Re: Great Fucking Movie Posters

No claims of it being particularly 'great,' but the destination was either gonna be this thread or the chatroom, so.

I was snooping through a digital archive of the New York Times from 1981, and was surprised to stumble upon:


EDIT 1: Incidentally, I don't recall having ever seen this poster before.

EDIT 2: Ope, here it is. Theatrical re-release.

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Re: Great Fucking Movie Posters

The concept of a re-release is so foreign to me and it's so fucking neat. I mean, I know they still happen, but they're like one-week Fathom Events things and make $100 bucks apiece for the most part. The idea of the whole country just communally deciding to go rewatch Star Wars every couple of years is just . . . there's something warm about it, y'know?