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MartyJ wrote:

It's odd that this kind of delay would affect an English-speaking country.

It used to be everything got about a 3 month gap between the US and European releases (and then it ended up being The Phantom Menace FFS) but now most things are same day releases (See, piracy can be a good thing!)  but kid's movies are the last to still get these delays, often so it can be released in the local territories school holidays but this just seems to be throw a six to start...


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I am sorry to see Darkest Hour score so low after the previous Churchill film was so poor.


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It’s that time again for the Extended Edition Christmas Panto!

This time we are in a dark and dingy dystopian future, It is the year 2031. It’s been twelve years since the last podcast went dark. Anything below 10.000.000 views is permanently deleted off the internet, or put in the darkest corners of the dark web.

In the quiet backroom of a small pub in North Norway, a former podcaster drinks away his problems and tries to get by playing cover songs…

The EE Christmas Panto!


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Trey wrote:

I looked up Chau on IMDB and was stunned to find out she was in the infamous Trenches - the web series made years ago by fanfilm guy Shane Felux.  So let that be a lesson to everyone - you never know who's gonna make it in showbiz based on where they start.

What was Trenches and why was it so infamous??

DarthPraxus wrote:

we also got a Spider-Man reboot. Kill me.

Spiderman colon Homecoming was actually pretty good movie by Spiderman standards.

Make of that what you will.


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Here we go!

138 The Last Jedi


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I've been waiting for this since it was first mentioned in the chat. I listen to more audio dramas than most and people try gimmicks that more often than not just feel like exactly that, a gimmick.

The found footage idea of a black box recording not only works, but works in a way that would lose something if it were in any other medium.

It gives the early scenes of the charaters celebrating their find a sense of impending dread. You know from the very start that no one is getting out of this in one piece. It's The Hyacinth Disaster, not the Hyacinth Whoopsee.

Boter and Teague as noted else where do a better job than just show up as resident forumers, and Blue does a great job in the later episodes holding things together.

The mystery is handled nicely, I'm left wanting to know what's going on but I'm left with impression that Writhryn does know, and isn't about to give a TED talk about a mystery box.

I really hope this gets the attention it deserves.


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Having seen it twice, I found it much stronger on the second viewing. On the first time round I found the Laura Dern / Battlestar Galactica plot line to be the weakest aspect but looking at it again, It was actually the Poe story arc that let's the side down.

I really like the idea of doing a plot where the heroes don't trust the leadership so come up with their own scheme to save the day, only to fuck up. Unfortunately the film tries to portray Poe as too cocky and taking too many risks because, apparently if you start an attack you should finish it, but it doesn't stick the landing. The pay off is supposed to be in the base at the end where he leads everyone towards the back door to escape and Princess Leia is all "Don't look at me, he knows what's what!"

But for me, as an arc it doesn't quite come together. If it had been Poe who wanted to fly up the cannon, and not Finn and then realises he should lead everyone out it would have closed the arc nicely, as it is, it is just another storyline too many.

A lot of people take issue with Rose and Finn nipping off to the casino but I rather enjoyed that whole sequence, although it was remarkably lucky that they ended up in exactly the same cell as someone who could not only help them but also open the door and yet had not already done so.

The main critersism from people who didn't like it seem to be about Luke. I can see why Mark Hamill said it wasn't how he pictured Luke but I think it works. He had a moment of weakness and regrets it.

I loved the Yoda scene, it was everything I was hoping for with the movie, I've no idea why the prequels ignored that side of the mythology.

The Porgs were great, the humour fit the scene, and was surprisingly dark in places. The porg jumping on the saber hilt as the other one starred ignorantly down the business end was hilarious, as was Chewie trying to enjoy a quiet dinner.

Rey's plot was built on nicely from The Force Awakens. It was more than simply Luke training her exactly as we'd seen before, although I do think she is doing very well for someone who has not even had a youtube tutorial in the force to follow.

The darkside cave was cleverly done yet different from what we'd seen before and I thought the revelation about her parentage was brilliantly handled. I love that the force can come to anyone in this galaxy and not just those with the right bloodline.

Luke's stand off against Kylo was nicely handled, it reminded me of an old joke from Digital Llama Radio about a role-playing group with a Jedi taking on AT-AT's (ignore this if you are not Teague or Owen)

Part of me was hoping Luke would simply push all the walkers over with one wave of his hand. Why do they need to redesign everything all the time? They should call these new ones MON-KEE Walkers (what? Chicken walker stuck!)

Luke's dying felt unfair after the twist of his not actually have been there, although they did set it up when Kylo tells Rey "You didn't do this, the effort would have killed you".

I can't decide how I'd rank this against Rogue One and The Force Awakens, R1 took a few viewings to grow on me and I loved TFA from the start.

I'm sure you could snip ten or twenty minutes out of The Last Jedi and have a stronger and more focussed film but it's far from being the mess that some fans are whinging about.

Roll on the Han Solo movie, Episode IX and Johnson's trilogy!


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I can see Kennedy sitting on the original cuts out of not wanting to go against Lucas' wishes.


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Spoilers to follow!

Cor, I rather liked that, you guys?


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Extended Edition - 137 The Best And Worst Of 2017


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Tarantino wants to direct a Star Trek movie

where did *that* come from?!


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The Extended Edition Podcast is back, this time joined by Paul from Nerds Assemble to discuss Star Trek: Discovery! There hasn’t been a Star Trek series on TV in twelve years and technically there still isn’t unless you are in Canada, but we’ll just ignore that because broadcast television is dead and the only person who still watches it is your gran. Enough about that there is Star Trek to be discussing!

136 - Star Trek: Discovery


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Writhyn wrote:

1) If I take random person photo and morph them with another random person photo, creating a third person who doesn't exist, is that "transformative art" enough that I could use it? (obviously, you're not lawyers, but you might have some experience?)

Strictly speaking, it would be an infringement of copyright unless you had permission to modify the images. But probably no one would ever notice.

If you want to stay safe then look up stock photo sites.


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It'll make for a top Christmas release!


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MartyJ wrote:

which may turn out to be another misguided attempt at Ewok-esque cuteness).

Which was the initial reaction to BB-8. wink


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drewjmore wrote:

FotN is a largely forgotten cash-in after the ET craze in the mid-80's, I admit to having enjoyable memories of seeing this in theaters.

We watched this in English on one of those days near the end of term where they just shove a film on instead of teaching a lesson.


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Boter wrote:

I'd like a remake of The Last Starfighter.

Check out "Armada" by Ernest Cline.


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Tomahawk wrote:

If you had the ability to travel back in time 20 years, whilst retaining all your memories and personality, would you?

Fuck No! Broadband would be years away, I'd have seen every movie. People were still using VHS tapes for god's sake!

There aren't any good old days. There is today. There is tomorrow.

Would you rather have an awkward fumble with a sexy mermaid or a night of passion with a fish-headed lady?


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DarthPraxus wrote:

I don't want to be the sort of person who gets genuinely, viscerally upset by a fucking movie trilogy anymore.

It's cool, you're amongst friends smile


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Looks like Snowcrash is going to be an Amazon series produced by Attack The Block's / The Adam and Joe Show's Joe Cornish.


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I've every now and then I pull out Ocarina Of Time and continue my playthrough when I was a kid I got about halfway into the game and at some point gave up. A couple of years ago I started it again and can't say I've been in any hurry but last week I beat the water temple!


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Teague wrote:

Question for the next person: what was your most-disappointing live performance experience?

The Killers, at Leeds 2005 when Mr. Brightside was on every radio. They just sounded exactly like the album with no live flare.

Next Question: Have you ever had a moustache, and if so did you wear it as well as Saniss??


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Well, that was certainly exponentially better than the last episode of Star Trek!

So the Klingons look different and everyone has holograms but so what!?

The leads have a really fresh and interesting dynamic from the very start. It manages to feel very Trek yet completely fresh.


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The new Kingsmen probably not high art, but it's top fun.