I understand that reasoning completely. As far as I don't think I could handle the nursing profession (I'm not made of the right stuff) - paying it forward is something I will always try and do. I used to be in a pop band and played many gigs for a local charity that works on donations only, St Clares Hospice, for how they looked after my Nana. I've just found out they recently closed their doors for lack of money and it broke my heart. But, anything I can do to see that nurses are paid well for their compassion in a tough job, I will do.


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Wait... It's called Star Trek: Picard? Riddle me this ¬Star trek: Pike


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Im down for that. Mind im also down for the Nickleodeon animated kids show

On #InternationalNursesDay, I thank them. I mean, it's an awful job - an awfully under paid NHS job! I thank them for basically keeping me sane never mind tending to me when I wasn't able to tend to myself. Bloody angels. All of them.

Thanks FP. All is mending well. The worst is over. I'm a functioning human again. I just choose looser clothing and wear sweat pants a lot. Sweat pants. I'd never worn sweat pants until this and holy balls have I missed out. Now I'm all about the sweat pants. Oh the comfort tongue

Oi. the rioting in the streets hasen't spread to here yet. Keep your snarky comments to your self. Ugh.

This is like that Des'ree song -https://scontent.fman2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/59436380_116097649590561_7806696148218937344_o.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_ht=scontent.fman2-1.fna&oh=e36f91024a6b37ad56e576407f210027&oe=5D2CD952

You're in intensive care - they hand you a bonus button that pumps morphine into your spine and another that, well, I can only say is fixed by what they had to hand...


plastering over the problems...  how very NHS

Your and my opinion on a classic differs. But not by much...

I forgot he was the Games Master

Perhaps before your time tongue

Even Sir Patrick Moore had a musical side. Oh, and what bloody fantastic side it was.

I'm just trying to keep a sense of humour about the whole thing. Ugh. It's like that awful song said "Things can only get better"

Did I really just reference Tony Blair's '98 campain theme song? Sigh.

There is life after an Ileostomy...


We'll indoctrinate you to the IMDB Top 250 list in good time... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LKl6I … k9GE3_OyaA

avatar wrote:

Remember to always point the lightsaber out before turning it on.

It does look like a mellon baller gone wrong accident. Heh. Wait. I'm still not ready to joke abnout this yet. Ugh.

PRE-WARNING EVERYONE - Iletostomy + abscess drain wound + open surgery-ness pic ahead.

Goodbye, hospital. I'm going home!

I'll be doing the same post-brexit and the NHS is inevitably privatised.

Teague wrote:

After insurance, my bill was $4,000 — or £3,063.


Meanwhile, this guy.

To be fair, it wasn't exactly free. I've been paying for the service my entire working life through taxes. But, yeah. I am fortunate to live in a place where taking ill doesn't mean crippling debts or death. I wouldn't want to live in a place with it any other way.


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...well to this first part of the process. I have to admit, and most probably down to the epidural drugs making me super emotional in the ICU, I couldn't see an end to all this. It's the lowest I think I've ever felt. But being back on the ward and eating solid food and drinking all the cups of tea - ALL OF THEM, I feel fantastic. Though, I'm still getting used to having 2 feet of my guts being removed and I'm a bit iffy on my feet. The evil physiotherapists are kicking my butt getting that sorted though. The only thing keeping me in hospital now is getting my weight and strength back up, being able to walk up stairs ('cos I live in an upstairs flat) and being signed off by the Ileostomy team after proving I can cope with it by myself. Then, I'm home bound. Woooooooooo.

If all goes well, some time down the line, an ileostomy reversal. This is providing that the Crohns has died down and doesn't flare back up. Then, normality... ish. I'm gonna have a life of keeping the Crohn's in check. Either, and this is how I intend on going, drug free and regular tests to make sure it doesn't flare up (and a return of Modulen) or, a series of steroids which have their own issues and side effects to deal with. At least, I should be home soon.

Edition: the meal replacement isn't completely gone... the dietitian is having me drink this high energy high calorie Fortijuce stuff but since I weigh 48 kilograms I'm not gonna argue with him.

