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Faldor wrote:

I thought I recognised one of the jurors and couldn't place him until I looked him up on IMDB. It was Piglet. The voice gave it away.

It's not only the voice. John Fiedler even looked like Piglet wink



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I decided to revisit this semi-forgotten gem after many years. It still holds up quite well. It's mostly just a fairytale variation on the Hero's Journey (with a love story), but it doesn't feel terribly derivative.

Despite good reviews, it seems to have fallen into relative obscurity pretty quickly. I can only speculate why. In 2007 the fantasy market was already saturated with the two film franchises that made it popular again - LOTR and Harry Potter; perhaps the audience simply didn't want a spiritual successor to Princess Bride at that point. Iron Man and The Dark Knight gave more fuel to the rising superhero movies trend a year later; they became the next nerdy thing that went mainstream. A one-off movie not based on a well-known property could get lost in this torrent.

So anyway... If you haven't seen it by now, give it a go. You might like it, especially if you liked The Princess Bride.


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So they made another one of those.

The CGI dinosaur porn is satisfying, but the other aspects are pretty unremarkable. Don't expect anything groundbreaking.

There's one interesting reveal - the little girl is a clone. It's a logical extension of the main Jurassic Park premise, but it's not used particularly well. A smarter movie would have explored the issue more deeply.

Sadly, Jeff Goldblum's role was reduced to cameos in the hearing scenes.


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It's been down for a while (over a month, IIRC).

It would be a shame to lose it forever, it's been a great resource... but all good things must come to an end.

EDIT: The Wayback Machine has copies (they're a little sluggish).


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We may find out when Lucasfilm decides to release the OT on UHD Blu-ray. The 2004 and 2011 versions of the Special Edition exists only as a 1080p digital master (that's about 1920x800 pixels for 2.35:1 movies), so they'll have to either scale it up or rescan the available film elements. The latter approach would give us the theatrical cuts or the 1997 SE (the 2004 and 2011 changes would have to be recreated).


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I would put Solo in the "a little flawed, but enjoyable" category, just like the previous three Disney SW movies.

Seems like 99% of videos about The Last Jedi were made by right-wing kooks who can't stand a Star Wars movie that passes the Bechdel Test. I wonder if L3's "robo-feminist" personality was a conscious attempt to troll those yahoos big_smile


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(Found here.)


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Donald Glover gives a short tour of the new Millennium Falcon sets:


Pretty cool. Now I'm a little more excited for Solo.


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Prax has offered an interesting perspective on Infinity War here.

The movie turned out to be what I expected it to be - a fun, villain-oriented action/adventure romp in the form of a comic book "crisis crossover". It couldn't be anything else simply because of its huge budget (AFAIK the official figure hasn't been published yet, but it's between 300 and 400 million dollars according to Wikipedia; that might include the sequel, though). It HAS TO break box office records to be considered a success (data says it's doing just that) and that means aiming for mass appeal. A truly smart, thought-provoking sci-fi film was out of the question, especially after Blade Runner 2049 bombed badly despite its moderate budget.

Like the first Avengers movie, Infinity War is very fun to watch, but it may not have much staying power. We'll get more MCU installments which will overshadow the previous ones. In 2038 Arrival, Annihilation and Blade Runner 2049 might be beloved sci-fi cult classics; Infinity War will probably be remembered only as one of many products of the "comic book movie era".

For now, those superhero tentpoles are making a lot of money, so Hollywood is not gonna change anytime soon; I guess the only thing we can do is to try to enjoy them for what they are (and some of them, like this one, are actually enjoyable) and wait for the bubble to burst wink


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Another DiF prediction came true: Warner struck a new 70mm print for the 50th anniversary. A 4K Blu-ray is also in the works (and since it's a 70mm movie, it will probably be beyond awesome; it already looks amazing in regular 1080p).


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Nathan Butler provides an overview of home video releases:

There's also an Honest Trailer:


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Squiggly_P wrote:

I've never seen Enterprise. Is it worth watching, or should I cut my losses and end this cycle of self-torture that is Star Trek?

