A sequel to the previous video: Rogue One releases in the UK:

Teague wrote:

Had no idea he was still around and still Star Warsing.

Oh yeah. Nate hit it big. He worked on some SW fiction (comic books, IIRC) and now his book about SW on home video is coming out.

Nathan Butler's overview of all US home video releases (for potential buyers):

An Honest Trailer appeared:


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Teague wrote:

Holy shit, this is still happening?

Yup. Unlike Axanar, they weren't sued. Let's keep our fingers crossed, they're doing great work.


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A new Star Trek Continues episode.

It still amazes me how well this show is able to recreate the feel of ST-TOS. The stories these guys come up with could've actually been a part of the original series.


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Logan is very unusual for an X-Men movie, maybe even more so than Deadpool. It manages to weave elements of a western, a road movie and a character drama quite skillfully (to use a cliché, it transcends the comic book movie genre). Some even call it Marvel's Dark Knight.

Easily the most mature film of the series, a huge improvement over the fairly formulaic X-Men: Apocalypse. Definitely worth seeing.


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A new trailer for Alien: Covenant is out.


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One lousy technical Oscar for Arrival. Star Trek Beyond lost to Suicide Squad.

On the bright side, Zootopia won and the Best Picture announcement almost turned into The Naked Gun 33 1/3  lol


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avatar wrote:

Obvious Oscar baits?

You can't get more obvious than La La Land (as I mentioned in my rant a month ago).

8 nominations for Arrival is a chance for the sci-fi genre to get its foot in the door again. Unfortunately, it's probably the melodrama aspect of this movie that got the Academy's attention (more typical sci-fi/fantasy stuff pretty rarely gets out of the genre ghetto). It still doesn't stand much chance of winning for Best Picture or Best Director IMHO sad


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BigDamnArtist wrote:




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Seems like most of those good Pixar writers work at Disney Animation Studios now. Zootopia is vastly superior to the Pixar movie that came out just a few months earlier (The Good Dinosaur).

fireproof78 wrote:

likable Judy Hops

And very pretty. I don't wanna sound like a furry or nothin', but she's one hot bunny big_smile


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avatar wrote:

Arrival - so if you learn to read circular alien logograms, you can suddenly see into the future? It's touted as "hard-SF" (and it exudes that vibe), but that makes as much sense as a genetic mutation giving you psychokinesis.

I don't think the marketing department had much choice. It's a magic bean movie where the most important part of the magic bean defines the ending. Revealing the prophetic aspect in the trailers would've spoiled too much.

The very presence of aliens already excludes the movie from the "hardest sci-fi" (e.g. The Martian) category. If you show how they look like, it opens a whole new can of worms and the movie becomes even softer (2001 didn't show them to avoid just that). Arrival went a step further, and, IMHO, pulled that off very nicely.


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Faldor wrote:

There's a newspaper article doing the rounds interviewing fans who are skeptical about the new series. It's about TNG

And they were partially right, 'cause the first two seasons of TNG turned out to be pretty bad tongue

I'll give Discovery a chance, but I've been getting less optimistic about it lately.


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A photo from the set of Star Trek: Discovery leaked:

If those are really supposed to be Klingons, then I'm starting to worry. That look would be a radical departure from everything that was established before. Even the guy from STID looked much more Klingon than these weirdos. We're they inspired by Sarris from Galaxy Quest?

I miss the days of Mike Westmore's make-up designs.

I wish this wasn't real.

Whatever they come up with will probably make Trey appreciate Spaceballs a little more smile


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DarthPraxus wrote:

However, I still need to tackle They Live, Escape from New York, and In the Mouth of Madness, which are generally considered his other career highlights.

I wasn't impressed by Escape From New York, but the other two have some cool stuff. They're not masterpieces by any stretch, but they work OK as B-movies (if you don't mind that kind of mentality).

ShadowDuelist wrote:

All I know about La La Land

Well played  big_smile

(I guess this short rant isn't worth an entirely new thread.)

Nobody here has commented on this year's Oscar nominations yet, so I'll be the first one to acknowledge the elephant in the room: FOURTEEN fucking nominations for La La Land.

I don't hate La La Land. I enjoyed for what it is: a nice little musical with pleasant, but not very memorable, songs. But FOURTEEN nominations? Seems like the Academy fell for the same Jedi Mind Trick once again. The central theme of this movie ("a love letter to Hollywood" AKA "look how awesome we are") simply screams award bait. Will anyone remember La La Land ten years from now? I suspect it will become the new Shakespeare In Love, Benjamin Button or English Patient - a half-forgotten footnote. Also, just a few years ago, a movie as impressive as Cloud Atlas got nothing. The Academy needs fresh blood, 'cause those old white men are stuck in the fucking past, like a cat chasing the same old laser pointer all his life.

The question I'd like to ask our resident industry professionals is: do you think that this is going to change anytime soon? I wouldn't know, I'm just a random idiot on the Internet. What do you think?


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Better than most 1950s sci-fi movies, but still one of them. My biggest complaint is that there's no real sense of danger (the threat is undermined by the "gee whiz" '50s attitude and the fact that the monster is compared to a freakin' carrot).

The John Carpenter remake remains one of the greatest body horror movies (next to Alien and Cronenberg's The Fly) and a timeless classic. The original can only exist in the era it was made.


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Prometheus had me totally fooled on my first viewing (its beautiful imagery is quite seductive; the only stupid thing I noticed was the "that system has a sun" line), but subsequent viewings and the DiF commentary have revealed many problems.

Alien: Covenant can still salvage this franchise, but the script must be really solid. Ridley Scott can take care of the visuals (he was always great in that department), just don't let him screw up the story.


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Yup. Pitch Black is the only installment that works. The whole attempt to make a franchise was a huge misfire.

I imagine that David Twohy was thinking of the Alien and Aliens dynamic when writing Chronicles. But instead of opening the universe up (like Jim Cameron did), he went overboard and changed it completely.


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An animated short that was supposed to bridge the gap between Pitch Black and The Chronicles Of Riddick... and failed at it.

There's no story to speak of. No attempt was made to soften the transition between the lived-in Alien-esque world of Pitch Black and the space opera universe of Chronicles. Riddick delivers some (supposedly) badass lines and does some (supposedly) badass things, but they're not nearly interesting enough to successfully fill the 35-minute running time.

Some character designs were apparently recycled from Peter Chung's Animatrix segment. Do all his characters look like that (I've never seen Aeon Flux)?

An utterly forgettable and unnecessary piece.