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I know we don't post many Kickstarters, but I thought this community would be interested in this one.
"A documentary about the career of legendary production designer Joe Alves (Jaws, Close Encounters) and his four decades in Hollywood."

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ja … rage-joe-0


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Just finished my Beta-Read of said book.... well done.


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I'll just leave this here.

I've missed dif-like commentaries.


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Spend 90 minutes as a fly on the wall watching Sly edit the Director's Cut on Rocky IV... it's interesting to say the least.


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Wow, and I thought my past year was bad (Brother's going through a divorce and my dad was in the hospital for six months)... but as I say to anyone I consider a friend, online or or IRL... "This guy is walking down the street..."


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Over the Summer I added a magnetic mount for the dome.


...and a Drink Serving Tray.


the Electronic board will mount on a hinge for easier access to the batteries.

R2 got alittle adventurous.....


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Lights and electronics are coming along, slowly.

I'm using an Apollo SCE switch for On/Off... alittle joke I couldn't resist.

More Lights.


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...or I could just make the whole droid out of Cortosis....

Tinkering with the Logics.


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I just Re-watched this,... I'm laughing/crying all over again... lol


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Finally got R2 standing on it's own yesterday!!!
(let's see if Twitter pic links are any better than FB links)

I finished printing all of R2's main parts in December. Then took a few months off, burnt-out after 6 months of nonstop printing. Still have some Leg Greebles to work on and all the Electrical stuff to work out.


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Monthly R2 Update: Spent most of last month printing legs. Had a whole leg print fail, the infill didn't print right - it got all spongy. So I cleaned out a clog in the PFE tube, bought a different brand PETG Filament, and raised the temperature. The next sets of legs and ankles printed perfectly.
I've also printed two feet frames. I've decided to buy wheels instead of printing them, just have to figure out how to modify the feet for the new wheels.

Currently printing the center foot frame. He's almost ready to stand on his own!

Parts left to print: center ankle, right and left feet shells (covers), center foot shell, and leg greebles (right horseshoe, left and right booster cover, Right- left- and center ankle greebles) and the ankle battery boxes.


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Let there be Lights!!

Starting to get the lights together (from a kit on Astomech.net).

And since the Facebook photo links keep breaking, I made a slideshow of the photos on my phone.


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Printing the Back Panel, then on to the Greebles I haven't printed yet.
Painting the body, followed by more sanding and painting of said body, repeat.

If I can have him Rolling, Beeping and Blinking by the end of the year I'd be happy enough... anything else is a bonus.


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I haven't needed to reprint any full parts,... yet. A LOT of sanding, bondo, sanding, sanding, priming, sanding painting, sanding, wet sanding, painting,..repeat.

I have had to restart a few parts because of poor print plat adhesion (try saying that 5 times fast wink ) and twice because of a power outage (the printer is supposed to restart where it left off, but it didn't. might be a setting or firmware issue I need to fix.)

The Dome spins on a 450mm Lazy Susan. There will be a motor (with a gear) mounted inside the body to spin the Susan.




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For when pictures ain't enough.


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It's been about a month and a half, and R2 is coming along nicely. Finished printing the Dome in about 2 weeks, another 2 weeks of Sanding and painting. Main Body Rings 1 & 2 are done, Third Ring is printing now and should be done in about a week.




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Got a new 3D Printer.

Time to start a project I've been wanting to do for 25-20 years.... a Full Sized R2-D2.
I finished Radar Eye Surround the other day. But I printed it in the wrong orientation so I have a lot of finishing work to do on it.


... and my first holoprojector finished while I was typing...


Yeah,..... I got an Ender 3 Pro.... R2 Post will start on the Creations Board.

I saw a YouTube video last month of someone 3D printing a full sized R2-D2 (something I’ve wanted 15-20 years). My dad caught me rewatching the video last week and now he’s excited about the potential project.
So, now I’ve started researching 3D printers and things about more projects (Indiana Jones Hovitos Idol and Maltese Falcon).

Does anyone here have a 3D printer, thoughts or ideas?


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I watched a Sherman Brothers documentary today, and then went alittle crazy listening to their songbook on Spotify. #ASpoonFullOfSugarHelpsTheQuarantineGoBy


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Well played... bravo!


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FYI, HBO released From the Earth to the Moon in HD last summer.


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Over the Holidays, my nephew was talking about Star Wars droids when I saw a cone and empty cookie tin... and thought "We could make a D-O (the small wheel droid from Ep 9) out of those."

So together we quickly mocked up one, which I painted a few days later.