I went to see it and all I can say is

A month ago I wasn't sure who should direct a Deus Ex movie. Now we have a soild candidate for the job.


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A new trailer for The Last Jedi.

EDIT: I think it's quite promising (except for that Pikachu creature on the Falcon, which may turn out to be another misguided attempt at Ewok-esque cuteness).


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Teague wrote:


So sexy. (Click to enlarge.)



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Deus Ex. A lot of potential there (although, as Ghost In The Shell proved, it's possible to totally screw these things up; hopefully Blade Runner 2049 will explore some of this territory better).

But the more important question is: who should do it? Existing video game movies leave much to be desired (even Duncan Jones blew his shot).


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This should be fun.


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I watched this shit so that you don't have to.

The DiF commentary for the first one mentions a Shakespeare quote: "A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing". The Last Knight isn't even a tale, it's incoherent rambling.

The plot is an unfocused mess that makes Dark Of The Moon look like Shawshank.

Just like all the previous Transformers sequels, The Last Knight clumsily retcons the history of Cybertronians on Earth (which also turns out to be a giant robot). Megatron isn't Galvatron anymore, without any explanation (he might've gotten a new body from Quintessa; how and why they met is never clarified). Several Decepticon characters get introduced only to be dispatched by the Autobots in the next scene. The two Dinobots don't do anything interesting. Mini-Dinobots exist solely for kid appeal, as does "Little J-Lo" and her pet robot.

Even Stanley Tucci and John Turturro aren't very fun to watch this time. Anthony Hopkins does the best he can, but the script gives him no help (I hope that at least he got paid well for this). The robot characters don't fare any better (John Goodman's talents are totally wasted) and the few transformation sequences we get seem less impressive than the ones made a decade ago.

To add insult to injury, the aspect ratio changes at almost every shot transition. It must be an IMAX thing, but I can't figure out why was it carried over to home video releases; it can be very distracting. Some movies (like Scott Pilgrim) use this gimmick for a reason; here it makes no sense whatsoever.

There's a silver lining to all this, however: box office suggests that many moviegoers don't fall for this crap anymore (even China generated significantly less profit this time).

Easily the worst one yet.


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From what we've seen so far, this may be Abramsverse: The Series with focus on battles in space. The "exploring new worlds" aspect is absent so far (hopefully this will change a bit in the upcoming episodes).

I didn't hate it. I still prefer to think of it as another alternate timeline; trying to fit all the new stuff (like the various redesigns and anachronistic technology) into the Prime Universe is just too cumbersome.


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Regan wrote:

'The Orville' episode 1

I was expecting a disaster; it turned out to be watchable. The real thing premieres in two days cool


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MartyJ wrote:

A new episode! big_smile

We can stop worrying about Colin's involvement: http://www.starwars.com/news/j-j-abrams … 1069686719


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Faldor wrote:

Mars Needs Moms

Doesn't hold a candle to Doom - an awesomely rich story with complex characters, subtle acting, accurate science...


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Faldor wrote:

Episode 134 Blade Runner 2049

You're not losing anything by avoiding Independence Day: Resurgence; it really is quite awful. Emmerich had Jeff Goldblum & Brent Spiner and no idea how to use them.

On one of the DiF commentaries somebody quipped: "Shyamalan is on his way back!". It's no longer a joke after Split  tongue

Denis Villeneuve at the helm really gives me hope. Aside from The Martian (easily my favorite Mars movie nowadays), Ridley Scott's work hasn't been great lately (I'd rather wander through the desert for 40 years than watch Exodus again).


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Plinkett's review of the 2016 remake:


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Jimmy B wrote:

Anyone who has seen Attack The Block has seen Jodie Whittaker as she was the woman the kids mug.

Anyone who's listened to the DiF commentary knows her as "British Felicia Day"  smile

(Welcome back, Jimmy.)


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Oh, look! A new episode! big_smile


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STD's premiere date has been announced.

Teague wrote:

Yesterday someone was the first ever to ever climb El Capitan with no safety equipment.



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Prometheus is a hot mess wrapped in amazing visuals. They're so fucking amazing that the movie had me fooled on my first viewing - I haven't noticed all the stupidity. The DiF commentary really tears Prometheus a new one, it's one of my favorite episodes.


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Turns out Ridley Scott actually listens to criticism.

Instead of another pretentious story that asks questions about our origins (and has no clue how to answer them), this time we got a much more straightforward Alien movie. Some plot points from Prometheus are continued, but it's clear that Ridley wanted to push aside its more controversial aspects and go back to Alien's horror roots.

Shaw, the previous film's annoying protagonist, got killed offscreen by David, who's much more interesting to watch. Even the problem of her religious motivation ("it's what I choose to believe") gets mentioned - the company didn't trust Billy Crudup with a command because of his faith. Did the writers actually listen to the DiF commentary?

The David/Walter dynamic must've been inspired by Lore and Data from ST-TNG (John Logan is a fan). The cliché of an evil AI doesn't bother me here - I have no trouble believing that an android with a humanlike psyche and superior intellectual capabilities would've become megalomaniacal. Fassbender's double performance is easily the most interesting one in the movie.

Unfortunately, the other characters don't get much development - their main purpose is to become xenomorph fodder. They're even more reckless than the Prometheus crew; when will they learns that sending people to an unknown planet without spacesuits (another Star Trek trope recycled by John Logan) is a bad idea?

Dorkman's remark about the Alien universe becoming smaller in Prometheus is even more applicable here, when it turns out that the facehugger eggs are a result of David's experiments. It is never explained how they got onto the Engineer ship on LV-426.

The visual side is impressive, but we've come to expect that from Ridley Scott.

To sum it up: Covenant is an improvement over Prometheus, but still has issues.


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I'm still worried about those alleged Klingons. Maybe it's better to assume it's a prequel to the Abramsverse or another alternate timeline (I wouldn't have a problem with that) than try to fit new ideas and redesigns into the original timeline canon.

Oh, well... We'll just have to wait and see.

Regan wrote:

And youtube's recommended video after that is... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8aUuFsXRjU



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A sequel to the previous video: Rogue One releases in the UK:

Teague wrote:

Had no idea he was still around and still Star Warsing.

Oh yeah. Nate hit it big. He worked on some SW fiction (comic books, IIRC) and now his book about SW on home video is coming out.

Nathan Butler's overview of all US home video releases (for potential buyers):

An Honest Trailer appeared: