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*rubs eyes*

Nope. It's still there.

Fantastic! The ad's are a trip!


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Man, I haven't listened to Aphex Twin in years. Next stop, Hexstatic.


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Yep. It's good.


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It comes out today in merry old England and I've been psyched to see it, but, I think I'll stave off the opening night and see it over the weekend. Tom, you, crazy man. i love you.


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So, faced with a road trip to spend a long weekend with my folks; I completed the Catch Me If You Can audiobook. It was fantastic. I mean, too fantastical a story to be true, I thought having seen the movie. It's wild, but, barring a few Speilberg embellishments, the book confirms how crazy and true to life the movie and the story is. I strongly recommend either the movie or the book, or even the Frank Abagnale "Catch Me If You Can" google interview [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsMydMDi3rI] if you haven't done so already. Proof that confidence, bluffing and a smattering of fraud gets you everywhere in life. ;P


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Since crazy billionaire's have been a bit of a hot topic in chat of late... I've just finished Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies of a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carryrou.

In Bad Blood, John Carreyrou tells the riveting story of the biggest corporate fraud since Enron, a tale of ambition and hubris set amid the bold promises of Silicon Valley.

Rumoured to be turned into a movie starring Jenifer Lawrence, and I think there is just enough meat there to pull out something good if it every comes to fruition.


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My condolences, Kibs.

I concur with Saniss's sentiments in his last paragraph.

I've always had a cat in my life - from birth pretty much. I moved house a few years ago; my cat of 6 years (at that time) settled into the new place well. He was always the friendly-curious wanderer though. At my new place; I used to get phone calls off of neighbours reading his identity tag - saying that he has let himself in their house and made himself at home. He was the friendliest of friendly cats. He used to wander but always come home at night and, usually I'd wake up because he was suffocating me - pretending to be a feline scarf sprawled out across my neck. He didn't come home one night. Two months passed and after me going spare and posting everywhere online and checking his old haunts... I got a phone call from a lady saying 'I think I have your cat'. I dropped everything and went to see if it was him. It was. He was 5 miles away. I'm guessing he got turned around. I bought her flowers. What a saint.

I kept him in for a few months after that, which he did not like, being an outdoor cat and all, then I started letting him back out again. Everything was fine for a few months after that, until... again. No show cat. Another round of posting everywhere and going potty looking for him - there were a few sightings of him in the complete opposite direction to the last... the trail went cold. I still don't know what happened or where he buggered off to. I know the little bugger is living it up in someone elses' house. Most probably pretending to be a scarf with a new family - such is his friendly nature.

It took me about a year to resign to myself that my little blighter was gone - 10 months ago I thought it was time to get another kitty. Enter, Clawra.


She is super playful and I love her to bits. Even, with her quirks of wanting my attention evertime I sit at my computer desk - knocking off monitors and walking infront of my camera whislt live streaming to name a but a few. smile The maddam just wants to be apart of the action and I can't be mad at her for that.

I treasure everyday with her.


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They are bloomin' gorgeous. Rad!


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Works for the postal service. Need I say more?

*Updates personal aspirations: To live in a place where a goat can't go*  :S


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If scary movies give you nightmares, Teague... try laying your head down on this.
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Custom-Nicolas … B00JF0HRLG


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I freaking love that movie - list wise... I would slide down the godfathers and push it up.


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Okay, so what did you do with your Saturday?

https://ionceseenahedge.bandcamp.com/tr … metal-test


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I'm starting to think the wrong Faldor made a movie podcast...


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Yes. Yes. i want a Tesla too. Please advise.


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Yes. Yes, I would like to know how band leader Cleo Juday lost his eye at the radiator foundry in 1909. My interest has been piqued.


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#169 on the list has been blank on the list for a while for some reason, no worries, after some prompting from Faldor, it's now fixed. Thank you wayback machine.


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When I needed a Commentary
you were there
you were there
When I needed a Commentary you were there
Though the movie didn't matter matter
that podcast still brought me laughter
you were there

I feel like I'm writing a eulogy, but, I would like to say thanks.


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Here, here!


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Rad AF!


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This is the best we are getting...

http://eepodcast.lauraaftermidnight.com … 19_TFA.mp3


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Ah! The IMDb Top 250 website of my dreams. tongue



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Oh. This thing.