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Teague, Killer of Threads :p


(1) his personal characteristics
* An egotistical man known for making absurd and ridiculous statements and creating controversies day in and day out. yay. -_-

(2) his administrations policies.

I would argue there is quite a bit of discussion of his administration's (and his party's) policies. I see them mostly as negatives.
* Tax cuts specifically aimed at the upper class. Who like, really need it. oh so much.
* Nationalistic, to the point of deliberately starting trade wars with China. Having to bail out farmers affected
* removal of Laws pertaining to protecting the environment/fighting climate
* A supreme court confirmation being delayed INTO his presidency so the previous President could not bring his nomination to a confirmation hearing.
* An attempt to repeal rather than improve the Affordable Care Act.
* Filling lower courts with conservative judges after the deliberate stalling of the previous President's attempts to fill their vacancies.
* Distancing ourselves from our allies, Germany, Britain, etc.
* Weirdly cozy with Dictatorships, (meeting with North Korea and Russia)
* Being okay with Neo-Nazi groups.

it goes on and on, but I'm tired and saddened already by the above list..

(3) whether people are better off (whether deliberate or unintentionally).

I think people will be fine with most things as long as they don't feel as though their life is being seriously affected by what is happening, blatant corruption be damned. Most people don't vote, largely due to apathy.

I wasn't really paying attention during GWB's years, as I was a young child busy with Pokemon at the time. Reading about that is just.. crazy. Sorry you guys had to go through that emotional roller-coaster of a few years.

I just hope that Trump doesn't begin a military conflict of some kind in the future in an attempt to raise support soon. I could absolutely see it.

I don't think his administration is good for most things, based on what I have seen. I wish I could pay even closer attention than I am, but I'm studying for exams and not sleeping enough already.

I've somehow avoided loot boxes in games entirely. Though I'm more a fan of single player games that get to the point. I can't afford to spend time on a game that has random element stuff.

lol I'm still super into the MCU! bring it babeee bring it onnnnn :D


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Channel: Captain Disillusion
tl;dr: A show that deconstructs fake viral videos and how they are created with visual effects with a fun presentation.

As someone who is easily immersed in anything I see, I find this fascinating. My brain accepts pretty much anything until I start actually thinking about it (this includes movies with gigantic plot holes lol).

Fun show to binge watch :) I recommend starting with one of these.


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Squiggly_P wrote:

We need more new things and less old things.

I would agree if cartoon network didn't suck (imo) right now (besides Steven Universe, maybeeee Young Justice. whenever that comes back)

I wish they had picked up Infinity Train :(


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thoughts Teague?

ya know with the incredibly awesome Samurai Jack return and this.. I hope we get the Kids Next Door revival. I live off of these cartoons.

I thought this was neat. Considering it took an embarrassing amount of time for me to realize Tarkin wasn't an actual person I'd say it worked alright.


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Really Liked
Deadpool (personal favorite woo)
Captain America: Civil War - I'm a nerd

Moana - it looks so warmmmmm
Rogue One - main 2 characters are a bit dull, otherwise I had fun. If I didn't know those actors weren't themselves, I wouldn't have known they weren't real. It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to figure it out. Also that one scene was really fun.
Zootopia - Surprised me
Finding Dory
Dr Strange
10 Cloverfield Lane

Suicide Squad - boo Joker bad boooo. Harley was fun tho.
Star Trek: Beyond - Started watching TNG. I like that so far.
X-Men Apocalypse
Kung Fu Panda 3
The Jungle Book - not my kind of movie
Fantastic Beasts
The Nice Guys - also not my kind of movie

Didn't like
Assassin's Creed - I wanted it to be gooood :(
Batman v Superman - what the hell happened here?
Independence Day Resurgence

I'm boring :p Personally, this was a really, really bad year for me. I tried to see anything that seemed silly and fun at the movies to make up for it. Hopefully next year is better.


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Dorkman! I'm so glad you're back! :D


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I thought this was well made and pretty.  I know Undertale is at that point where people who aren't into it roll their eyes, but I think this works as its own strange little thing. I'm not really feeling my best right now and this has kinda inspired me to get some help soon.

