There is few I can add to this... we all seem to watch the same stuff. Then again I clicked on a vid 10 years ago  - 'Car Horn vs Boat Horn' and the ilk still pop up in my recommended list. Regardless... here is my two cents.

Channel: OxfordUnion
tl;dr: Basically an Oxbridge elitist AMA with fantastic guests and craic. Stanley Tucci being a highlight of late.

Channel: Cyriac … 1nQ5rTUP2g
tl;dr: A twisted After Effects animator. Fantastic art style helped by his crazy mind. Known for his fractals and bizarre.

Channel: Georg Rockall - Schmidt … zPnh0dG0SA
tl;dr: nothing beats a satirical brit's take on the world.


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This has been dormant for a while - I've not settled on what the ghost train should look like until today. render incoming...


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Macro Keyboard MkII - this time with transport controls.

WIP - Live looping MIDI controller - (just needs cased)

I/O plate


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We have dodged a bullet then it not being Chris Marshall.


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Tilda Swinton has been tipped and Maggie Smith would be rad but both too big to be the Doctor.


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I'm actually quite surprised the 13th Doctor announcement wait is almost over. If the bookies are to be believed it will be the brain dead goof ball from My Family - Chris Marshall. Hmm. I haven't seen him in anything other than that. I can see it working if I squint hard enough. But I hope it's a lady. I think now is the right time.


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*saved for later*


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Saniss wrote:

Know your guitar tunings, kids.

Teague: in unrelated news, I just came up with a handy mnemonic device for remembering guitar tuning.
Teague: I mean... I myself don't benefit from it, because I already know standard tuning. but.
Teague: the strings are tuned to EADGBE.
Teague: usually the mnemonic you hear is something like "eddie ate dynamite, good bye eddie" or something. no sir.
Teague: I nominate "eat a dick, get bent, etc."
Writhyn: Well obviously the first one doesn't work because Eddie can damn well eat dynamite and be fine.
Teague: true fact.
Regan: To throw in a topical one... Europeans All Despise Great Britain's Exit.
Teague: hahaha.

A few rejected tuning mnemonics

Everyone Admires David Grohls Blues Explosion

Enjoying Alcoholic Drinks - George Best's Enemy        (too soon? LOLZ)

Enya's 'Amarantine' Drives Good Boys Evil

Everyone Adores Deschanels Gorgeous Blue Eyes

Enormous Amplifiers Deliver Guitarists Bleeding Ears

Excruciatingly Agonizing Death Gets Bizarrely Erotic

Envision A Dame Getting Beautifully Erogenous

Exciting Annie's Dripping Gash Burns Eyes             (NSFW)

(I have too much time on my hands)

Talking about the movie "The Box" with a friend who doesn't know the DIF glossary was interesting...

"....'the box' being the Mcguffin of the movie before going to the mansion with its supernatural magic bean..."

He looked baffled

Suitably pimped to twitter and reddit.


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Wait.. STD...Not sure I want an STD


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And youtube's recommended video after that is...


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Faldor wrote:

I once walked past Ridley Scott by Exeter bus station.

That would have been a good time to say - I once seen a hedge


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I was born at the same hospital as Ridley Scott.

Not pertinent. Just note worthy.


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Tomahawk wrote:

Alright, that fuckin' does it.

It's time to finally watch the one movie I've always been putting off.

Today I'm watching Blade Runner.

A future Extended Edition... ?!


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Downloading it for the morning commute as we speak.


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My cock was teased way back when... I do hope this is good.


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Spot on! I've only had a quick thumb through the different takes 'cos I'm not in the house, but, definitely workable. Cheers. I'll have a proper look when I get home, tomorrow.


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Very much testing out scene lighting


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(18 replies, posted in Creations) Makes a big difference for the flat look I'm going for. I just never checked it before I posted here. My bad. Ha.