Re: Rise of Skywalker [HERE THERE BE SPOILERS]

drewjmore wrote:

I'm probably just a sentimental sissy, but with our new xmas teevee box I finally subscribed to DisPlus and binged the sequel trilogy (rewatches, all, for me who saw them in theaters near the opening nights) with my 4.75 year old and loved the hell out of all of them.

I'm lobbying my teenagers to start Mandolorian (so I can finally read the 50+ posts in //that// thread...), but we're in the middle of JJ's "Alias" and my pleas are being ignored.

This is me saying I cannot wait for you to finish the Mandalorian so we can all hear the screams from wherever we reside.

Re: Rise of Skywalker [HERE THERE BE SPOILERS]

Some shots were in the trailer, iirc. I remember Rey running on the beach with her saber being in there. But the scene in its entirety is on the Blu-ray.