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Re: Great Fucking Movie Posters

paulou wrote: one crazy-ass movie! Some cool stuff in it, creature effects, too.

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Re: Great Fucking Movie Posters

I cannot wait to watch Nicolas Cage chainsaw-sword-fight Satanic cultists under neon lighting in Mandy this summer, and the poster has only increased my hype.

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Re: Great Fucking Movie Posters

Ooh, also, another Cage one I've been meaning to share for a while–one of the local indie theatres here does custom posters for most every movie they show, and this one for their 35mm double feature of Wild at Heart and Raising Arizona is hanging on my wall now.

Side note: the 35mm print of Wild at Heart I saw that night is the only surviving one left in circulation. It was the second surviving one until the week before the screening, when FedEx just up and lost reels 4 and 7 of the other existing print. It's absolutely mind-blowing and more than a little terrifying to me that a movie made as recently as 1990 could wind up with only one print left through sheer carelessness. It's a wonder we have any early films left.

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