Okay so this might not be the best place for it but this really grinds my gears...

Roundabouts Are Lethal

As a pedestrian, trying to cross the road at a roundabout is a scary thing. Especially when 99% of drivers don't indicate correctly. The law for drivers, as in the correct example below, is to enter the roundabout, and if you are not directly turning left into the first exit, you must indciate right until you are passed the last exit before the one you want, then, indicate left into that exit. This lets other drivers and pedestrians trying to cross the road, your intentions. But most drivers indicate right and don't bother with indicating left into their exit. This means, a pedestrian, wanting to cross the road and waiting for an opening, sees that you do not want to turn into the exit and it's safe to cross. Proceeding to turn into that exit having not indicated leaves an unsuspecting pedestrian in the middle of the road with an oncoming car. This shit happens to me daily. There is a dual carriage way I have to navigate so usually I end up with not one but two lanes of drivers failing to indicate correctly making the crossing treachurous. DRIVERS, FIX YOUR SHIT!

(My apologies to any Americans who probably won't know the pains of a roundabout)


(Also, my apologies on the graphic, I didn't have time to build it to scale or paint it wink)


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The Universal back lot has had major set destroying fires in 1957, 1967, 1987, 1997 and 2008

The sequence was starting to look a little fishy...


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My word that is beautiful song! Love it! Love it! Love it!


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Saniss wrote:

Metallica's Master of Puppets has a recurrent riff that doesn't perfectly correspond to any kind of time signature; the band just plays it by feel.

Did you ever feel like something was off in that song's rhythm? I didn't. The measure feels right and is performed correctly in unison by the whole band, but though it's often transcribed as a 5/8 measure, it's not exactly the case. There's an added pause that permanently shifts the beat onwards.

I personally love that this beat is incorrect from a technical point of view, but the song still feels perfectly right. Something about the instinctive nature of music that can't be narrowed down to technical terms.

I subscribed to that guy after you pointed this out in chat many moons ago. It's good stuff.


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Uh oh. I've started to notice low bridge videos in my Youtube recommended videos feed. I hope this isn't another 'Cars with Ship Horns Vs Ship with Horn' debacle.


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Yep. I had to click the annotation to see what was on fire...


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When the cartoon network does a halloween scooby-doo advert...


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Didn't care for Jodi. Wasn't the episode just a rip off of Predator? Bradley (definitely not Billy Conly) Walsh was the best bit.


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I think I might be enjoying it more the BB. Sooo good! Saul Good...! If it does end next year, I'll be sad, but not mad.


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I thought they had the bad ass names down with 'Project Thor' and 'Rods from God'. Now I see that I was wrong.

I'm just glad they never went with 'Gods Rod'


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Project Thor - An orbital weapon that drops telephone pole sized tungsten rods that fall at high velocity - giving it the destructive power of a nuclear bomb but with out the fallout.

Also named 'Rods from God'.


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BigDamnArtist wrote:

Also apparently dart competitions are roughly half a DJ away from breaking out into a rave at all times.

They tried that jazzing up with F1 by giving the drivers WWE style walk in theme songs and flashy lights and smoke and such. Suffice to say it lasted but one race before the fans collectively said 'No! Stop that!' and they reverted back to the norm.


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The highest score in Snooker is 155 and not 147.

The ‘maximum' is generally considered to be 147, but a 155 is possible, although it requires exceptional circumstances. If a player comes to the table after a foul by his opponent and is left snookered on all red balls, he can then elect to use a coloured ball as another red, continuing on to pot all the other balls on table as normal.


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Oooo! Shiney!

I dabble a bit. My mom for my 9th birthday bought me a super cheapo acoustic guitar and bet me that I wouldn't stick it for a month. Well, I'm 34 now mom. I guess I won the bet. tongue But I've dabbled with a bunch of instruments over the years; guitar, cello, violin, trumpet, piano, drums etc. None that I would say I've mastered but I sure can play a mean kazoo tongue.
I gigged around the local pubs and festivals in my earlier years as a pop band...
(I'm the dude on the right next to the unfortunately placed 'junkie' graphiti. The photo came from a gig I did for the millenium). But nower days, if my guitar gets picked up, it's 'cos I'm bored and is mainly left to collect dust. I've made a fair ammount of quick silly songs to amuse myself or friends but nothing worth shouting about. Nower days, it seems I just make songs to make Faldor titter.


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This is just an update.

My goal of a Halloween release has passed. Yes, I let it slide. I so wanted it to be done and a million excuses I can give here (I've been super unhappy with the sets I've built) but I'd rather not. I haven't lost a bit of love for this project. It will be done. I think I underestimated how much what my minds eye wanted and the effort and time frame I set myself to achieve it . As much as I could have hammered it out... I would have been ultimately unhappy with it.

So, this is just an update.

PS. I thank Writhyn for his stellar work. Watch this space... (not too closely =p)

God I hope one of us isn't right.

War of the Replicants will be a good one.

I'm looking forward to 'Rise of the Replicants' =p

"Her eyes were green!"

They had the sound cranked to 11 at the theatre I saw it in - damn dem synths were wonderful.


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This guy was asked the same question but had a different answer.

fireproof78 wrote:

"What instrument do you want to learn?" and they replied "All of them, at once............

.......using Marbles!"


The Wintergatan channel is worth giving a watch.

There's nothing quite like a thousand foot tall, and naked, advert when your weighing up life's options. That, at best, has got to be an inconvenience to your day somewhat. And here I thought adverts were obnoxious now. I wonder if there is an adblock palliative in this world...


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z01heFz … e=youtu.be

I have no idea of anything but my experience.


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Ran it. Immediatley closed before I even got a chance to look at it. And I was looking forward to posting my results too. tongue

(EDIT: Windows 10 if that helps...)