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I haven't seen it yet, so I can't comment, but it's been annoying me on r/movies for a couple days that half of the submissions are people bemoaning the unwashed masses who can't appreciate Pacific Rim and went to see an Adam Sandler comedy instead.

At the end of the day, it's a Kaiju movie. A CGI Kaiju movie, but still a movie about giant monsters wreaking mass destruction. This type of flick hasn't done well in the US for decades. I don't see why it's that surprising that another one failed. Cloverfield is the only real exception I can think of, and that movie had other factors that contributed to it's mild success. People in the US don't dig on Godzilla movies.

Part of that probably has to do with the way people here generally think about movies. Part of it probably has to do with there being two very big "fun" movies coming out at the same time. I think people are just kinda sick of watching shit blow up every summer. We've already had five other movies in the last couple months that are primarily about watching shit blow up. Maybe they're just burned out.

Of course, if you look at ticket sales, there's been a steady decline over the last 15 years or so. There were fewer tickets sold last year than since 1996, and the year before was even worse. This year looks to be lower than last year, and more in line with 2010, as far as gross, which means that ticket sales are probably lower than that as well. People are fucking burned out on this shit, and no one is picking up on that. They don't want to see it go bigger and crazier.

Ten years ago you'd have maybe one or two big movies from each studio in the summer. Now every studio has a new $100 M or more movie coming out every other weekend. Meanwhile, ticket sales are going down every year. So, yeah, obviously you're going to have more huge bombs. Fewer people are seeing movies, more movies are being released every year, and those movies are costing more and more. 20 years ago something like Pacific Rim would have been a huge hit purely for the spectacle of it. Now it's just another big stupid movie and we get twenty of them every summer.


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Prometheus comes out on October 9. Surely you can muster up a couple hours of words for that piece of crap, and it was supposed to be scary, so it fits the theme.


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You could talk about "Antichrist". Genital mutilation, slow motion porn and talking animals. What's not to love?


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House of the Devil is a good modern flick that hasn't been suggested yet, and it's on netflix instant, though it's quite a slow burn of a movie and I imagine a commentary would have to be ten minutes of "This is SOOOO 80's", about an hour of "This movie sure does take it's time..." and then 20 or so minutes of "SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT! FINALLY!!"

But I liked it. Very obviously low budget but really well made flick that doesn't focus on jump scares or gore. The blood is really being filmed, there's some nice makeup effects, camera work and lighting and it's actually kinda scary.

In the mouth of Madness is a good flick, but that one's got a pretty slow middle bit as well that might not be good for doing commentary over.

Psycho would be a good one, though kinda hard to add much to the discussion about that film (The Kane Dilemma).

You've also never done From Dusk Till Dawn. That's technically a horror film, right?


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This looks like it'll be awesome to watch. Can't wait.


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I would participate in such a thing.


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They're not going to market it as an oppressively dark and depressing film because money.

I've got two already.


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Wow. That looks like something I want to see. The trailer is 5 minutes long and I still have no clue what to expect from this. This is a good thing. I hope it's good.

As for Life Of Pi, the way they cut trailers now, it's hard to tell what a movie is actually about. Sometimes a movie can look really great and it turns out to be one of the dumbest things ever, and sometimes you see a trailer that looks like shallow pointless crap only to find out that the movie's actually really good.

Given that Ang Lee is a pretty good director and the source material is so highly regarded, I'm gonna bet that this is just a really poor trailer.


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A horror/comedy film about a sea monsters attacking a small village. I wouldn't be interested at all except that the catch is that the monsters don't like alcohol, so the victims decide to get completely shitfaced so the monsters won't eat them. Looks promising.


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I'm an atheist, but I don't want to force people to live by my rules if it doesn't affect me. That was the philosophy behind the US constitution before it got all perverted and they started trying to use it to limit rights instead of recognizing them.

Politics sucks. I like the cat idea.




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A lot of people in the US would love to have guns gone. A lot of issues like that have a definite 50/50 thing going on where one side hates the idea of something and the other is all for it. 9/11 was something the vast majority of US citizens were horrified by. As odd as it sounds, in the days afterward there was this palpable sense of, i dunno...  pride, maybe. For the first time in a hell of a long time (I can't even think of a similar period that happened in my lifetime) pretty much everyone agreed on something. It was almost scary how positive of a feeling it was to have utter solidarity at a time when something that bad had just happened.

Everyone was saying "Let's fix this! Let's make this better!" and for a week or two it was great, even for as horrible as that event was. There was a sense that something great would happen because of it. And then they passed the Patriot Act and it all came crashing down again. Half the country said "wait... what the fuck is even in this bill? You only had it on your desk for a day. No one could have possibly read this thing." and the other half said "Shut the fuck up! If you don't like it you're not a patriot!" or whatever the fuck was going on in those thick head-like slabs of theirs.

So then we went back to bickering over stupid shit as though it had never ended.

No, you'd need something that would surely get EVERYONE pissed off, even the morons. You want to start a revolution, ban religion. Order every church, synagogue and temple torn down within a week. You get space aliens to do that and you'll see what a vast majority of the US can do when it gets pissed off.

But you probably won't like what happens when they win.