And for something not serious:

(courtesy of r/youtubehaiku)


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Tomahawk wrote:


That score is a little low Tomahawk ;P


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Deadpool saves the cat

Thought this was silly :P


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Spiderman 2

(and maybe World War Z, to a much lesser extent)

oh and the reasons for Spidey are kinda obvious but WWZ just bored me. Movie couldnt hold my interest at all :/


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I really like my steam controller. It's got a bit of a learning curve, but pretty it's handy once you get used to it.

I hadn't seen this until today. Thought it was cool. I remember seeing the storyboards for it on the dvd. Glad to see it actually animated. :D

I really enjoyed it. Does kinda rehash episode 4, but meh. There's enough new stuff and a sense of fun that makes me not care so much about that.

Oh, and Rey was cool. People keep complaining about her Mary Sue-ish nature, but that didn't really bother me too much.
Also, she reminds me of another character who is pretty good at mystic powers with little training and is discovering her connection to a higher power...


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CairoSmith on the Avatar Subreddit is attempting to edit the series into 2 hour movies (2 per season) while removing some of the childish humor and repeated exposition of the early episodes. Thought it was interesting.

The first covers the first half of Book 1 (episodes 1 - 8).

-It's neat, but keeps to the chronology of show a bit too much. Moving around some of the story would help make it flow a bit better.

-I really like keeping Zuko and Iroh's stories, as it develops their conflict with Commander Zhao while they pursue the gang.

  Stuff I'd Change Show
First off, I'm not sure if there's a good place to slip in the Omashu episode in this format. [1:02 - 1:18] It's a self contained side story that, while fun, doesn't really connect to the main plot the first season well.

I think it would be better to skip from the Kyoshi Warriors village to Haru in the Fire Nation controlled town. This would keep the Fire Nation as a continued threat throughout the story. For Bumi's introduction, I'd trim that episode down as short as possible and use it as part of the intro of the next film.

The next change I'd make would be to cut, or at least heavily shorten the Team Avatar segment of episode 7. It's a nice introduction to the spirit world, but stops the story in its tracks as Aang tries to calm the monster.

I would try to somehow transplant that exposition of Aang needing to speak to Roku on the Solstice earlier in the movie, maybe in one of the flashbacks earlier.

The second movie has a bit more wiggle room as some episodes could more easily be combined/transitioned into with others (The Waterbending Scroll into Jet, The Storm into the Blue Spirit, The Waterbending Master into the Siege of the North) and some cut entirely (The Great Divide, the Fortuneteller, Bato of the Water Tribe)

I've thought about this too much.


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I remember saying that I missed Bruce Campbell years ago. And man, he's still as awesome as I remember.

The opening episode was amazing. Ash's introduction was hilarious. The cause of all of this trouble was caused by our hero being stoned and horny. I'm on board. :)


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I'm pretty excited for this
http://www.starwars.com/news/christophe … ology-film

Perfect choice. Although, those guys would be good for anything. But omgggg



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It was awesome and fun weirdos :P


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As someone who wasn't around for it, I imagine the 80s were pretty much like this.

EDIT: reminds me of Farcry: Blood Dragon, which is also awesome.


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As someone who missed the simpsons (I dunno, I never watched that channel! sue me), I found this pretty amusing.


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I dunno, I really liked Ultron. I appreciated that he thought what he was doing was right, despite his slippery slope into complete madness later on.

I also liked how Whedon caught up everyone just in case you haven't seen the other movies in phase 2. (Tony wanting to prevent more disasters and being besties with Bruce-IM3, less Shield help-Cap 2, infinity stone recap-GOTG)


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screwballscramble wrote:

Nothing can be worse than Youtubes solution. Wow, I can not be arsed to figure out that junk

Yup. That's why I use this to show Reddit's comments under a Youtube video instead :) http://alientube.co/


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I liked the new Tomb Raider reboot quite a bit. Although, it did kind of drag on for me.

I might be a bit dim, but I thought that it would end with the helicopter crash. I was pleasantly surprised to find another third of the game!

Wasn't super into Lara's characterization, but I liked her more towards the end.

Felt a lot like Uncharted, which was appreciated. :)


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Hey, I get it. I'll support whatever decision you guys make. Thanks for being cool and interesting people and for making cool and interesting content:)

Hansen wrote:

...That being said, I refuse to consider the podcast done until I get an episode for Back to the Future 2...

but.. but... October 21, 2015...