Seasons 1 and 2 are pretty awful. Season 3 is a small improvement. Most of Season 4 is good - they finally remembered that it's a prequel to Star Trek and started having fun with it (the new Season 4 approach reminded me of Stargate SG-1 a little bit).


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A somewhat Lynchian take on The Colour Out of Space and Roadside Picnic / Stalker concepts. We need more sci-fi like this - haunting, creepy and thought-provoking. Naturally, the studio had no faith in it and dumped it onto NetFlix in most countries sad

Made by the Ex Machina guy, starring Padmé and Poe. I think you're gonna like it, guys.

It might be another failed attempt at copy protection (we've seen many of those over the years).

This whole "copy protection" thing has never "protected" anything, it's been only a major annoyance to buyers like us. With Blu-ray, there's at least a possibility of firmware upgrade. When the distributors started to introduce deliberate bad sectors to DVDs (after they finally realized that CSS is a joke), the discs wouldn't play on some old players and most of them didn't have upgradable firmware. Hell, even in the VHS days, Macrovision used to screw with some TVs. Home video distributors have always been assholes who punish paying customers.


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Home video releases have been announced. No 3D Blu-ray for the US (there is one for the UK listed at amazon.co.uk).


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Good analysis. That's why I love DiF so fucking much  smile

Teague wrote:

"Where The X-Files gets into trouble," Teague said authoritatively, like an asshole, having never watched The X-Files, "is connecting serious conspiranoia thematic setups to magic monster-of-the-week payoffs."

That may be a large part of the problem. The X-Files uses a huge Wonderland encompassing every "paranormal" phenomenon, conspiracy theory and urban legend from existing crackpot literature (I used to read a lot of that shit in the '90s) instead of one consistent Magic Bean. Mulder insists that all those "monster-of-the-week" cases are somehow connected, which makes it even worse. Maybe it's not even a setup and payoff problem, just a Wonderland that's simply too rich in various Magic Beans. Why has that never occurred to me before? I'm stupid.

Teague wrote:

once the world gets less scary

Yeah... A nostalgia filter for the '90s isn't necessary. They really WERE a simpler time in many respects.


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I guess it's not worth a new thread...

Season 11 of The X-Files is halfway through.

Out of the six aired episodes, only the comedic one ("The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat") stands out (a similar thing happened with Season 10's "Mulder And Scully Meet The Were-Monster" written by the same guy). The episode works only because it admits that the show's signature tropes DO NOT WORK in the modern era. It seems like conspiracy theories have ultimately jumped he shark soon after 9/11, at least for the average viewer (those batshit crazy people with tinfoil hats on their heads don't count). We've noticed that they're too ridiculous to be used even as light entertainment.

A question for our resident screenwriting buffs: do you think the show had a chance of working well in 2018? Could it be salvaged by making some changes? I haven't been able to figure this out on my own. Any ideas?


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The Solo teaser is finally here.


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I just listened to this again and it turned out to be another prescient DiF commentary. The A.I. episode has basically predicted Ted. This one has Brian and Eddie pointing out that the eyelight on Jason Isaacs looks just like the one on Kirk in Season 2 of Star Trek: The Original Series.


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Regan wrote:

Not out in the UK for another month. *steam comes from ears*

That sucks. It's odd that this kind of delay would affect an English-speaking country. It came out on November 24 here in Poland, despite the necessity of redubbing all the voices.

The movie itself is very solid (Inside Out still remains my favorite Pixar film, though), definitely go see it when it's out.


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My favorite Christmas special: Batman v Spider-Man: Dawn Of Christmas


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Looks like The Last Jedi is gonna be the first Star Wars 4K Blu-ray - Zavvi.com is already taking pre-orders.


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I liked it. Disney executives have shown some balls by greenlighting this script. One of the main strengths of the OT was its "white hat, black hat" fairytale sincerity. TLJ, on the other hand, dared to be very self-conscious and to deconstruct some aspects of Star Wars that we've taken for granted before.

Those Pikachu penguins (Porgs) were a little too cartoony at times (especially the one that gave Chewie the Puss In Boots eyes), but at least they didn't have any effect on the plot (unlike the Ewoks and the Gungans). I didn't mind them.