DarthPraxus wrote:

I don't think the main wing of the Democratic party has learned any lessons from 2016, and if they run another centrist whose chief attraction is that they're not Trump it's not gonna be enough.

Will swap you Jeremy Corbyn if we can have Hilary leading the opposition.


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And I'm back in England?!


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It'll make for a top Christmas release!


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MartyJ wrote:

which may turn out to be another misguided attempt at Ewok-esque cuteness).

Which was the initial reaction to BB-8. wink


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drewjmore wrote:

FotN is a largely forgotten cash-in after the ET craze in the mid-80's, I admit to having enjoyable memories of seeing this in theaters.

We watched this in English on one of those days near the end of term where they just shove a film on instead of teaching a lesson.


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Boter wrote:

I'd like a remake of The Last Starfighter.

Check out "Armada" by Ernest Cline.


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Tomahawk wrote:

If you had the ability to travel back in time 20 years, whilst retaining all your memories and personality, would you?

Fuck No! Broadband would be years away, I'd have seen every movie. People were still using VHS tapes for god's sake!

There aren't any good old days. There is today. There is tomorrow.

Would you rather have an awkward fumble with a sexy mermaid or a night of passion with a fish-headed lady?


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DarthPraxus wrote:

I don't want to be the sort of person who gets genuinely, viscerally upset by a fucking movie trilogy anymore.

It's cool, you're amongst friends smile


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Looks like Snowcrash is going to be an Amazon series produced by Attack The Block's / The Adam and Joe Show's Joe Cornish.


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I've every now and then I pull out Ocarina Of Time and continue my playthrough when I was a kid I got about halfway into the game and at some point gave up. A couple of years ago I started it again and can't say I've been in any hurry but last week I beat the water temple!


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Teague wrote:

Question for the next person: what was your most-disappointing live performance experience?

The Killers, at Leeds 2005 when Mr. Brightside was on every radio. They just sounded exactly like the album with no live flare.

Next Question: Have you ever had a moustache, and if so did you wear it as well as Saniss??


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Well, that was certainly exponentially better than the last episode of Star Trek!

So the Klingons look different and everyone has holograms but so what!?

The leads have a really fresh and interesting dynamic from the very start. It manages to feel very Trek yet completely fresh.


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The new Kingsmen probably not high art, but it's top fun.


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You should have had him shoot his gun up in the air and gone "arrhh!"


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MartyJ wrote:

(easily my favorite Mars movie nowadays)

It really knocked Mars Needs Moms off the top spot, eh? wink


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Episode 134 Blade Runner 2049


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I'm really enjoying ]Storybreak by Freddie Wong of that guy from youtube fame.

He, and a pair of writers sit down and break the story for a movie or TV show based on a famous IP. Sometimes this is a straight up attempt at the best way to adapt something, like Zelda into a new medium others they have more fun with it like Jar Jar: A Star Wars Story.

They even take films like Jumper and try and work out how it could be a better movie which reminded me a lot of another podcast I used to listen to...


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We did an Extended Edition episode on it and rather enjoyed it.

It's not in any way ground breaking but if you enjoy adventure films and want to watch a Pirates sequel you could do far worse.


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Post apocalyptic web series plz.


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Chris Marshall is exactly who I don't want to be cast. The person who is known as being a bit quirky, therefore "would be a good Dr Who"

To be fair, most people who I think would be good are also people I think are too good to be in Doctor Who. That being said, this show has a remarkable knack for taking relative unknowns and letting them shine. Sure Eccleston had done movies and Capaldi had done swearing.

I just hope they try something different.


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This week We Write Episode VIII


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We've taken a longer than intended break whilst we've been working on something a little special but we are now back on track for regular releases throughout the summer.

This week we're tackling the latest Pirates movie. Unpopular opinion, we didn't hate it!

Extended Edition - 131 Pirate Of the Caribbean 5


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The less said about that the better.


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I once walked past Ridley Scott by Exeter bus station.