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Home video releases have been announced. No 3D Blu-ray for the US (there is one for the UK listed at amazon.co.uk).


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Good analysis. That's why I love DiF so fucking much  smile

Teague wrote:

"Where The X-Files gets into trouble," Teague said authoritatively, like an asshole, having never watched The X-Files, "is connecting serious conspiranoia thematic setups to magic monster-of-the-week payoffs."

That may be a large part of the problem. The X-Files uses a huge Wonderland encompassing every "paranormal" phenomenon, conspiracy theory and urban legend from existing crackpot literature (I used to read a lot of that shit in the '90s) instead of one consistent Magic Bean. Mulder insists that all those "monster-of-the-week" cases are somehow connected, which makes it even worse. Maybe it's not even a setup and payoff problem, just a Wonderland that's simply too rich in various Magic Beans. Why has that never occurred to me before? I'm stupid.

Teague wrote:

once the world gets less scary

Yeah... A nostalgia filter for the '90s isn't necessary. They really WERE a simpler time in many respects.


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I guess it's not worth a new thread...

Season 11 of The X-Files is halfway through.

Out of the six aired episodes, only the comedic one ("The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat") stands out (a similar thing happened with Season 10's "Mulder And Scully Meet The Were-Monster" written by the same guy). The episode works only because it admits that the show's signature tropes DO NOT WORK in the modern era. It seems like conspiracy theories have ultimately jumped he shark soon after 9/11, at least for the average viewer (those batshit crazy people with tinfoil hats on their heads don't count). We've noticed that they're too ridiculous to be used even as light entertainment.

A question for our resident screenwriting buffs: do you think the show had a chance of working well in 2018? Could it be salvaged by making some changes? I haven't been able to figure this out on my own. Any ideas?


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The Solo teaser is finally here.


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I just listened to this again and it turned out to be another prescient DiF commentary. The A.I. episode has basically predicted Ted. This one has Brian and Eddie pointing out that the eyelight on Jason Isaacs looks just like the one on Kirk in Season 2 of Star Trek: The Original Series.


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Regan wrote:

Not out in the UK for another month. *steam comes from ears*

That sucks. It's odd that this kind of delay would affect an English-speaking country. It came out on November 24 here in Poland, despite the necessity of redubbing all the voices.

The movie itself is very solid (Inside Out still remains my favorite Pixar film, though), definitely go see it when it's out.


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My favorite Christmas special: Batman v Spider-Man: Dawn Of Christmas


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Looks like The Last Jedi is gonna be the first Star Wars 4K Blu-ray - Zavvi.com is already taking pre-orders.


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I liked it. Disney executives have shown some balls by greenlighting this script. One of the main strengths of the OT was its "white hat, black hat" fairytale sincerity. TLJ, on the other hand, dared to be very self-conscious and to deconstruct some aspects of Star Wars that we've taken for granted before.

Those Pikachu penguins (Porgs) were a little too cartoony at times (especially the one that gave Chewie the Puss In Boots eyes), but at least they didn't have any effect on the plot (unlike the Ewoks and the Gungans). I didn't mind them.


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That's very well possible. However, they would need to scan the movies again for the 4K Blu-ray release that's probably coming sooner or later (the 2004 and 2011 Special Editions exist only as 1080p scans), even if it's gonna be some version of the Special Edition once again. A simple upscale of the old 1080p masters would piss many people off.


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It is official: Disney buys 20th Century Fox. This means that Disney now owns all distribution rights to all Star Wars movies.


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WTF, Luc Besson? WTF?


The title sequence is promising.

We get a Watchmen-esque depiction of the International Space Station's evolution through the ages. The various astronaut teams conform to the most obvious ethnic stereotypes, but the other aspects of this opening work fine.

It only gets worse from here.

After the first glimpse at the idyllic pearl-farming society I already started suspecting that they're a Ba'ku/Na'vi-type race wronged by some evil humans. Those suspicions turned out to be correct, but I had to sit through a whole bunch of convoluted set pieces to get to that point. While those set pieces look very impressive, they feel like separate episodes barely related to the main plot.

Valerian and Laureline's introduction is full of clumsy "as you know" dialogue. When they enter the city they both live in, we get an even clumsier piece of exposition as the computer tells them everything about that city. It's supposed to house thousands of species, but very few of them are utilized in the movie (I'll get to them in a moment).

Speaking of the two main characters... They're just not very interesting. Dane DeHaan is terribly miscast; he looks like a strung-out junkie, not a badass space agent. Cara Delevingne isn't any more compelling. These characters needed charismatic actors with chemistry between them.

Rihanna seemed somewhat likable as the PG-13-rated erotic dancer just because she's an abused refugee, but her only role is to serve Valerian and then be killed off, which evokes the stereotype of a disposable sex worker.

Members of the alien race that abducted Laureline are just as disposable and just as stereotypical. Apparently they're less intelligent than human and have a primitive tribal society, so they can be killed like insects - a very unfortunate throwback to the European colonial attitude that will offend any Trekkie's humanitarian ("touchy-feely", as Uncle Trey once put it wink ) sensibility. They're treated worse than the Gungans in TPM. This might've been an intentional reference to old sci-fi/fantasy (the original comic book is 50 years old), but it just doesn't play very well in 2017.

Just like Avatar, Valerian felt like a passion project that the director had in mind for decades and, when finally given the chance to film it, couldn't bring himself to kill his darlings. What we got is a badly constructed plot with amazing eye candy. A writer with less attachment to the source material could've probably delivered a tight script instead of this mess, but, just like George Lucas and Jim Cameron, Luc Besson made the fatal mistake of writing it himself.

(I know it feels like another incoherent litany of random complaints from Marty, but I just can't help myself. This dud is another wasted opportunity for a great space adventure and it pisses me off.)


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Reading LOTR in the original English was excruciating for me. The elaborate terminology didn't bother me at all (I found Dune, which has just as much unique vocabulary, to be a pleasant read), but there's something detached and stiff-upper-lippy about Tolkien's prose that put me off. You can easily tell the guy wasn't a professional writer.


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This is pretty cool.


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Seriously though, this could be Star Trek's Logan.


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Teague wrote:

Seriously, if you're unfamiliar with that site, I've got some good news for you: shitloads of great content.

Checking it out now. Looks very cool indeed.


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It's the 30th anniversary of a media prank that remains a mystery to this day - the Max Headroom TV signal jamming incident.

A blast from the past:

(The subtitles aren't entirely accurate.)


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Star Trek Continues ended with a great two-parter (thanks for everything, guys).

Kibouchi wrote:

BR2049 was a massive financial failure, so we will likely not be seeing any more.

Yeah... It made less than half of Transformers 5's worldwide gross.

Here are the three Animatrix-style tie-in shorts released for free by Warner (they're preceded by Denis Villeneuve's intros).


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Rian Johnson to create all-new Star Wars trilogy


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I'm starting to really like The Orville; the show is having a lot of fun with Star Trek tropes while delivering some interesting social satire.

It's still a little too early to pass definite judgment on Discovery. The "darker and edgier" tone and other similarities to Stargate Universe can be the show's downfall. Discovery can work if the writers have a plan for the whole season (or even the whole series). If they're making it up as they go along, I don't see much chance of success.

I went to see it and all I can say is

A month ago I wasn't sure who should direct a Deus Ex movie. Now we have a soild candidate for the job.


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A new trailer for The Last Jedi.

EDIT: I think it's quite promising (except for that Pikachu creature on the Falcon, which may turn out to be another misguided attempt at Ewok-esque cuteness).