Topic: Movie Theaters

So, COVID has taken out movie theaters. While this is obviously terrible for the people who made their livelihoods projecting movies, cleaning theaters, and selling us delicious, delicious popcorn and overpriced sodas (not their fault, they don't set the prices!), how do people feel about cinema chains like Regal withdrawing from the US and reducing the number of theaters? Is PVOD (premium video on demand) going to replace all movies in theaters? Some movies in theaters? Will there always be demand for theaters for blockbusters and tentpoles, or will cinemas be reduced to a special experience one cannot get at home, like a Fork and Screen or Dolby Theater/XD experience?

I know that I much prefer watching movies at home now, having caught Frozen 2 and Onward on Disney+. But I also have a reasonably decent 4K HDR TV that's large and a hand-me-down Dolby Atmos surround sound system, so I can get a pretty-close-to theater experience at home. One can argue that a good enough setup at-home can actually be better than a theater due to calibrated colors and sounds, a more comfortable seat, and the ability to pause when you inevitably have to run to the restroom.

But that's enough of my thoughts. I ceed the floor.