Re: What Are You Playing?

One thing to keep in mind if you pick it up is that From's reputation for making games that are impossibly difficult is for the most part misguided (and not helped by the Dark Souls fanbase's "git gud" mentality). Don't get me wrong, you will be dying a lot, and there are points where the games arguably do lean into cruel territory, but by and large they're tough but fair. They're basically teaching you how to play them as you go—it's about incremental progress, and tbh in terms of level design the initial stages where you're still learning how to play the game are probably the hardest. The bosses and individual enemies will get harder as the game goes on, but the levels themselves sorta plateau as you realize "Okay, THIS is what I should be doing."

I had to dash my head against the wall for a long time in Bloodborne, but once it clicked it clicked hard and became my favorite game of all time. So don't let a lot of early deaths in Sekiro dissuade you!