5 weeks in hospital.
5 weeks in stockings (DVT stockings)
5 days in intensive care.
3 different hospital wards.
3 CT scans.
1 diagnosis of Crohn's disease.
1 bout of sepsis.
2 Surgeries.
5 Surgeons.
1 Bowel Specialist.
2 Dietitians.
2 Physiotherapists.
2 feet of bowel removed.
20 centimetre vertical scar on my belly with-
20 staples.
1 abscess-fistulating with drain fitted
1 Ileostomy
3 days with an epidural oopsy induced paralysis that only worked on my legs.
2 days of being 'Nil By Mouth'.
A never ending liquid diet/a gajillion scoops of Modulen. (Fuck Modulen)
Uncountable 'sharp scratch'-es (injections).
Unrecordable amount of vials of blood taken.
1 flock of heavenly nurses. (NHS: please pay them well, they deserve it)
1 'Nurse Ratchet' type Sister on the ward.
Ones dignity... depleted
The ratio of 'People who have seen my junk to not' has seen considerable changes.
All of the pain killers. ALL OF THEM.

Monetary cost to the NHS... considerable.
Monetary cost to me... none.

~Bed baths included free of charge

Im out intensive care. Im high as a kite, but thaks you gys. Ill update later better wen I'm not in super slow mode and flying. Thanks

Cheers chaps. I have to say I'm quite miserable. Ive found the limits of keeping a stiff upper lip and that's drug induced paralysis. One good thing about the ICU, my glass room becomes opaque at the touch of a button. Its sort of like a Westworld set inn white. Am I a robot? Why would they make me to feel pain? Lols.I should really stop being a misery guts wink

in the ICU mainly for observations and the epidural. The epidural didnt work and only effects my legs and not much of my bowel. so they pumped a hell of lot more in. Means im in agoney and cant feel or move my legs. Its a horrifying thing straining with your mind to wiggle your big toe/ legs and nothing happens. They removed a lot more than the first planned of my bowel cos it was i flamed.not gonna lie. This painful. Aaarrgg.


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A memorable bivouac at Mordor?

I had my tonsils out as a kid and was under a general anesthetic but all I remember of that is the 'magic cream' they put on the back of my hand and being told to count back from ten. Which, yeah I never got far counting back. Four weeks ago when I finaly dragged myself to the GP who sent me straight to hospital -- 11pm that night; I had a general anesthetic to have a drain fitted-cut open the abscess and stuck in what looks like a hand full of drinking straws-poking out and dribbling blood and puss into a bag glued to my abdomen. They've since removed the straw things, which were super uncomfortable, and I'm left with the fistula hole about 2 inches wide in the area where my appendix is. It's still dribbling periodically into a bag on my abdomen. P.S. The bags suck. Fuckers keep leaking and I end up with puss and blood filling my crotch. But they are the only times.

Other than that, I had skin grafts on my feet 'cos I burnt them; that's a story for another day. 'Gromit's' or you guys might call them 'tubes' put in my ears but I cant remember if I was knocked out for those (crafty anesthetists). A few stitches on my knee from playing 'blind mans buff' and fell down an open manhole that no one warned me about. A piece of fiberglass removed from my eyeball from touring a biscuit making factory. And plastic surgery on my ear lobes 'cos I had flesh tunnels and one split but I was awake for that. Some asthma, a few broken bones and a period of chronic migraines rounds out my medical history. [EDIT] Now with the addition of Crohns.

When I was lying on the bed in the anesthetists room, and may I say that it's awfully odd to be then handed the consent form and being asked 'do you know what is about to happen to you', right before they pump you full of drugs and send you off to cloud cuckoo land, I thought they were trying to kill me. One held a mask over my mouth and asked me to basically hypoxiate (is that a word? *shrugs*) myself by taking giant panic breaths while another injected something into a canula with a comedy sized needle and another gripped my wind pipe. I was worried it wasn't gonna work and ZZzzzzzzzzzzz The easy way! I woke up 2am on the recovery ward. I have sketchy memories of that. Drifting in and out of consciousness. Some disembodied voice saying my name and asking if I'm okay. A few morphines later I was on a different ward and being asked if I would like a cup of tea and some biscuits. I'd say that that might be the best cup of tea I've ever had but I'm reserving that title for when I I'm not on a water and Modulen only diet. Lets just get this done and over with already so I can have that cup of tea.