Topic: Repost: The Fourth Traveler

I usually make action movies, with guns or lightsabers. Sure, those action movies can have thinking scenes, but are they the point? (Well, they should be, but are they?)

So I set out to make a thinking movie. It still has guns in it, but they aren't used, so it's maybe a step in the right direction.

Last year, as I was winding down at my last job and looking at an excess of free time, I dusted off an old script and got some folks together to shoot it. Then I got a ton of help from Teague for a subtle yet super effective effect towards the end. And then I released it, and I can't watch it without headphones otherwise one of my dogs freaks out at the wolves howling every time.

I'm starting production on something else now that is, in some respects, like this. Low on visual effects, more thinking than action (though certainly with action in it), and hopefully a fast turnaround from filming to release. So it's as decent a time as any to revisit, and repost since it was lost in last year's rollback.

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