Topic: Ion Car Meet

Ever since running across the 3dbotmaker diecast racing channel on YouTube, I was interested in getting customs done of my cars. I'd gotten a single Hot Wheels Saturn Ion already, and more recently a Chevy Volt from Greenlight Collectibles (my previous and current cars, respectively), but set about collecting the rest of the releases of the Ion casting and inquiring about commissions. After one turned into a lengthy dead end, I reached out to a few more and finally found someone that could help me out.

So, while I felt that setting up a huge race diorama was unfeasible - at least, to do it well - I did get a small set, and made a story out of it.

Thank you to Tom, who can be heard among the background voices, and of course to everyone else who helped out.

Check out the guy who did the customs on Instagram at Custom Diecast Garage.

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