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Hey folks, Teague here. If Down in Front exists for any particular movie, it exists for Wild Wild West. I’m fairly sure you could earn a doctorate in film theory simply by explaining what went wrong in this spectacular example of sometimes-it-just-doesn’t-work, and if that’s the case, we’re all qualified to operate. And we do. This commentary is a god damned autopsy.

Filling in for Brian this week is guest commentator Ryan Wieber, otherwise known as Dorkman’s Emmy-winning counterpart from Ryan vs. Dorkman. To top it all off, Wild Wild West is another example of a movie I – along with four or five others on the planet – enjoy, in the face of it’s almost universally accepted badness. Every piece of the Down in Front puzzle is in place, let’s get started.

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www FAil
But if you want to see several good steam punk movies which strangely are both french try these...

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Great work! I agree that casting Will Smith was the first mistake and giving it to Sonnenfeld was the second.

I’m old enough to remember the original show, and it had a lot of humor, but Trey is right that it didn’t come from Robert Conrad; it came from the darkly humorous situations. There was little slapstick in the show, but the movie is full of it. The comparison to Star Trek TOS was really enlightening; I always wondered why Gordon reminded me of McCoy (not to mention why the heroes were called James T Kirk and James T West).

Is Robert Conrad a black guy?! O tempora! O mores!

Warning: I'm probably rewriting this post as you read it.

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Apparently Kevin Smith had a bit of a Twitter-fit about the negative critical response to his latest movie "Cop Out".     So here's a fun - and I think, well-argued - response from a movie critic.   

The reason I post it here is because the critic rather ingeniously turns Kevin' infamous tale of The Giant Spider against him. 

So check it out, see what you think

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Kevin's gone real meltdown-y lately. Like there was that whole brouhaha with Southwest Air, in which I completely side with Kevin, based on the information released by both sides. But I can't even count how many times he said "This is the last thing I'm going to say on the subject." He said it on Twitter. Then he recorded a special episode of Smodcast and said it at the end of that. Then he recorded ANOTHER Smodcast about it and said he was done. Then he did a whole slew of YouTube vlog-style videos. Then he was still on about it on Twitter and between that and talking about licking his wife's asshole (constantly) I had to unfollow and start ignoring him again. Which is sad, because I like the guy and I like most of his flicks.

But then there's shit like that. He'll spend all this time talking about how he totally doesn't care about what critics think and doesn't realize that the more time he spends saying it, the more clear it becomes to everyone else that he cares a LOT.

I wouldn't say the giant spider thing was turned against him "ingeniously." Guy could've pursued that analogy further. He just kinda said "Cop Out is like the giant spider" and let us fill in why that would be an "o snap." Still, someone needs to grab Kevin and give him a good shake because he's really starting to spiral from normal attention-whore to crazy one.

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Kevin Smith needs to just make movies, take his money, and go home.

I unfollowed him on Twitter AGES ago, for exactly this sort of behavior. I don't even think I'd go see one of his talks, at this point.

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Re: Wild Wild West

I think Kevin is a talented, funny, and incredibly insecure fellow with no self-censor. He doesn't have a publicist, or anyone else around to take his mike away when he starts in on another obsession. He wants everyone to love him, and takes every criticism personally.

I enjoy his movies, more or less. Cop Out might be my favorite of those he's directed.  I thought it was a brilliant, tongue in cheek send up of the uneven buddy cop films of the 80's and 90's. I keep coming back to Tango and Cash for some reason.

Granted, I snuck into it immediately after seeing the technically perfect but tedious Avatar, so maybe I was in the perfect mood for some shoddily put together laughs.

The film brings to mind a Zappa quote about "putting the eyebrows" on certain songs or compositions, there's scenes in Cop Out that may as well have big groucho brows at the top of the screen, waggling at you.

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Re: Wild Wild West

When one Chris Walker, asked of what he thought of Jonah Hex after just viewing it, he replied as follows:

"It is like the insanely badass, actually awesome older brother of that annoying whiny little brat know as Wild Wild West."

Jus' sayin...go see it people.

Plus I think I am actually starting to kinda sorta understand what people see in Megan Fox....or maybe it's just the accent.

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Just listened to this one, and I don't know which was weirder, the fact that I was actually hearing eating on-mic again for the first time in ages or the fact that you guys were non-ironically talking about renting DVDs from Blockbuster. The times they are a-changin'. Were a-changin'. You know what I mean.

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Re: Wild Wild West … n_playing/

not long to go now...

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