So something else to be embarrassed about later:

I fell off my motorbike and broke my right humerus. I was going down a steep country lane and braked on a patch of gravel and skidded uncontrollably. The bike and I went down. I’ve now got a fist full of painkillers, a broken humerus, broken left thumb and ring finger and sprained right thumb and some stinging road rash for good measure.


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I seem to be stuck in a Norwegien electro-pop hole. Sigrid


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Ben wrote:

So, I know BDA caught this on my Twitter, or maybe when I posted something in the chat about it, but I may as well post it here:

This is Project Binky. It was started in 2013 when two blokes in a shed in England decided to take the modern turbocharged and all-wheel-drive powertrain from a rally race world championship winning Toyota and shove it into a classic Mini. Never you mind that Toyota was 54 inches longer, 12.7 inches wider, and had a wheelbase (which is the measure from the center of the front wheels to the center of the rear wheels) 19.2 inches shorter.

They make brackets to funk music, routinely make fun of themselves, and it's a fun watch even if you're not 100% sure what's going on all the time, or if you're not a huge car nerd (like I am). Also, it's in colour!

And they have a mug that they just came out with that just says NMFP on it in big letters... to let people know whose problem they're really dealing with. Yes... the project car is still going on after 7 years. But we'll hopefully see the color of the paint soon!

I have just inhaled 7 years of Project Binky. I've had it on while I'm working the last two days. That's an awful lot of fabricating. Dammit. Now I just wanna see it finished.

It also beats the Wintergaten Marble Machine X for youtube build series lengh.


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I could watch that indefinitely

If you are not a singer by trade, you should be. You’d make a killing. Shut up and take my money.  Release the ‘Latin-Album’ already!

Have a Metal Christmas and a very Dub Fiction New Year

Okay, so the last time my gear was set up was around Christmas so... *shrugs* Stuff that was never meant for human ear holes dumping it is

The way things should always be.

FU guys. I can still participate. 

What do you mean you are just unloading shit off your phone??

Well done. Well. Done.  I spotted this on your youtube. Just thought Id relay my nod here.

How did I miss this?! I don't know the song. I want to know more. Beautiful.

Im just offloading crap that no one should see off my phone at this point

Have phone. Will K-thread.

Dicking around but want to play

I miss drunkenly posting to this thread.


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I've just started a new job with Public Health England; helping to track and trace the coronavirus - that coupled with moving to a new place, my quizzing day is gonna have to be put on hold.

Lights dim. Dry ice fills the stage. Lone spotlight illuminates wrongly sized Stone Henge... Where’s the bit where Michael McKeen comes in? Wrong origins but I can see it. Probably cos I have metal Tagelharpa on the brain. Fit a locking nut and floyd rose and dive bomb that sum bish tongue

In seriousness. Rad as!


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I wonder if the YouTube algorithm is pushing that Disney helicopter dude and the Mungo Jerry vid hard. I seen both the day before they were posted here. Rightly so, they are awesome.

I love that song.


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Let the calamity commence! tongue


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Owen, ma dude. You got some canny punk pipes on ya like marra!



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Fiiiinaly a competitor I might stand a chance against - someone whose first languange isn't English tongue

I mean, nah, I'm better to heckle from the side line.


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Yep. Me too.

I would have been down but I've panic-packed any sort of gear to do it for a move -- a move that I've brought forward to as soon as I could make it, next Saturday, incase the country goes into full lockdown. I'll be the first to listen to it, though. smile


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I would just like to give a nod to the name 'Propagandhi'.

Ooooof! Rad. That's a bit more involved than my approach of blow torching the ever living daylights outta it, sanding and sealing. Looking bloody fantastic.

P.S Nut slots are the worst. Well, guitar wise. Splashing out on a decent set of nut files was the best thing I ever did.

Wait. That's not the song tongue