectacular happens, it's just two hours of watching things get worse and characters dying of fallout poisoning, with Jane Alexander trying to keep it together as the mom of a small family after dad never came back from work that day.     Saw it once in 1983 and some scenes are still burned into my memory. Although it's a great, well-made movie I've never felt an urge to watch it again.

So I wouldn't call this a recommendation per se, but hey, if you saw Threads and thought "gosh I hope there are more movies like this", then Testament is there for ya.

Of course there's also On The Beach, the original "well, the world is over so NOW what?" fallout movie from 1959, in which the residents of Melbourne wait to die from the aftereffects of a Northern Hemisphere nuclear war they weren't even involved in. 

So that'd be one hell of a triple feature, if you want to really cheer yourself up.


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I say this having watched Threads four days ago: this is the bleakest shit I've seen in my life. Wild how you could be forgiven for assuming the events depicted are a Kafkaesque parable for existence under capitalism only to learn NOPE TOTALLY A THING THAT HAPPENED.

Fonda's incredible—heading right from this into Klute is a hell of a streak.


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Stunningly lovely animation and music elevate what's already an extremely solid period melodrama/ode to the working class. I wanted to live in every single frame of this movie—the things it does with light and color made me vocally go "This is so fucking pretty" under my breath over and over for a good chunk of the ninety-minute runtime. I don't like much anime, but when I do I like it a lot.

Streaming on Netflix! It's technically a feature-length spinoff of a show, but I watched it sans any context and followed along just fine.

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Was not prepared for how viscerally this was going to make me want to murder a kid.

Pushes the Hays envelope as far as it can to depict the destruction homophobia wreaks on the lives of two closeted lesbians when they're outed by a vindictive child's half truths. As an artifact of its time it is by nature imperfect, but the level of sensitivity and nuance a picture made in 1961 could have toward these women is still really surprising. Incredibly difficult to watch but I'm glad I did.

Also, speaking of lesbians . . . my god, that we were blessed by Shirley MacLaine and Audrey Hepburn sharing the screen. My god.