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A few months into the pandemic, my buddy Cory started a podcast that evaluated into a YouTube talkshow about movies, home theater gear, disc reviews, and TV show talks. With Amazon releasing The Wheel of Time (another story, and this book reader is freaking out) and as a fervent reader of the books, I've been appearing weekly to talk about The Wheel of Time show vs. the books. If you're bored, give us a listen! We love the Likes, Subscriptions, and comments (which we do respond to!).

Wheel of Time playlist: … NKatvIx4z8
Trailer preview -
Episodes 1-3 -
Episode 4 - The Dragon Reborn:

I'm not in any of the other episodes, but they're also quite good. My episodes will come out on Wednesdays, and The Wheel of Time (I'll make a thread elsewhere later) comes out on Fridays.

If you do listen and engage, you have my thanks!

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We are back and talking about Episode 5 - Blood Calls Blood: