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Teague wrote:

Thanks, man.

Truth be told, for reasons that are complicated to explain, I'm not really in a place to feel positive feedback right now, and I was hoping to hold off on replying until I could actually reply in-kind... but, it seemed like the delay was becoming rude, given my normal pattern of quicker public replies, and I didn't want to leave you hangin' for too long... so: 1) sorry about my lack of energy at the moment; 2) I'm really glad you liked it, and that it still holds up with fresh audiences; and: 3) look, the only the only thing I ever wanna do is fix waiting lines... so if y'all wanna have a competition to fix mine, I'd be downright hypocritical to oppose it. smile Hell, I might even join.

Thanks again.

Teague, you're still a good guy, energy or not.

I also used one of your videos to help a client of mine with learning intervals and music theory.

You done good.


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Happy System of a Down...?


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The Grinch:
Again, late to the game on this one, but Illumination's addition to the Grinch franchise is well done, with its own twist on the classic story. I know much was made of making him less grumpy, anti-social or whatever, I thought it was well done, and incorporated a lot of positive psychological elements in to this telling.

Also, I laughed a lot.

8/10. Highly recommend and not just for kids.

Abbie wrote:

Re: Aladdin, apparently this lyric from "Prince Ali" was changed from

Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see


Heard your princess was hot, where is she?

and I am going to fucking burn the world to the ground on Howard Ashman's behalf.

EDIT: oh god I just listened to that moment in the song and hearing Smith "sing" it is so much worse than I could have imagined.


I will not click...I will not click...crud...

I didn't know that a movie's lyrics could make me so mad and sad at the moment and yet here we are...just



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Writhyn wrote:

One thing that nobody in the discussion (DiF or forum) talks about is how wrong everyone was about Nero's motivations: he explicitly tells them to Pike while torturing him, and it makes sense.

I feel bad for Brian on this one because his passion shows through.

That said, I could not agree with you more. Every time I would see that pointed out (not just here, but many other reviews) that Nero's motivation made no sense I would nearly cry in frustration. It is in the film, I think that Sarek's comment to Spock about emotions running deep in the Vulcan race is a wonderful way to flesh out a possible aspect of Romulans as well. Romulans may be as passionate as Vulcans, but have channeled it to a more militarized society. Nero doesn't benefit from discipline and thus goes mad.

Nero is one of my favorite Trek villains.


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Ben wrote:

Oh good. Thanks Teague, now I can go download it and listen to it in arrears during my "listen to DiF in order" listen-through.

This seems like a highly positive thing to do.


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I haven't kept up with GoT but I look forward to actually hearing positive reviews of it rather than the hate-fest that is a lot of other forums.


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Tolkien: Interesting style for this biopic on the famed author. One, the actors are pretty well done, and the style is surprisingly underplayed through much of the cinematography, but it saves the very large sweeping shots for the moments that are clearly sticking on Tolkien's mind and are later realized in his writings.

If you are a fan of Tolkien's work and want a little bit of a visual representation of his life this this film is for you. Also, be prepared to cry.


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Regan wrote:

Wait... It's called Star Trek: Picard? Riddle me this ¬Star trek: Pike

Yes, please.

drewjmore wrote:

I agree with Fireproof's middle paragraph.

More than I expected.

Teague wrote:
Abbie wrote:

The "Prince Ali" Scene Show

Also, I just watched this single minute of content for the first time, and now I have like twenty minutes of rant.

Oohh...Teague rant. I love those so much. My daughters ended up with free tickets to this *ahem* film and so I might end up ranting myself, since I grew up with this film, memorized it, and everything. After watching it, I might have to coordinate a group effort to rant.

In other news, I am deeply saddened by the fact that the film Tolkien was only released for 3 weeks in local theaters. Wife and I made a last ditch effort to see it yesterday. Good film. Annoyed at short release.

@Abbi=I support this LA Movement. I will join as well.

Not sure if this counts but I found it interesting (apologies if everyone knows this and I'm late to the party):

avatar wrote:

A lot of people are puzzled over the GOP's unconditional support, but that's easily explained...'it's the tax cuts and deregulation, stoopid'.

Against my better judgement I will respond here. I am a person who is fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I think that the deregulation and the tax cuts are the parts that supporters will run to, largely because it is shown in economic growth. And that appeals.

I don't care for Trump personally, nor his rather bombastic way of tweeting out whatever. But, the idea that people are just blindly following Trump because of the "R" is not entirely accurate.

Regardless, the entire mess is polarizing and frustrating because there is no longer civil discourse. And, I have to lay that on Trump and Obama and the news media.


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"Ralph Breaks the Internet"

Watched this with my daughters in my ongoing series of "fireproof is constantly behind on pop culture."

Absolute blast, and a lot of fun, plus tears. Was really impressed by the handling of the villain in this one, as well as the incredible visualization for the Internet and how it all works, as well as insight in to users reactions. It won't beat out the first one but I still did a good job with tugging the heart strings and I highly recommend it.

For those unfamiliar with Netflix's Daredevil the BTS stuff is incredible, especially for Charlie Cox, the main actor:


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I hate it when I'm away and I miss stuff like this!


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What, no one posted "Always look on the Bright Side of Life" for this ordeal?

I have returned at the time I am most needed, it seems big_smile

Seriously, Regan, I'm sorry to hear about all that. Sounds like a rough go and I hope you are on the mend!

Prayers from this side of the pond.

Teague wrote:

Sequels -> Trilogies -> Franchises -> Reboots -> Remakes -> [Sequels to Remakes ->] Universes

Prepare for the Disneyverse.

To dovetail on to this I am so over Marvel now. I remember the Avengers commentary where Trey states that he will watch the film if Disney releases his family. That's how I feel with the Avengers and Marvel and all this constant drivel that somehow makes the films less and less appealing to watch the more they advertise them.

Seriously, Marvel has invaded all the things I used to enjoy from Legos, to Star Trek to Star Wars and on and on. I simply do not care what Thanos does, why he does it or how Marvel has crafted the gold standard of movie making series...no, that was Lord of the Rings. Ugh... *head desk*

How is your May?


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Teague wrote:
Abbie wrote:

"The model is simultaneously designed to make people paranoid of spoilers without having anything that's actually worth spoiling."

This will be a candidate for 'best things you've said all month.' Savor it.

Furthermore, if I may mangle your quote by replacing your 'do-nothing' with my 'tell-nothing':

Abbie wrote:

"Show-nothing marketing campaigns for tell-nothing movies."

Fuck yeah dawg.

Some how this post had -1 likes? Is that real?

Y'all are wonderful.

Warning: Novel ahead.

First of all, thank you all for letting me get that off my chest. Since I wrote that Amanda's doctor went to bat for her and got the surgery approve shortly after that post. She had the surgery January 16 and is currently halfway through recovery.

The good news is is that there were no complications. The doctor said no complications, and removed what endometriosis he found (I'll save you all the gory details-however, someday I want to make a feature film about it wink ).  So, Amanda is in the clear, and she had her uterus removed, but kept the ovaries meaning no menopause!

I was able to take 10 days off of work and she survived my first week back to work. She is currently working through PT, and healing, which can be the hardest part since, right now, she can't bend down. And, you do not know how much you bend until you can't.  Oops.

She also lost some weight, since her uterus was overweight by 12 kilos.

Thank you again for bearing with me. Here is hoping she is more physically able post recovery.

Oh, and I have gotten to share with her some bits of FIYH quips from different commentaries, as well as Teague's music. She now wants to visit LA and hang out. What have I done? big_smile


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Contrary to cinematic convention, ancient civilizations did not use slaves to row their galleys, save for possibly the Egyptians


thank you for sharing. It means more than I could say, or really have the energy to write about. Just know that your story is helpful for this old guy as well (or, I feel an old 34).


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My wife is doing a free promo of her first novel on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited

Warning-a bit long and a bit personal. But, you guys are good people and I need to get this off my chest.

I'm over my wife's illness. For those who don't know (and I don't fault any one) my wife has struggled with a chronic illness that was thought to be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Now, that diagnosis is really one of medical staff shrugging and going "Don't know" and saying she will suffer with it for the rest of her life. And it's painful to watch as her abdomen will cramp up for no reason, often times in reaction to triggers such as certain foods or stress or just lifting wrong. Suffice to say, she cannot work as she has to take random (and long) bathroom breaks some days.

Fast forward from diagnosis to about two months ago. A friend of ours discusses her symptoms and realize it might not be IBS but something called pelvic floor dysfunction, which sounds terrible but is fixable. So, she goes to a specialist (one of 40 in the country and happens to be in our town). He does an exam and determines that it isn't IBS-it's pelvic floor dysfunction, and endometriosis and adenomyosis. The later two are when uterine tissue is in the wrong place and gets super inflamed and causes extreme pain throughout the abdominal cavity.

So, hooray! We finally have an answer. Except, my wife is on Medicaid and Medicaid has basically decided that she is too young for the treatment, which is a hysterectomy-removal of the uterus. So, we have spent the last two months arguing with Medicaid to pay for something that could substantially improve her quality of life.

I'm over it. I'm tired of illness, of being a caregiver, of her being tired all the time and the one possible treatment is being denied.

tl:dr-chronic illness sucks for everyone, not just the patient.