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So I'm on the internet and I bump into this video for a Neil DeGrasse Tyson theme song and without even clicking on it I just get this fucking rage building up inside me for no fucking reason. A video I didn't watch has made me unbelievably pissed off to the point I have to get up and go outside and smoke one.

I was beat up in highschool on occasion because I was that dork that still played with Lego, was in the chess club and loved math and computer programming and shit, and I am extremely pissed off that 'nerd culture' has devolved into shitty pop songs about famous people and T-Shirts with film and TV show references on them that the people wearing them DON'T EVEN FUCKING UNDERSTAND BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T SEEN THE FUCKING MOVIE. LOL computers math science LOL <3. They don't even like it. It's just fashion to them, and they're making it fucking hard to enjoy shit like the Higgs discovery without wanting to punch people who are like "YAY!! THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME!! Who's Boson?"


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Yeah, but no one has to limit their revenue to the one thing. If a studio were to make a web series, like that "H" series that's coming out, I doubt they'd rely solely on ad revenue to make a profit, cause that won't happen. They'll be selling it on DVD and selling t-shirts and hats and anything else they can slap the logo on. If the IP is a hit, they could then turn around and make a feature film or a TV series or get Dark Horse to license it for a comic series or get WOTC to licence it for a collectible card game or whatever else.

And you could always sell it for $1 per episode on itunes. If you've got an 8 episode series, give the first episode away and sell the other 7 for $1 each. If people will pay a buck for a few minutes of music there's no reason they wouldn't pay that for 15 minutes of a series that looked good to them. That's what Whedon did, at least. Granted, he's Whedon, but there's no reason other people couldn't jump on that boat with him.

I still think that zero-budget is the way to go for this shit.


It's too constrictive as far as the whole philosophy goes, but shooting stuff this way can't be all that hard for a small crew with a DSLR and a good story to tell. It doesn't matter how much money you make when you didn't invest much more than time, anyway.


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The thing about content like this is that you don't have to just limit yourself to the one thing. There's a ton of options out there, and you don't have to limit yourself to just one or two of them. Just by doing Let's Play stuff there are a lot of options. A lot of them do live streams via Twitch.tv, so that's another source of ad revenue. Some of them have forums, and those forums have ads, so there's another little bit of income. One of the guys I follow is a decent little sketch artist, so once in a while he'll do a sketch thing where for a few bucks he'll do a quick drawing for you, and he streams that as well so the people who paid to get the sketch done end up contributing ad views as well.

If you have any sort of fan base, even a small one, you can get some traction on a revenue stream. You can do things beyond just creating media content and hoping enough people watch it. If you can get 10K views per video, that's 10K potential buys for one of your other hobby projects. Maybe you knit scarves or something and sell stuff on etsy. Tell your youtube fans. Some of them are bound to buy something, and the people who like your videos probably won't mind if you mention you've got to make some cash once in a while.


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I almost want to infringe on their copyright just so I can get a nice friendly letter in the mail.

I liked the cirque du soleil sand-guy fight sequence.

Just watched the 2011 version of Conan, and it's pretty hilariously bad. The effects are only slightly better than Xena: Warrior Princess stuff. Toward the end of the film especially there are some really really bad shots where they filmed people on green screens and threw a matte painting behind them and called it done. It looked like something you'd see in a bad youtube parody. The last shot of the movie has THE worst lens flare / metal glint I've ever seen in a feature film. Period. It is hard to believe.

There are characters that Conan spends much of the film fighting with who just aren't there at the end at all for the final scenes. He has a boat full of guys that he just leaves in a lagoon or something. They're probably all waiting there like "Dude, where the fuck did that bitch go? We were supposed to wait for her, right? Should we go look for her or something? Like...  make sure they're OK?" "No, no, no...  I'm sure everything's fine. Let's just wait on the boat."

I can't believe this movie cost $90 Million. It looks and feels more like a $10 Million movie, or like a TV miniseries or something.


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There's a near-earth asteroid pass happening over the next couple of days, and these guys are going to cover it live. It starts today @ 4:30pm Pacific Time / 7:30pm EST. I've never heard about this site before now. Thought you guys might be interested. You can apparently become a member, but I haven't investigated what all that entails. Looks neat, tho. I'm sure there are other people here who might be interested.


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I have a "No Soliciting" sign on my door. Almost every day someone comes to my house wanting to sell me shit or offer their services. I have a "No Soliciting" sign on my door.

I fucking hate these people.


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I mentioned this in the chat the other day, but when I went to see it I couldn't help but be distracted constantly by the Colorado thing. I'm gonna give it a week or two and then go see it again.


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Well, maybe they could do like they did in the "Man for all Seasons" book, where a kid asks Superman where he got his costume.

Superman: "My mom made it for me"
/flies away

It's a neat visualization of the solar system's journey through space. That's what I meant to say.


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Cannot wait for this movie.


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Seriously, this will only make your expectations for the film go up way too high.

I'm sorry.
The music for this movie is going to be amazing, tho. The last several minutes of this has what I assume is the main theme from the movie going on in the background, and it's ridiculous how much I love it. It's not even a tune, it's like three actual notes with accompaniment, but it works so god damn well...