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I'm in agreement.


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Baby Moose doo doo doo doo doo doo doo


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Oof. Themz some bloody snazzy tracks.


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I have to share this, if only for my sanity. You stumble across a Nyango Star only once and then Youtube is all Nyango Star. I'm not complaining. I just can't dig myself out of this hole.

https://youtu.be/ouoBPgMqaYE?list=RDimV … &t=101


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Congratulations, mucker!


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for audiophiles

A dual SM57 microphone setup has been used for every Presidential inauguration since Lyndon B. Johnson. That is until Donald J. Trump's which used just one.

Shure sells the configuration as a kit called the SM57VIP or, more aptly named, 'The Presidential Kit'. Though one of the SM57's used for inaugurations was hollowed out and a surruptitious Shoeps condensor microphone was inserted to give mix engineers more choice.

Shure's 'Presidential Kit'



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Bring on May, I say.


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Nice 3d tour thing of the Apollo Command Module https://3d.si.edu/apollo11cm/index.php#downloads



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Woah. thats a lot to take in in such a short period of time.


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Just dumping this back in here for posterity.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … edit#gid=0

I did promise to faldor that the next time I re-tell this story that I would swap Hertz for Herse rental. When the movie gets made... it will be herse. tongue

Belated 2018 update: The garage went under the month after I quit. It's now a Hertz car rental place.


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Fun for no one... I'm leaving this here. Thee best audio drama ever (second to THD ofcourse)


There is some.. nay lots of irony that it was broadcast on BBC radio 4.


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There was a time when America's Nuclear deterrent could have been train based


I have to say it took me a second to spot them, and I was looking for them. Now, I can't unsee them.

They belong in a museum

Okay so this might not be the best place for it but this really grinds my gears...

Roundabouts Are Lethal

As a pedestrian, trying to cross the road at a roundabout is a scary thing. Especially when 99% of drivers don't indicate correctly. The law for drivers, as in the correct example below, is to enter the roundabout, and if you are not directly turning left into the first exit, you must indciate right until you are passed the last exit before the one you want, then, indicate left into that exit. This lets other drivers and pedestrians trying to cross the road, your intentions. But most drivers indicate right and don't bother with indicating left into their exit. This means, a pedestrian, wanting to cross the road and waiting for an opening, sees that you do not want to turn into the exit and it's safe to cross. Proceeding to turn into that exit having not indicated leaves an unsuspecting pedestrian in the middle of the road with an oncoming car. This shit happens to me daily. There is a dual carriage way I have to navigate so usually I end up with not one but two lanes of drivers failing to indicate correctly making the crossing treachurous. DRIVERS, FIX YOUR SHIT!

(My apologies to any Americans who probably won't know the pains of a roundabout)


(Also, my apologies on the graphic, I didn't have time to build it to scale or paint it wink)


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The Universal back lot has had major set destroying fires in 1957, 1967, 1987, 1997 and 2008

The sequence was starting to look a little fishy...


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My word that is beautiful song! Love it! Love it! Love it!


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Saniss wrote:

Metallica's Master of Puppets has a recurrent riff that doesn't perfectly correspond to any kind of time signature; the band just plays it by feel.

Did you ever feel like something was off in that song's rhythm? I didn't. The measure feels right and is performed correctly in unison by the whole band, but though it's often transcribed as a 5/8 measure, it's not exactly the case. There's an added pause that permanently shifts the beat onwards.

I personally love that this beat is incorrect from a technical point of view, but the song still feels perfectly right. Something about the instinctive nature of music that can't be narrowed down to technical terms.

I subscribed to that guy after you pointed this out in chat many moons ago. It's good stuff.


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Uh oh. I've started to notice low bridge videos in my Youtube recommended videos feed. I hope this isn't another 'Cars with Ship Horns Vs Ship with Horn' debacle.


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Yep. I had to click the annotation to see what was on fire...


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When the cartoon network does a halloween scooby-doo advert...